Jody’s health update

Please note new hours during Jody’s radiation treatments

Jody has had recent episodes where she would feel nauseous and then lose her memory temporarily.
we got her set up to see a doctor early October
3, 2022
This is a been an extremely trying and drawn out process the past 3 months (since 9/22).

Please keep Jody in your thoughts and prayers

Jody’s (and mine) worst fear is that it’s GBM (Glioblastoma). Let’s hope it’s not this, or at least it is caught early enough they can take care of it through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Her father passed away in 2005 with this at the age of 63. Jody is 56. This does not mean Jody has it, Her father’s cancer progressed very quickly as it only took about 2 1/2 months. We’re past that timeframe with Jody when the tumor was first diagnosed.
EDIT – We we’re told that Jody does have GBM. They are going with an aggressive treatment

We were told that brain cells are stronger than cancer. The radiation / chemo pills will kill off the cancer cells before the brain cells.
As of 1-21-23, Jody is doing good.
She can get through this though. She’s a fighter. Young and in good health.
You can do this babe – 37 years strong

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2-6 – #14 treatment done. Saw the doctor today. Our daughter Ashlee went in with us. The chemo, steroid pills and radiation are definitely slowing Jody down. She’s also lost pretty much all her appetite. She’s lost 7 pounds in a week.
It’s her birthday this Friday (and mine), so our daughter is having some friends and family for a little surprise birthday party for her at our house.

2-3 – #13 treatment done. Time for a break. Still has to take the chemo pills Sat and Sun though. Back at it Monday

2-2 – #12 treatment done

2-1 – #11 treatment. Went great, about 13 minutes long treatment. Alert, and memory is great. Hoping and praying she is on an upswing. Bardmoor Cancer Center is great. Jody likes the candy they have there lol
Sure would like to see her appetite pick up though. Doesn’t eat much at all. I’m sure it’s the chemo pills.

1-31 – #10 treatment – 1/3 of the way through the treatments!!

1-30 MO #9 treatment. We meet with the doctor every Monday during treatments and he (and I) are seeing improvements. She’s doing good taking the chemo pills and other meds. No headaches or dizziness.

1-27 FR #8 treatment done. Good to see Jody improving. Staying up, alert, good memory. Pretty amazing considering where she was a 1-2 and 3 months ago. Still only working about 10 hours a week, and we still have a LONG ways to go with the treatments and chemo pills.

1-26 TH #7 treatment done. Our daughter Ashlee went with us.

1-25 WED – #6 treatment done

1-24 – TUES – #5 treatment – Good day for Jody. Probably the best day she’s had in 3+ months.
I took her to work. She got some year end paperwork done.
Busy on the phones. Stayed awake all day. We were there from 8:15 until 2. I packed 2 jobs. She got the address labels done. Took the shipments to UPS.

1-23 – MO – #4 treatment went well today. The doctor did say she will start losing her hair due to both the radiation treatments and the chemo pills. 1 chemo pill every day AND 5 day a week radiation for 6 weeks.
Proud of her. She can do this!!

1-21 – SA – No side effects from treatment #3. She’s doing good.

1-20 – FR – #3 treatment today (went well) Jody will be taking chemo pills starting today. They’re due to arrive today.
Had a last minute oncologist meeting yesterday. The raced over to do the radiation treatment.
Jody is showing no side effects which is a good thing. I’d rather not see her get back on steroids.
Third treatment went well. Took the first chemo pill.
She did go in the shop today for about 5 hours.

1-19 – TH Jody’s first treatment yesterday went great. No side effects. Another treatment this afternoon.
5 days a week for 6 1/2 weeks.
Most likely I will be closing everyday around 2.
A last minute appoint with the oncologist at 2:15 today. She may want Jody to go to Moffit Cancer Center
#2 treatment at 3:50. Jody did great on the second treatment. No side effects so far. Great to see.

