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December 9, 2010  back to June 2, 2008
March, 2020

met with Scott and his wife Jody and explained exactly what I was wanting him to do for me. I brought him all my Harley Davidson Street Glide custom parts after meeting with them. My fiancé and I explained how important it was to us that this paint job needed to be perfect. When the work was completed, in a timely manner, Scott had us come to the shop to inspect and pick up all parts. I have to say we were absolutely ecstatic with the custom paint job! Scott knocked it out of the ball park and exceeded our expectations. We can’t thank you enough Scott and Jody for your professionalism and fantastic customer service. I highly recommend Attitude Custom Painting for the paint job you may be wanting.

Thank you,
Bart and Dani



November 28, 2010

The packages arrived perfectly. You did an excellent job in packing them 🙂
Thank you for your communications and it is a pleasure to do business with you.
regards, Larry

1293 fxstc silverpearl
October 14th, 2010

Here’s an address to the build process, with several finished pics at the end.

It took a while to get some issues worked out with some of the chroming, then the weather payed a waiting game with me and won, so the shots are not as nice as I’d like, but you literally have to walk around the bike to see the paint job come alive!! PERFECT! (but hard to photograph 😉


real teal 11

June 4th, 2010

Scott I just wanted to thank you guys for the signature set I ordered. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am still in the process of putting the bike together but I promise I will send pics once its complete. I have already given out all your business cards and I know of one person who contacted you for a job. I am stoked to finally show it off. THANK YOU once again!!!!
Sean Donovan

May 12, 2010

I just unpacked my paint set, you were right, looks better in person. Great job!! Great work and Great service!!
Thanks Again

May 7, 2010

Are you guys kidding me? WOW! This stuff is incredible. I can only hope that when you see your contribution to the end product you will be equally impressed. Funny thing is I was talking to my wife last night about how best to give credit to those who helped me to pull this effort together. She said, “get their business cards and hand them out when folks start asking about the bike. Which you know they will.” I suspect the ones you sent me will be flying out of my hands.

AnyWho… great effort, guys!


April 14, 2010

Hi Jody
What outstanding work. I think the most appealing thing about it for me is the graphics are really quite edgy while paint treatment is subtle….it’s a perfect balance and I think it really makes a statement. You absolutely have my final approval, the original credit card is fine and you have the correct shipping information. Can’t wait to upload pics of my finished bike to your site. Thank you so much!

April 14th, 2010

Hi Jody
What outstanding work. I think the most appealing thing about it for me is the graphics are really quite edgy while paint treatment is subtle….it’s a perfect balance and I think it really makes a statement. You absolutely have my final approval, the original credit card is fine and you have the correct shipping information. Can’t wait to upload pics of my finished bike to your site. Thank you so much!

April 1, 2010

Scott and Jody,

FYI, I received 3 perfectly packaged containers today. Everything arrived w/o issue. The paint job…. what can i say… it’s awesome. Thanks so much! I’ve already had someone ask for your company info. She’s in need of a paint job from an unfortunate accident and considering her bike is down, she’s going to be looking for something beyond beautiful.

I’m assembling my bike tomorrow night after work and will forward pics soon thereafter.

Thanks again.

April 1, 2010 – Saudi Arabia customer

Hi Scott & Jody,

I just want to inform you that I have received the shipment yesterday afternoon, and all items are safe and in a very good condition and the work just looks great and cannot wait to fix it, but I have to wait for another couple of weeks to fix for some reasons in the dealer workshop here and hopfully late I will send you some photos after fixing, which I hope that we will not face any difficulties to do.
I would like to thank you very much for the great job and good care that Jody applied to pack my things in a very good
efficient way to make them arrive safe and sound.
Thank you againg and assure you that I will deffintly pay a visit once I come to the states in any future trip.

