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Below is a list of some of the testimonials for jobs we have done for our customers. If you are interested in Attitude Custom Painting doing the paintwork on your bike, please be sure let us give you a quote.

Also, be sure and check out our “Customer’s Rides” section which includes pics uploaded by customers along with descriptions and testimonials.

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These are only a PARTIAL of testimonials from December 9, 2010 to current date.
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Present date back to December 9, 2010 

Love these folks , we have been doing business since 2006 , they have always impressed us , you have to check them out, Scott is a man of his word , you’ll be glad you did . Richard



I am absolutely beyond pleased with the work you did on my bike.  It looks absolutely amazing and I continue to get compliments on the work that was done.  I haven’t gotten any great pictures yet as my cellphone camera isn’t the best for that but here is one I took before I put her saddle bags and rear seat back on.


I’ve been doing business with Attitude since 2008. My first project was having the tank and tins for a 2005 Softail painted with tribal flames. The bike still turns heads 11 years later.

Since then, I’ve asked Scott to paint (and match) different “bits and pieces” for my motorcycles (i.e. tank, fairing, sidecovers, etc). Simply put – the guy never disappoints!!! He is a Master of his craft and his work is unbelievable. I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else to have my paint done.

As anyone that knows me will testify….I have serious OCD and it is very rare for me to be completely satisfied with anything. Attitude has consistently surpassed my expectations time and time again. Their work is exceptional and the quality is “second-to-none”.




Words cannot describe the quality and expertise showcased in my FXSTC new paint job! Above and beyond my expectations. You are to be commended, truly masterful, will FWD pics when bike is reassembled. Thank you-well done! No response requested.
vr/jeff king

fxst stars stripes 2
2016                                                  Paint job completed December 06, 2006 

Well I know that its been awhile since I purchased the paint job from you and since, I have won a lot of best of show since, I went through my emails and noticed I never sent you a completed pictures of my 2003 Fat boy , I am sorry but still to this day I get people asking who the hell did the paint, its Bad ASS, so again I want to thank you all  J and this is some pictures of completed





Bags came in last week and tell Scott couldn’t be happier. They really set the bike off now!  He did great and couldn’t have ask for more!!!  Sending couple of pics with them on bike and will send some better ones soon as warms up enough to get the bike outside.  Finally got the other one done and started.  His paint job on it was outstanding as is the work on the bags!!!!!  Been trying to drum him up some business from around here and passing out cards to local shops and showing pictures.  Several seem interested so maybe you get some work from them.  Thanks again to Scott and also you for making all of this these jobs so easy for me and the great work.  David


Guys I can’t begin to tell you not only how excited I am for my new looking bike but truly what a pleasure it was to deal with you folks.
I literally tortured Scott for over a year with endless questions & emails and after a while you would’ve thought his patients would have run out with me but to his credit it never did.
I can only imagine how many inquiries you folks get day after day from people who never end up going through with it so like I said to your credit you had stayed professional to me the entire time.
I’ll be sure to email you some photos of my before and after pictures to proudly show off my new look.
Continued success & again thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
Doug “the thug” Smith
aka “The GOON” 

March 2014 

Hi Scott and Jody,
We would like to thank you both for the beautiful custom flame paint job. Scott was right about adding the “sparkle.” You went above and beyond to make it one of a kind for us. You’ve been friendly and professional from beginning to end and provide excellent customer service. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for custom paint! And we’ve already recommended ACP to some of our friends.

Enjoy the sunshine, warm weather and NO SNOW!
Steve and Tracy

Feb 2014 

Hi guys

I received the painted set yesterday. Wow it looks amazing. Great paint job guys. I’m very happy with it and I know it will look great on my sporty.

All I need now is some warm wether to put it on.

Once again Thanks a lot!!


July 2013 

Hey Scott and Jody…I got the bags friday and got them on friday nite and yall did a great job on them and they look awesome on the bike!!!  Thank yall for a great job and the new cards..have gave some cards  to my friends and l have told everyone that comes up to me to look at the bike who painted it!!!  Thanks again…Stan..

June 2013 


I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent and quick work on my Harley fairing.  I’m a very hard person to impress,  but you, my friend, pulled it off.  I will definitely pass on your business name to my friends and others who ride both 2 and 4 wheel machines.    They would be crazy to take their work to another shop!

SA David W. Street

May 2013 

Jody and Scott just want you to know it has been an outright leasure doing business with you. The process was very smooth and well coordinated. Thank you both very much.

