Stretch bags for Harley-Davidson


Stretch bags and Speaker Lids for Harley-Davidson for sale

stretch bag

(extended for Harley-Davidson dressers – Street Glide, Electra-Glide, Ultra-Glide, Road Glide….)

Nothing changes the appearance of your Harley-Davidson dresser than a set of extended saddle bags.

Below are some stretched bags that are for sale. Some are fiberglass and some are ABS. Quality varies so be sure and check around a forum to see which bags get good reviews.

Also, keep in mind, some of these come primed and some do not. Even if the bags do come primed, be prepared to pay an extra charge for minor bodywork and prep. 

If you plan on adding a set of stretch bags, why not top them off with some speaker lids. you can also see them listed below

Please note: We do not have these for sale. If you are interested in the bags or lids below, you will need to click on the image or link and this will take you to the seller.

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