Jody's health updates

Charity fundraiser event for Jody at OCC – March 16th Thursday
GoFundMe setup by our daughter Ashlee
THANK YOU to all that attended, The support was overwhelming!
I'm sorry to announce, after 21 years, we have closed.
we may have something in the works to continue motorcycle painting,
but will not know for awhile

Welcome to Attitude Custom Painting!


1966 GMC Suburban “Custom” Frame-Off

Be sure to bookmark to check out the daily/monthly updates.Frame off restoration of a 1966 GMC Suburban. Be sure to check out toward the top...

2018 BMW M4 Paint Job

Painting a 2018 BMW M4

Black pearl to Pink Pearl paint job. At one time this M4 was wrapped in pink but she said they had a hard time keeping...

candy metalflake how to

Metalflake Paint Job

Metalflake paint jobs looks stunning when done right. Lot’s of steps (and materials) are needed when doing a metalflake job. In the below video, you’ll...

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