Now, about that paint job. Steven and I rolled the bike out into the sun this morning and what we both thought was an awesome job before this, we were even more pleased when we saw it sparkle in the sun. I am beyond impressed and just love the way my bike looks now that it has been painted correctly. Thanks for sending the extra cards for some marketing up here because I am sure someone will be asking where I had that done. Thanks again and if you like we will send you a photo of the finished product. Hope you both have a great week and lot’s more business.

April 2013 

To whom it may concern:

I just had Scott paint my brand new 2013 sportster.  I never realized just how good anyone could paint.  My tank and fenders look like GLASS!  I am truly stunned by his perfection.  Everyone thinks I paid at least 4 times more than

I did.  I can’t thank him enough.  I own a company called “”.  I must have had dozens of painters come and go to paint my trucks…all of them are losers compared to Scott.

Everyone that sees my bike can’t believe how the exquisite paint work makes it a bike at a motorcycle show.  The Harley sticker I sent him to place on the tank looks exactly like Scott and painted it on free hand.

The tank and fenders look again LIKE PURE GLASS!

If you don’t get your paint work done by scott, you need therapy.   Call me if you think any of this is bullshit.  He is the best painter I have ever had work done for me in my life.

Joe Spadaro    813 601 6200



joe spadaro

March, 2013 

I made a wise decision to have Attitude Custom Painting paint my bike. Scott and Jody were extremely courteous and helpful throughout the process, and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Scott has been doing this many years and his expertise shows that. He reputation in the field of painting is well known and I would highly recommend his painting services to anyone who wants a truly professional job at a reasonable price.
I am a very satisfied customer. 

main.php?g2 view=core
December 2012 


Jody, Scott! Thank you both so much for making my experience of buying custom paint online stress free! And thank you for your infinite patience with me! My bike has been transformed by this beautiful paint job. I’m getting a lot of attention around this bike. Take care and Happy Holiday’s!


Customer Rides
Samples of Work

September 17 

Scott: I just picked up my bike on Friday 9/14 because we were out of town for a few weeks and could not get it any sooner. The bike looks GREAT. You did a masterful job of matching the paint and it looks just as it did when I first purchased it. If I ever have a need for your expert services, I know where to go. And if I ever have some one ask me where to go for repair work and paint, I’ll send them your way. Thank you again for fixing up my baby and doing such a professional job.

Best regards,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bill S

July 10, 2012 

Scott – just wanted to drop you a note… now that the bike is back together and has been “out and about” it looks great and I have gotten a number of compliments on the paint job. A number of folks including myself are especially impressed with the subtle flame work you did… simply outstanding!

Thanks again,



March 1, 2012Dear Scott & Jodi,Gail & I want to thank you for one of the most awesome experiences ever…absolutely love the custom paint….great packing job, shipping was fast…I would and will be recommending you…honestly the bike hasn’t been out of the shop yet and there have been people from all over the area that have come to see your work…(may not have any cards left by the end of the week) If you have a minute ck out excell motorsports on the web & ck out their customers…great before and after photo’s….anyway great experience, really a life dream of ours come true…you guys are the best !!!   


Signature Set #192

February, 29, 2012 

Hi Jody this is Benjamin Mason from Gary Indiana I put my bike in a show in Tinley Park Illinois and got second place best of show in the baggers everyone loved the paint and it was so many pictures taken I told everyone who did the painting i even had a sign made I answered so many questions about the paint I lost my voice alot of the other guys who had bikes in the show said i should have gotten first place just because of the paint job!Thanks for a awesome paint job!


blue marble white pearl 02

February 5th, 2012 

omg, I have shown everyone your work. Totally fabulous. I love it.


11 reflection
February 5th, 2012 

Scott & Jody;

Well I did not realize that my paint job had become a part of your photo gallery! I wish I had known but none the less I feel lucky and greatful that I had the priviledge of using your company to perform my repairs, outstanding job from you and your staff! I can’t thank you or tell you enough of how satisifed I am of the quality of the work you did. You can be sure that I tell everyone who did the work and that I will be back for more!! Nice pictures Jody !

Jeff Burke



January 23, 2012 

Just wanted to thank you again for the phenominal job on the mustang. Very few things in life any more exceed what you envision and this sure did. The paint,finish, and body are amazing and the car being black it would show every fault and I can see none. This is the second time you have done this (the bike) and I would never consider going anywhere else. You can not ask any more than getting quality work at a fair price. Again thanks to you and Jody and your great team of guys for the wonderful car. Jerry