Kind regards,



April 1, 2010

I got the tins back and are on my bike..Just wanted to say thanks, worth every cent!! Looks insane..Awesome job..
I will send you some pictures of my bike..
Thanks Curtis
Pretty sure you will see some more tins be sent that way from BC


March 15, 2010

Hi Scott and Jody,
I received the new tins late last week, they came out fantastic, thanks so much for the great job. I’m planning to install them this weekend, and had a quick question for you. I understand that I need to wait approximately a month, from the time of the actual paint job, before I can wax, and should use the supplied glaze in the meantime. Once the 30 days have passed, your website mentions that you prefer Meguiars NXT paste wax. Do you have an opinion on the “S100 Detail and Wax” spray? I’ve used this in the past and have found it easy and effective, but will certainly consider switching to Meguiars if you have encountered any issues in the past with the S100.

Thanks again for everything



February 19, 2010

Scott :

Just wanted to drop you guy’s a line . We placed 1st at world of wheels car and bike show in kansas city mo. this year . This is the largest show here in the midwest . Your paint still looks great !! I had a few of your buisness cards and handed them out . Thank’s again to you and Jodi . I included a pic. to show what it look’s like now .

Thank’s Paul

customers bikes 1347 3
February 1, 2010

I just had one day to put it back together before I had to fly back to Africa for work. The picture does not do the paint job justice. I will send better shots when I get back in the States.

November 30, 2009 (job painted 11/2007)

Hi Jody,I finally finished my bike, people stop me everywhere to see my bike they can’t get over it, especially the paint.Jody you and your crew really made this bike I have sent you some photos will send better ones in the future.

Thank You, Larry J Miano
Yonkers, NY…………. GO YANKEES

November 12, 2009

The parts came in today and with my very patient wifes help we got the bike together without a scratch…it looks fantastic…I will send some pictures of it in the daylight as the garage light doesnt do the paint job justice.Thank you again and I will be passing your cards around for sure.

November 12, 2009

Hey there Scott. First of all I want you to know I love the job. It makes me wish I had more sheet metal to better display your handiwork. The very first day I rode the bike TWO guys next to me at stop lights gave me the “thumbs up”! I will get a picture of the bike on your website soon. It looks great.

I am shipping you my old set today or tomorrow (it’s packed and ready to go). Obviously I’m going to go as cheap as I can while still getting a tracking number so I suspect it will take a week to get there.

You can be sure I will spread the word on your great work. Thanks for you attention and your honesty (I was the guy who didn’t want the dented tank). It was a little scary working with someone on the other side of the country but after several years of shopping on line and looking at local work I just had a feeling you would be the guy. I was right.



November 4, 2009

Hi Scott & Jody,

I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to the two of you and the employees of Attitude Custom Painting for the fine custom paint job you recently completed for my 2006 Thunder Mountain Blackhawk 240 motorcycle. The tank and both fenders look outstanding. I am sure I am going to get many compliments from my fellow bikers.

Scott, from the very beginning of this project you were extremely responsive to my every question. You guided me through the decision making process and offered suggestions based on our conversations. I consider this type of customer service to be very rare in today’s society. The result of those conversations was one “outstanding” paint job. The people at my local Harley Davidson dealer were also very impressed with the quality of your company’s work. Do not be surprised if the work performed on my bike results in new business for your company from West Tennessee.

I would absolutely recommend Attitude Custom Painting to anyone considering a new paint job. The professional courteous extended to me over the course of this project and the expertise exhibited in the final product is second to none. Your company delivered a quality paint job at a reasonable cost.

Thank you so much for the “Outstanding” paint job.

November 3, 2009

For the second time…………..
WOW!!! What can one say? I was truly not prepared for what came out of those two boxes (Jody was right….pictures don’t do it justice). You and the guys (and gals) at Attitude have outdone yourselves again.
Good looking bikes are not too rare over in my part of the world, but great paint jobs are and I am glad to be the first one on my block to have one (courtesy of Attitude).

I have always prided myself in customizing my bikes within the limits of stock parts and accessories – but that paint job will definitely set it off!

Now if I can only figure out a way to get all of the potential “onlookers” to get out of my way when I take off from my parking spot(s), I’ll be alright – I’ve got places to go and people to see.
I’ll send before and after photos once I get everything installed.

Thanks again.

October 23, 2009

Dear Jody,
the tank arrived today and it looks incredible! Thanks a lot.




