Attitude Custom Painting Double Dose

Our Double Dose ensures the ultimate in gloss and protection for
your custom paint job.

After spraying the basecoat, your graphics or flame job is sprayed, thus leaving a hard edge,
especially in candy type paints or jobs with pinstriped outlines..


When clearing over the graphics, the clear follows the contour of the surface, thus leaving an edge, though not as hard of an edge as without the clear.

Once wetsanded, the surface is leveled thus leaving you a nice flat finish ensuring that you will not feel an edge on the paint’s surface. When wetsanding the surface flat, the higher areas, where the graphics or flame are, gets thin because the surface under the paint is higher up.

When you purchase our “Double Dose”, we go ahead and bypass the wetsanding, and machine sand the surface down to a flat finish. Then we spray another 3-4 coats. After this, the surface is wetsanded, buffed and polished, giving you the ultimate in depth and protection for your new paint job.