1966 Ford Mustang.
Click to see progress pics.

2006 Electra-Glide
Click to see more pics

November 17, 2011 

Hey Scott,

My mechanic got the bike back together, and I have to tell you, it looks awesome! Even my mechanic said he’s seen a lot of paint jobs, and has never seen a better one than this, as far as quality and workmanship go. He’s even thinking of having you do his bike.
Anyway, thanks again for the great job. The whole process couldn’t have gone any smoother. That’s 2 bikes you’ve done for me this year, and if I had a third, I’d get you to do that one too!
I’ve attached a few pics I just took. Kinda hard to capture the metal flake in the paint, but I think you’ll get the idea.
Thanks again!
Mark Michael



October 28,2011 

Hi ACP! Well, friday, 10/21 was the big day. I dropped off my bike and the custom painted tank and fenders at my local Harley dealer (Visalia Harley-Davidson) at nine in the morning and by 5 o’clock that evening it was ready to pick up! And WOW! Does it look GREAT! The “pros” handled the switch with ease – I don’t see any damage of any kind to the paint anywhere. Said “thank you” a whole bunch of times for “beautiful paint job” comments. Told everyone who wanted to know about the Attitude Custom Painting website and alot of people who would just listen (maybe I was a bit excited!). Feel free to use anything in the way of comments or testimonials, etc. It was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for custom paint work for their scooter. Till our next project—

Thank You! – Dave



September 23, 2011 

Hi Jody took a few pictures for you please add them to the site for me if you need to zero in on the tank and fender please do what is best.

I have travel almost 4000 miles this summer on the bike and every day I’m on it I get a least two compliments. There are no word that can describe the paint work that is done at Attitude Custom Paint. The paint jobs you turn out is above and beyond what anyone person can image it is truly a custom paint. Thanks Attitude Custom Paint

LeahAnn Buster

September 13, 2011 


Hi guys- Bike is freaking AWESOME!!!!! She was in a bike show Saturday- took best soft ail AND best in show- WOO HOO- Could not have done it without ya’ll! Karyn



September 11, 2011 


Hello ACP! You know as adults we learn the truth about Santa Claus…that he wears a brown suit and drives a big brown truck!!! I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in california, last Thursday was christmas, least for me anyway! Everything arrived safe and sound and wow! I’ve been trying to figure out the words for two days now and I am still totally blown away. The quality is absolutely the best. The flames are perfect. The stripping is amazing! I am way beyond satisfied. I already have another project in mind but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Gonna let this stuff just sit for a couple or three weeks and have my local H-D dealer do the switch. Oh, by the way, no imprints or any scuffing from shipping just glass smooth clear….Thank you for everything. It was a pleasurable experiance that I will not forget. And it’s on the website too!! Your customer service is second to none. Thanks again, Dave. PS: Will send some pics of the bike once it’s all switched over, ’till then.


David T (California)





1397 silver flames red charcoal fade red outline

August 3, 2011 


This testimonial is long overdue! This was my first venture into the after-market for a custom paint job for one of my Harley’s. I searched and researched extensively and “Attitude” continually came up as the go-to company for my needs. From beginnning to end of the process, Jody and Scott made me feel like I was their top priority for customer service. From day one they patiently worked with me to ensure that my vision was translated to the custom paint job I wanted. No question was too inane or stupid…they answered everyone with candor and professionalism. Once I received the finished product, it was evident that they backed up their customer service with a fantastic product (No 1312 on their website). I get compliments whereever I go on the quality and uniqueness of the custom paint job that Attitude put together for me. I tip my hat to Scott, Jody, and the entire “Attitude” staff for operating the only custom paint operation I will ever use for any of my Harleys – and I own a few!


Paul Ylvisaker






June 30, 2011 

OH my gush they came today and they are setting on display in our big main conference room for all the employees to look at, not  to touch, because everyone was call me about what in those large boxes, let’s see. Outstanding job.

Many thanks to Scott and You and the whole Attitude Custom paint crew ( I know, one day I will be seeing you guys on the big screen and I can say they painted my tins).


LeahAnn Buster



June 30, 2011 

Hey guys just got my set in.. I love it. Thank yall once more send pix soon. Have a great 4th.


June 3, 2011 

Thank you, I appreciate the quick turn around, when I had my shop in Connecticut all the painters we worked with took months for what you just did in a week. I will be sure to recommend your shop, I gave out all of your cards after you did the first paint job for me. Thanks again

John Zizzo



April 28, 2011 

Scott and Jody,

Tins got here unmarked and all I can say is “SWEET”

Great job and I will send you pics when I get them on my bike.

Your business cards will be passed out!!