October 22, 2009

Hi Scott and Jody;

Just wanted to say Hi and that I’m still very happy with the paint job that I got from you six years ago.
I’m still receive compliments and offers for my Volusia. I may bite the bullet next year and sell it. If I do, I’m going to send my new ride parts to you for another one of your great paint jobs!



September 18, 2009

Hi Scott, Jody:

Been so busy getting the bike converted over the this weekend’s run forgot to drop you a reply. Everything is just awesome, the paint matches perfectly to the stock color, the shine on everything is simply outstanding! and the flames, they just the perfect touch to wrap it all up. Thank you both a great deal, I appreciate the good deal and the outstanding quality!

Powersports East

August 13, 2009

Scott & Jody,
Got em’ today and WOW!!!!
It’s been a pleasure, and thanks for being so professional in your business and your work.
Best Regards,
Rick Owens

August 10, 2009

To all at Attitude……..

Returned from Japan yesterday only to find that my tank had arrived safe and sound. It looks great (capital “G”). In fact I stayed up to 2:00a.m. just to put it back on (will send pictures).

1) Thanks for the great customer service.
2) Thanks for the great communication (Scott & Jody).
3) Thanks for a kick-a** job.

Looking forward to seeing what you can do with my Softail tins.

V/R (I know you guys know what this means by now)


P.S. By-the-way…I am an MSF Instructor covering down on all of the Armed Forces here in Asia (Korea, Japan, Singapore, Guam) – so I know what a good bike looks like.

August 8, 2009

I purchased a 21yr old Electra Glide with 52k mikes that runs and looks great. The bags are the earlier style fiberglass style and were beat up, scratched, and cracked on the back side near the shocks from years of over-loading. I brought the bags down to Scott (after visiting Tampa Harley-Davidson) and he not only rebuilt the bags like new, he also matched the paint & pin striping perfectly (all in about a week). The bags look BRAND NEW! Scott did an excellent job -way above what I expected.

Thank you Scott & Jody!


August 7, 2009

SO I got the tins yesterday and got to open them up and see them in the light this morning…
OK, I apologize, but Holy Shit, these look amazing !!!!

They will be going on this weekend and I will shoot you some photos.
Probably by far the best paint I have seen in a long time.

Thanx gain, Awesome Job

P. “Jake” Cormier, CFM, CEOE

August 7, 2009

Good Morning Scott @ Jody,

I pray that all is well you, and that you had a great weekend. I had a lot of fun showing of my new paint job at bike night, and got to hand out a few of your cards, and a received a lot of great comments. Attached is a link with some pics of my bike. Thanks for working with me , and for the great job, I love.

Thanks, Denny

July 21, 2009

I will be shipping out the tank and fenders tomorrow (Monday) in order to get my core rebate. They should make it to you in 2-3 days.

The paint set is on the bike and looks fantastic. I am very happy. This is the first time I have not had to send a paint set back to have obvious flaws taken care of. I had lost hope that there were painters out there that actually looked at the paint before they shipped it out. The quality of this set is obvious to everyone that has seen it. Thanks for an overall great paint job that was done in a timely fashion and packed / shipped like it was going to Iraq.


July 8, 2009


When I came back from my trip my husband had the new pieces on my bike and WOW! Does that look incredible! I stood there gazing at my bike with my mouth open for a good minute. I cannot believe how good it looks and what a GREAT job you guys did. As soon as I get my bike back (got a flat tire the first day I took it out) I will send pics!
Thank you once again for the great work. I WILL let all of my 2 wheeled friends know about your outstanding work!


July 4, 2009Scott-

I am the proud owner of the 2004 Harley Davidson Road King that you guys just painted for Apple Harley Davidson, here in Duncansville, Pennsylvania.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for all of the wonderful service that you guys provided. I knew there was no way that anyone would be able to do that great of a job but you guys, so I was insistent that it be sent back to you to re-paint. You guys really do an outstanding job, and I could not be happier with paint job. I truly appreciate everything that you guys have done, with the shipping back and forth of my parts, the service you provided and most of the paint job – when I got my bike back it took my breath away the same way it did the day I first brought it home. Hats off to you guys, and a huge Thank You from Pennsylvania. I will be sure to recommend you guys to anyone I can.