1-18 – WED – First radiation treatment today for Jody.
Prayers that these treatments will go smoothly with little side effects and prolong Jody’s life much longer
Exactly 2 months to the day since we found out Jody was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The image below was November 18th.
Dr Tralins at Bardmoor is the radiation oncologist
I do not know if the ‘final-finals’ of the biopsy surgery are in. We are going off based what Dr Tralin’s saw on the MRI.
All that time wasted for the pathologist to check the biopsy, then sending it up to Michigan State. Pretty much just over a month. It would be great to find out that it’s a low grade tumor like Dr Kamath mentioned. She is basing this on just talking to Jody and hearing her talk. She actually still has good memory. A little fade hear and there, but for being on no meds now, she’s doing good’. She does tire out very easily.
For right now, her work days are pretty much over 🙁
She last worked last Tuesday of last week.

I also sent an email with all info to Dr. Harry van Loveren which I heard is one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Works in Tampa.

I’d love to hear that it is in fact a low grade tumor.
I’ll be closing at 2 today

1-13 – FR CT Scan this morning.
Mask is also getting made. First radiation treatment is WED.

1-11 – WED – Appoint with a radiologist was originally FR at 1PM. They called up late yesterday and mentioned they have an opening today at 10AM, so we took that. So ACP will be closed until approx noon today.
I’m sure they’ll compare the original set of MRIs and the new set and see if the tumor has grown.

We talked to radiologist and he took a look at the new MRI images and though he does not have the final results of the biopsy from Michigan State, he feels that this is in fact an aggressive glioblastoma tumor. I also took in the original MRIs so he could compare, and it has grown significantly since 11/16. So Jody will most likely undergo a 6 week period of radiation and chemo pills. 5 days a week.
Considered aggressive treatment. He said since she’s in good health, they decide this will be the treatment they use.
He mentioned that it is too intertwined to remove all of it, but they feel they can lessen the size.
Again, they will wait until the final results are in, but he’s confident that they will find that it is in fact glioblastoma.

He’s had a patient with the same type of tumor and they lived 5 years. But he said that is very rare.

1-10 – TU – Another set of MRI’s done.
Jody mentioned she would be into work to do some paperwork at 9 but never made it in.

1-9-23 – MO – Went to the oncologist and Dr Kamath mentioned that they still can’t determine if it’s a high or low grade tumor.
She mentioned that the cancer team up in Michigan were having a meeting this week. Dr Kamath wants to get another MRI done and send those to the meeting up in Michigan so they can consider these along with the other MRI and the biopsy.
I was told the reason for the length of determination is they want to make absolutely sure that they use the correct method of getting rid of the tumor. Chemo and radiation also kills brain cells, so if they are more aggressive than the need to be, the will not only rid of the tumor, they will also kill brain cells.

1-6-23 FR – The oncologist called the night before right before they closed. I called back 10 minutes after, and the answering service was already answering.
So I called FR AM. They said they have some more of the final results, but it’s still not complete. So POSSIBLY Monday. Once they do get ALL the final reports in, we’ll set up an appointment and go in and hear the results.
Jody is in decent spirits. Memory good. Gets tired very easily. Down to working maybe 10 hours a week and that’s mainly doing bills along with payroll and invoicing using QB online which I’m slowly learning all.
So, we’re still waiting to hear what the next step will be.

12-29 TH – Went ahead and called the oncologist, Mike at the desk mentioned that she is out until next Tuesday and read that the final report could be another 1-2 weeks.
First it was 7 days, then 7-10 days, then 2 more weeks, now 1-2 more weeks – Incredible!!!

12-28 – Still awaiting the phone call from the oncologist that we can go in and hear the final results of the biopsy surgery. Jody hasn’t worked at all this week. She’s struggling to do, well really anything. They’ve drawn this process out already too long between the ins cancellations, the ins requests, the neurosurgeon taken a vacation, postponed bio-surgery, holidays, getting results of the biopsy, then telling us it will be 2 more weeks since they had to send them to Michigan for more evaluation…so another 2 weeks…and that’s just the delays I can think of right off hand.

Jody’s memory is good though! She’s hanging in there.
It’s just the ‘wait’ that has her down. It’s definitely mentally exhausting for both of us.