Steve W



March 3, 2011 

Scott and Jody
You may or may not recall, You guy’s did a candy apple red ghost flame job on my 99 “Fat Boy” while I was in Iraq. I am still here and located a buddy of mine,also here Mike McCoy I told him about what a wonderful job you did and the customer service was outstanding!He had his “Duce” painted by you and is also very pleased It looks great! I tell everyone what a fantastic job you guy’s do.Keep up the “Great Work” Dean Webster..I will send Pics of mine

February 17, 2011 

Hi, Got the gas tank and fender back today and im very very pleased, Looks awesome!
Thank again for all your hard work and great service.
Paul K

paint 020 

Click photo to see Paul’s pics he took of his bike. Click here to see pics we took before shipping

February 1, 2011 

I received the parts today and they look beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your workmanship. This was just the look I was hoping to achieve. Once the bike’s back together I’ll email you some pics.
Thanks again.
Frank Davis

January 23, 2011 

Scott, My name is Chris sanchez. You painted my 68 fl a year and a half ago. I told you I was entering it in the EasyRiders show here in Sacramento in January 2011. Well I took third place in Modified Stock! 268 bikes entered 55 trophys. I thought I would send you some pics from the show for your web site but I need an email address. Also I was told by quite a few people I had the best flames in the show!GREAT job thank you.



January 15, 2011 

Hello Jody and Scott,

Just wanted you to know that the fender came today. It looks killer! I haven’t been able to take it out to the bike yet, but it looks great. Thank you both for a job done right. It’s increasingly hard to find people who care about what they do these days. If I have any other paint needs you guys will be first on my list.

Thanks again, Tony.


tony 01

January 14, 2011 

Hey guys just wanted to say that Jeremy LOVES his bike tins. They arrived in tip top condition and recieved them back in no time! Thanks so much for everything. You are a pleasure to do business with and I have given out almost all of your business cards. Thanks again and we will be doing business with you again!
Rachel Eplin

January 10, 2011 

Scott, Jody and everyone at ATTITUDE Custom Painting are TOP NOTCH down to every detail. They are responsive to questions/concerns sometimes in a matter of minutes. The attention to detail in both the spec’s of the paint you want AND the communication is like no other. The group at ATTITUDE Custom Painting are a throw back to generations before us when service, quality, customer satisfaction and YOUR WORD meant everything!!!
The paint jobs speak for themselves and show that you’re working with a crew that is dedicated to their craft. I’ve even had guys in the service dpt at my Harley dealership going on and on about my paint and you know they see some good work!
I was hesitant to get my paint job from an online retailer/artist but they were with me every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier!
I’ll never go anywhere else and I suggest everyone who needs custom paint give ATTITUDE a go, you won’t regret it!!!

Thanks ATTITUDE for making my vision a reality!




1302 charcoal silver black flames

December 30, 2010 


I just received all of the pieces (minus the front fender) and the color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! AND (as promised) it’s going to look great with the rest of the Black on my bike. I couldn’t resist setting the tank and dash unit on the bike just to get a first look – and I couldn’t be happier!!

Looks great in the shade of the Garage and AWESOME in direct Sunlight. The paint is perfect! Thank you soooo much.




December 17, 2010 

Jody & Scott, I have all my tins back on and I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding paint job you provided for my 2010 Street Glide. It is sure to turn some heads going down the highways and byways. Thanks again for your very professional services, and have a great holiday season. Thanks, Mark.

mark woy
December 16, 2010 

just want to say my 04 deuce ghost flame paint. by attitude has held up beautifully. it has been almost 5yrs and still looks like the day i recieved the paint set.
gary garrison

Job 1199

December 9, 2010 

About 6 months ago, I decided I wanted to begin searching for a custom painted tank and fender set for my H-D Softail.  I didn’t want to settle for an ordinary set, rather I was looking for something unique and in character with me and my ride.  After a few months of empty searches, I stumbled across Scott and Jody’s website.  When viewing some samples of work, I came across the color-shifting skull set and knew that was what I wanted.  It was an attention-getter on the website, but simply stunning in person.  The attention to detail and the artistic workmanship is awesome.

If you are looking for a unique, high-quality work of art for your ride, look no further than ACP.  You can work with Scott and Jody in confidence that you are a valued customer.  I had several questions about the job prior to my purchase, which Scott and Jody answered patiently and completely.  Thank you ACP for my early Christmas present!

Tom Samuels

Signature Set #158


SS158 custom paint softail

December 9, 2010 

Subject: Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You probably don’t remember me, but I’m the guy you did the purple flame on the rocker panels and the rear panel.  Here we are two years later and the job you did looks as good as the day you did it.  It is still beautiful and I get a lot of comments about it.  One day I will syop by to let you see it again.  Just wanted to thank you for a great job.  Have a nice holiday season.

Lawrence Wasden


1048 dodge challenger rocker panel purple ghost


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