Shawn Wert

I have included a few pictures so you can see the whole bike put together!

shawn wert
June 12, 2009Scott and Jody,

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the great job you did on the paint (once again). This is the third job you’ve done for me and all three have been outstanding. It’s now getting to the point where I look forward to taking the tins to the Harley dealer for installation just so I can hear the “oooohs and aaaahs” from the service, parts and sales departments as well as customers who happen to be around. They gather around like kids opening presents at Christmas. The fun begins again when I go to pick the bike up. The enclosed pictures do nothing for the paint job you provided. I know I was a pain when it came to finalizing the scheme and colors….but it came out perfect thanks to your experience and professional expertise.


1099 mark kyriss

June 1, 2009

Scott, Jody & Chris,

Bonnie and I want to extend our sincere gratitude for our entire Attitude Experience! I’m just a little bit fussy (hah!) so I had to pay a visit to your shop from Jersey to make sure there wasn’t any phototography magic making your paint look so good. You opened the doors for me on a Saturday! I was very impressed with your work. You answered all my phone calls and replied to my 100 or so emails in a timely manner and always made me feel like my job was special. I changed my mind on something too late in the process and you couldn’t have been fairer, nobody else would have been so flexible and honest. My wife and I met the Attitude family and you made us feel at home. Now, for the bike. It’s OUTRAGEOUS! It turns heads and get’s compliments everywhere we go. I’ve been around hot rods all my life and this paint is second to none! Thank you, Thank you, for all your talents! Keep rolling out these show pieces! Jon & Bonnie

May 5, 2009

received the tins, they look outrageous, freaking awsome, great job, very pleased. i already have your banner up in the v star 1100 forum, they havent seen pics yet, i will post pics when done. tell jody she did a great job packing, ill send u some pics for your website, dam thing looks better than a harley, lol, thanks again

April 28, 2009

WOW! Scott and Jody, I was blown away when I opened the box today! The paint job looks incredible and the attention to detail is impeccable. The glassy showroom finish allows me to see myself as if I were looking in a mirror. No paint job I have ever seen did that. The depth of the artwork and the color choices could not be a better marriage. Great job again to all of your team and for making this process fast and informative.

Take care!

Mark T


1087 mark thibeault
Morepics and info
(located in our new gallery)
April 27, 2009

Jody & Scott- Thank you for the outstanding paint job, I was really impressed with the detail and professionalism. The local Harley shop installed everything and I picked it up on Saturday (had to wait two days for a solo seat from LePera). It just so happens that this was the week-end for the Prison Hill run and there were bikes from Las Vegas, San Diego, Norwalk, Phoenix and Tucson. It was a real eye-catcher, I bet I had 50 compliments. I put one of your business cards on the bulletin board and gave away three more to some of the guys from Phoenix. Hope it brings you some business.
My tank & fenders were shipped out UPS to your location on 4/16/2009 so hopefully they should arrive within 10 days. As agreed upon , the refund should be sent to:

Bob Meek

Thank you once again for the wonderful paint job, it’s beautiful.

April 17, 2009

Scott & Jody,

I just got home and opened the boxes. I don’t even know what to say. I am blown away. They look unbelievable. I thought going in to this they would really look good but they exceeded my expectations.

Unfortunately I have to wait a week and a half to put them on due to two up ride next weekend. My bike will never see a two up seat again after I put these on. I don’t want to take any chances of my stock seat scratching the paint.

Thanks again for everything.


1081 patrick
Morepics and info
(located in our new gallery)
April 3, 2009

Hi. my tins arrived safely to day. What a surprise, this paint job is unbeatable. I can’t get 0ver how good it came out. Scott is the best..Pictures did nothing for this beautiful paint, I love it. Worth evry penny I spent.
Bike is torn apart at this time for engine up dating and the new tins won’t be going back on till after the engine is broken in than dyno tuned, don’t want any tech scratching it..
Thanks to both of you, Jody and Scott for your very professional “ATTITUDE”
Sent along a picture of one of my other Toys. Hope it got there.

