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Jody’s journey – fighting cancer
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The March 16th Fundraiser at OCC Road House
(Bert’s Harley-Davidson – Clearwater)
GoFundMe page setup by our daughter Ashlee
Jody has passed away – 9-4-23 at 2:47PM

Added 9/18/23 – Jody’s Tribute Page

I just wanted to say “thank you” for all the support that you’ve given both Jody and I.

The number of friends, family, neighbors, Jody’s classmates that showed up for the “Fundraiser for Jody” at OCC was absolutely incredible.

Jody had a couple friends fly in from out of state. I had a friend there that was one of the first friends I met down here back in 1980 when our family moved down. Neighbors & family from our old neighborhood (’80’s and 90’s) that moved to Spring Hill drove down. Classmates, new friends, customers, family, old and new neighbors, and the list goes on and on.

I really don’t know what else to say but give you all a HUGE thank you!

The amount of baskets (and the quality), and other auctioned items was incredible. To be honest, for a couple, I’ve never seen anything like it.

When I was walking up to all this, It was well…EXTREMELY overwhelming to say the least.

THANK YOU too all the contributors of those FANTASTIC baskets and packages!!! To all our neighbors that pitched in to make that awesome beach themed package, you guys are awesome!

The picture boards…. I had to do a couple passes before I could actually look at them. Our neighbor Bree, and our granddaughters, Sabrina and Vanessa did an incredible job. With Ashlee by my side, I made it. So many family memories in those pictures dating back to 1985. I’m sure our story will continue in the near future.

I so wished Jody would have been at the fundraiser. It breaks my heart to think she is in a hospital bed and not seeing all of your support at the OCC. I know it was best though as having sepsis, you just can’t be out and about as her immune system is very weak.

It was good to hear that she was moved from ICU to a recovery room at about 5 yesterday.

Please continue to keep Jody in your prayers and thoughts as we continue through this.

Thank you so much to everyone!!!!

Especially our loving daughter Ashlee! You are so awesome.
Mama is very proud of you. ♥️

Stay Strong – #jodyFstrong