Rent our paint booth or let us mask and paint it for you!

You Prep – We Paint !

Do you have your car or truck all bodyworked and prepped ready to paint but you’ve changed your mind on doing it yourself?

Save yourself the trouble and headache (and lost sleep!) We can mask and paint it for you!

We can MASK AND PAINT it for you at a great low cost!
You supply all materials except masking materials. 

This cost includes us masking the car/truck and we will use our own masking materials (masking tape, foam tape, masking paper)

Cost for this service starts at $750. Cost really depends on what car or truck model you need painted. 
Most jobs done within 2 days.

Want to paint your car or truck yourself? You can rent our spray booth(s)

Some ‘basic’ tips for the do-it-yourselfers

    • Don’t use a drill setup to sand your car. Using a DA (dual action sander) whether it’s an electric or pneumatic is your best choice.
    • Don’t leave masking tape on too long. If you leave it on too long, you should remove it and clean those areas before you bring it here. This is a real paint to do once the car is painted.
    • If you got a lot of dust on the inside of the car, be sure and clean and blow it out first.
    • Be sure and clean any primer overspray off your weatherstripping or glass before you bring it to us. Again, this is easier to do before your vehicle gets painted
    • When feeling your bodywork, ALWAYS keep your hand flat on the surface. Remember, if you can feel, it you will see it when it’s painted.cost is to paint exterior only. Jams extra
      We can supply the paint materials added cost
      Cost given is with the car as a single unit (no parts removed i.e bumpers, sunroof, hood….)



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