An extremely happy customer,

March 9, 2009

Scott & Jody,

I’m a little truant on letting you know the finished tins arrived…3 days after they got here, I broke my left arm, and this was at the end of the week I finished rehab for my broken right thumb/left shoulder blade. (Rollerblading this time…avoided killing a Cub Scout who fell in front of me.) Anyway, too busy/hurt to type, etc.

The work you did for me is astonishing! PERFECT! I’m dismayed that I have to wait another 2 months to put them on, when I’m done healing this time, but the weather’s cold & rainy anyway, and the parts are “curing” in my furnace room, where it’s about 72 degrees all the time. Should set the paint really good, I’d think. What’s really amazing is the way the parts glimmer/shine in the sun…jaw-dropping. I’ll have the coolest bike in the Rhineland after I put ‘er together, provided I can keep ‘er upright! Will send pics when able, probably May.

Thanks again for your professionalism…the perfect blend of art & science!



March 5, 2009

Hey Scott,My kick ass tins arrived yesterday and today.They look totally awesome in person compared to the pictures.The liquid crystals really bring them to life.You guys couldn’t have done it any better,I really can’t believe what you can do with an airbrush, its fasinating.I really appreciate everything you did through out the prodject,you are the best!!!Send some pics when I get it back together


March 5, 2009

Scott & Jody–I recieved shipment from UPS this a.m. I unpacked the helmets only at my home and did the rest at the harley shop. All is good except top side of fuel tank. At the crown and just below the gas fill hole there is what appears to be “baby orange peel”. (apparently from the thin foam wrap) I couldnt do anything at the time–am bringing home tuesday morning. Do I apply the glaze there or what? Now- I have a few things to say to you guys. I am an aircraft mechanic for American. I am nothing to American but a number but nevertheless I work on the aircraft as if they were my own. I was hoping that you would paint my bike as if it was yours and from what I have seen–you did. I am sick and tired of not getting what I pay for–example:a bag of pototoe chips. Not only am I happy with the paint job but I feel I got my moneys worth. I feel like I wore you both out with worthless e-mails and for that I am sorry. I only have 4 words to say about your business–

Great Job & BAD ASS!!!!!

Thanks Kevin Harvey

February 14th, 2009

Scott and Jody ….Just recieved my tank and fenders …..excuse the language but HOLY SHIT ….absolutly beautiful !!!! You were right the pics did not do it justice . Thanks for the business cards …I will definately recommend Attitude to anyone looking for custom paint . I cant thank you enough !!!!!!
A job well done !!!! Right now I’m going down to my dealer to make an appointment to get the tins swapped over . I’m like a kid with a new toy !!!!!
Again thank you very much !!!!

February 14th, 2009

Greetings Scott

Reference sample number 799 you did for me back in April of 2007. Attached you may find your paint job on my finished hog.
Thank you for such a fine job. The bike is a beauty that gets compliments all the time.

Skeet Baldwin


More pics and info
January 28, 2009

Scott and Jody,

Wanted to let you know the tank and fenders arrived today. Fantastic work! I will have to break out the thesaurus to find adjectives to describe how good it looks. Many thanks to both of you for a superb finished product, your timely updates on the progress of the job and your outstanding….

wait for it…….

ATTITUDE! (Catchy word – maybe you can use it sometime)

You have my personal promise that I will be recommending Attitude Custom Painting to everyone that admires my ride. It’ll be back together soon once I finish with the new bars and some other stuff – I’ll post pictures in the lounge.

Thank you again and feel free to use me as a reference.


January 27, 2009

Scott & Jody,

Just wanted to let you know I gave my girlfriend the new paint job and she about fell over. 🙂 She loved it. We had it put on the bike last week and it looks fantastic. You guys did a great job thanks.

I have attached some photos of the bike if you would like to post them on your web site feel free. If you want some diffrent shots please let me know.

I will be sending back her old set sometime this week.

