Rodent Rocket – Squirrel Catapult / Launcher

The Beginning – Rodent Rocket Squirrel Launcher Catapult 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

I started the “Rodent Rocket” squirrel catapult project when my brother in law was down to visit.
I had this in mind to do together when he was down.

RR1 – One piece of wood. Acted off wait. Used an empty ice tea bottle, then a water bottle, then a catchup bottle. The squirrels chewed through all

RR2 – Found a rain gutter spout run-off. This was plastic. Added a wood piece at the end.
This eventually broke

RR3 – A wooden plank with side molding nailed on. This one worked off the weight of the squirrels. They would step on the metal plate toward the end and it would ‘lift’ up the center

RR4 –

Rodent Rocket Squirrel Launcher Catapult 5

RR5 – Custom painted wood. Glued the extra ends in to help contain the squirrels during launching. Used a metal cup with a screw in lid.

Rodent Rocket Squirrel Launcher Catapult 6

RR6 – July 23rd Started on RR6. Widened the plank. Went back to using ‘weight’ instead of turning the squirrels turning the feeder.

7/27/22 – First successful launch with RR6.2
Already planning RR7.0
Rodent Rocket Squirrel Catapult 6

Rodent Rocket Squirrel Launcher Catapult 7

7/31/22 Rodent Rocket 7 update
Still in the works. Enlarged the end. This will be stationary
Main changes from RR6
reverse the release plank
the ‘feed’ plank will be stationary
clean up the release mechanism

Starting with 7.0 the closer the squirrel gets, the better chance of release
6.0 works but when it gets to the food, the release plank will not release. Most of the time it releases when the squirrel gets to this point, but it would release when the squirrel is closer to the fence. 7.0 will make it so it releases when the squirrel is further out
Already working on Version 8 which will put the springs below the main plank

Rodent Rocket 7 over Rodent Rocket 6

Reverse release mechanism (releases once the squirrel gets to the bird feeder
Stationary feeder plank (when plank is released, the feeder plank stays stationary)

20220731 140051 resized
Since I enlarged the ‘feed’ plank, I’ll need to paint this.
Last launch with Rodent Rocket squirrel launcher 6

8/4/22 Rodent Rocket 7 installed

Rodent Rocket Squirrel Launcher Catapult 8
August 13, 2022

8/8 -8/9 – All the pieces to the Rodent Rocket 8 were 2K primed and painted. The paint job was given a patina, distressed look using a faux red oxide old school primer look topped with a solid teal color. Clearcoated with a flattening agent in it to give it a matte finish

8/13/22 – Retired the RR7 squirrel launcher. Decent launches. Will continue to work on them. Wanting to get 15′ or so.
Installed RR8. Looks GREAT. Very pleased with the looks. A couple pics for comparison from RR7 to RR8

Rodent Rocket Squirrel Catapult Launcher

IMPROVEMENTS of Rodent Rocket 8 over Rodent Rocket 7
8/6/22 – Started Rodent Rocket 8
Improvements over RR7
All self contained – just hang on a fence
MUCH cleaner look
Adjustable spring perches
Built-in wooden brace
Reverse spring mount – springs are on the bottom of the squirrel catapult
Cleaner / smoother ‘release’ area
1″ longer launch trigger plank
pull pin for locking main brace to plank
38″ long
Plank guides (when the main plank is lowered, it will go between placement guides)

8/14/22 – Working on 8.1
Need a little more launch. Will work on that

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  1. Amelia Cutrer says:

    How do I purchase one??

  2. Sandy Wittman says:

    Do u hava squirrel launcher that wud sit on the ground & do u have any shipped already assembled? I’d need 4. Could u tell me how much each wud cost assemled & shipped from your location to the Pgh, Pa area. Tx, sandy, pet parrot owner & wild bird feeder

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