Thanks again


January 15, 2009

my bike came home today! despite the -20 wind chill factor there is excitement in the air. The paint is beautiful, I am very pleased on how it turned out. I’ll figure out how to post a picture after the weather allows me see it in all its’ splendor. Thank you very much.

January 13, 2009

Hello Scott & Jody
UPS came on Monday with my order and I must say that I’m very happy with the new paint set (OUTSTANDING)
I will send you some pics. when I’m done with the bike, about May or so.
Again, Thank You So Much,you have made it a pleasure to be a customer
Keane Spencer

January 12, 2009

Hello Scott
I wanted to send you a picture of the west coast chopper all together now.
An awesome paint job done by you and your company!
Daryl Burgess

December 29, 2008

I would absolutely recommend Scott and his crew to anyone that is looking for a quality paint job.
From first contact to picking up the completed job it was nothing but honest and hassle free. Total time was 21 days, and that included Christmas.
Scott was very helpful in design and Jody was a pure pleasure to work with.
Can’t say enough good about my experience with this fist class company.

Thanks Attitude, you helped me realize the vision of an awesome custom paint job…
Paul Carter

December 24, 2008

The tins arrived last night and they look terrific. I want to thank you for making this a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience. I will be dropping them off at my Harley dealership today to install over the holidays and will return the original tins in the same packing and boxes next month.

December 18, 2008


I had purchased used tins from you about a yr ago for my 2000 HD Deuce and had the paintwork done which came out excellent. I wanted to attach some pics for you to post of the finished job. The bike is a 2000 Deuce, custom 95″ motor, lowered 2 inches, 12 in ape hangers, 80 spoke wheels, 180 rear tire, Joker Machine pipes, and an incredible paint job to finish it off!

Jeffrey Peer

November 15, 2008

Scott and jodyI received the tanks this afternoon. They are FANTANSTIC! I’m still waiting on some other parts but I will absolutely send photos once I’m all put back together. In the meantime, you can bet I’ll be getting your business cards out to my friends. In fact, please send me more cards as I have a friend who runs a custom motorcycle shop here in Richmond. Once he sees your work I know he’ll be willing to put them out at the front counter for his customers. Thanks again for everything… you guys were the top shelf of professionalism and talent and have definitely gained a big fan!


November 15, 2008

Hi Jody, got it today, it looks fantastic! I have a nice rainy weekend here to begin assembly. Thanks so much, I couldn’t be more pleased!


November 15, 2008

Jody,Scott and the Attitude Custom Paint team,Special thanks to all of you for the excellent work and time put into my American Ironhorse fuel tank-the art and paint work are outstanding. To anyone seeking proffessional custom paint work-look no further-Attitude Custom Paint is the place. From start to finish it is as promised-a rarity in todays world-pictures and contacts all along the way.It has been my pleasure doing buisness with Attitude Custom Paint-Thanks Sincerely, Steve Page
October 29, 2008


Here are some pics, And all I need to have wrote on the page is that;
“Scott & Jody are very GREAT people, They are very courtious and always willing to go the extra mile, Scott has painted 3 tanks for me and all was awesome, Jody is always very kind and helpful, will do bussiness again
Thanks for everything, Rusty Russ (08 Dyna Super Glide Custom)”
Please e-mail me when this is posted:
Thanks Again
Garret Russ

garret russ
October 3, 2008

Two of the boxes arrived today and the front fender is due tommorrow. The paint job is incredible and way beyond my expectations. I hope you get as much satisfaction from your work as I get from the product. I am using the next couple of months to do a complete detail from frame up so will not be installing tins for a couple of months but will send pictures as soon as it is ready. Thank you very much for your help in the process, your professionalism, and most of all for the product. Ron Connor

ron conner
October 2, 2008

To Scott, Jody & crew @ ACP

Today ups arrived at 9:15 am I received 8 boxes and proceeded to open these boxes and was amazed at how well these boxes were packed. I removed the parts from the wrappings and was speechless I was amazed once again after seeing my new custom paint job. I don’t know what to say except you have to be so proud of yourself, Jody and your crew at ACP. The quality, appearance & pride of your work is overwhelming to myself and the other people standing their. I don’t know how to thank all of you.

Scott! this is art work

Very pleased customer once again

Bill Thomas

1002 bill thomas
More pics and info
August 26,2008

Scott & Jody – I received my tins today and I was totally blown away when I opened the boxes and gently removed the wrapping. This paint job is unreal!!! They are more than what what I thought they would look like. The detail of the flames, skulls, shadows and the shine in the paint…metallic is superb!All tins were packaged very well.The good news is my dad and I worked our buts off tonight and got them on my bike. Tomorrow, it is time to polish and take some pictures for you website and my bragging rights…LOL! I will be sure to pass some of your business cards out.

Lastly, I have decided to ship my original tins back for the core credit. Should I just put these in the same boxes, and sent the UPS ground to you?

Thanks again for the wonderful job, excellent communications. You made this experience a pleasurable and rewarding one. Every time I look at my new paint, I will think of your company.

Jason Love

990 jason
More pics and info
August 21, 2008

Scott & Jody –
I received the tank & finders today. Unbelievable! Scott, you did a great job. Your are very talented. It’s just what I had hope for. Thank you so!
I will send some pictures after they have been installed.

david molica
August 11, 2008

Here are some pictures my wife & I took this weekend with the new paint job, which really looks GREAT! Thanks for a fantastic job well done. Your work really changed the entire appeal of my bike. The helmets look aw-some as well. I through a couple before pictures as well. I know you change the look of peoples bikes every day, but check this out.

Thanks, Rocky.

989 rocky
August 1, 2008 >Scott Received my tank and fenders today and they are incredible. Took my Fatboy to another level. Thanks for a smooth transaction and I will Ship my parts to you soon.
I have looked at so many colors and styles of paint but your web site is what sold me. The signature sets are the best thing out there that I have come across. In over a years search I seem to have always come back to your site. The pictures are great but the actual is absolutely beautiful. Great job. >Thanks again >Joe H
Signature Set #152
June 30, 2008 >Hey Scott, I just wanted to give you a quick update I received my tins and installed them over the weekend. My bike looks totally amazing with the job you guys did. I went on a ride this weekend and every stop we made, I had people come up to me to say what a sick ass paint job I had. I handed out alot of your business cards over the weekend. Thanks for a wonderful experience it was truly a pleasure. I will send some pictures in the near future of my completed ride. I also have a full dash that I will need painted over the winter and possibly a rear wide tire fender.

Thanks again!!!

June 30, 2008
>It’s been about 7 months since I received my tins from Scott and Jody and they are still as beautiful as the day I received them. The paint is as durable as it is beautiful!
I receive emails requesting information on who painted it almost weekly from people who have seen my bike in Harley forums, or have seen it in person locally. It certainly is a head turner!
Thanks again for your attention to detail, great customer service and the high quality of work! I’ve attached a pic or two showing the bike now with several thousand more miles, and the paint is as slick as ever!Thanks again!
Mike Jones
mike jones
June 10, 2008
Well I received the new painted parts for my 2008 Fatboy. I went with the exchange program and it cost a little more but well worth it since I was able to keep riding. The workmanship is top notch. I’m still in a WOW state and keep staring at it!! I haven’t been out to much with the bike yet since I just installed them, but the few folks I’ve seen with the bike tell me what a great looking paint job. Scott and Jody where terrific to deal with. They kept you up to date with the project and when I asked questions there was always a prompt response. Looking for some great paint work pick Attitude Custom Paint!!Dennis Hanvey
Leonardo, New Jersey
June 2, 2008

WOW! I just received the Tank and fenders. I NEVER expected the quality to be so high! These are incredible. The depth of the paint, the smooth finish, and the packing of the parts was perfect. Not a scratch or nick on them. They were delivered here to my work, where a lot of people ride, and they are BLOWN AWAY by the quality! Many do not believe what I paid.

These parts are show winning quality. I cant wait to get them on! I will send detailed pictures once they are on the bike. YOU FOLKS ARE AMAZING. Your pictures were good, but did not do these justice! This all comes from a skeptical, very picky guy! I will NEVER go anywhere else for paint. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rusty Ogren