I’ve cut back hours. So again, if you plan on coming over, CALL FIRST, or you can contact us through the website. I’ll get to your email as soon as possible

12-24-12-25 – Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We had a nice Christmas overall. Our daughter Ashlee really helped out. She came over and prepped and started the turkey and cooked the ham and really got the dinner ready on Christmas. Jody made it through the day without sleeping but paid for it on Monday. She spent most of the day in bed.
Overall she’s doing good. Good memory. Just still waiting on the “final-final” biopsy reports to come in. This Friday will be 2 weeks. They mentioned ‘up to 2 weeks’

12-21 – Met up with the neurosurgeon, Dr Shafiq and some of the ‘final’ results were in.
He mentioned that surgery was not an option. Only radiation or chemo due to the location of the tumor.

12-16 – We all went in for the biopsy appoint yesterday inc our daughter Ashlee, and the results were inconclusive, so they sent the biopsy up the day before up north for further evaluation.
The original pathologist findings show that it could be a minor type brain tumor, but they wanted to make absolutely sure of this so and rule out any other types.
So we no nothing more except we have to wait up to 2 more weeks.

12-16 – 11:30 -results in. Appointment set for 2 today (prayers)

12-16AM Friday – We called yesterday and now it’s 7-10 days (today is the 9th day). Looks like we’ll run into next week on the biopsy results. Every step of the way has been a challenge. Her first doctor’s appointment was October 3

12/14 – Still awaiting the oncologist to receive the biopsy report. Neurosurgeon said up to 7 days to get the results from the pathologist. Today is the 7th day

12/12 – Still awaiting the oncologist to receive the biopsy report.

12/9 – We closed at noon.
Jody got discharged from the hospital at noon. All is good.
Got in touch with the oncologist. Once they get the results from the pathologist, they’ll set up an appointment to go over the results and decide on what to do.

12/8 – Jody will spend another night at Northside hospital. She’s in good spirits. Memory is good. Results within 7 days. 1/2 Friday, hours again will vary so please call or contact if you have questions or plan on coming over.

12/7 brain biopsy done at 7:30 (prep was at 6:30). Everything went good.
Took about 1 ½ hours. Then they did another CTScan. Was told they wouldn’t know results for about 7 days.
Got to see her about 12:30
She’s in recovery. May come home tomorrow.

12-7 4:15AM getting ready to head to the hospital. They want us there by 5:30AM.
Seems they also wanted me in the surgery room to keep an eye on her while they do the surgery for the brain biopsy.

New scheduled biopsy surgery Wednesday December 7th, 7:30AM

12-2 Surgery done for biopsy – CANCELLED
CT Scan procedure done at Northside Hospital – 7AM

12-1 Preop followup at 11 at PP Sandbay
Jody gets call that procedure is cancelled for tomorrow
Set for next WED

12-2-2022 Jody’s surgery for the biopsy at Northside hospital in St Pete.
We will be closed that day – Friday December 2nd, 2022. We should know the results early next week.

11-29 – Xray done for preop

11-28 –
Jody went for the Preop exam at Sandbay. EKG, heart, blood…still have to get the X-ray

10AM appoint with Neurosurgeon Dr Asif Shafiq went over the MRI’s with us and showed us what he’s seeing.
He does see swelling along with a lesion. He set up to have a biopsy done on Friday December 2nd. A preliminary meeting with her doctor to make sure she is fit for the surgery.
He put her on a form of steroid and antiseizure medicine which really seem to be aleviating the pain and keep the swelling down. No more episodes or moments.

11-22 Tuesday – called Koebbe office to see if we brought the scans and the MRI results.
They said bring them in for the appoint. No need to bring them in earlier

11-21 The Neurosurgeon they referred does not accept Ambetter. We found one on our own

11/21 – Should be a scheduled appoint with the nerosurgon
called michael at 9, No answer in the PP clinic. Called Clearwater. Talked to Cindy. Requested Michael to call us. Michael is out. They called back and  another girl is supposed to be setting up the appoint.  I also requested an email address to send Dr Amy a shareable link to the videos. When they called back and talked to Jody, they did not give her the info for me to send the links to the videos

11/21 follow-up that I thought was cancelled. This will be at the Sandbay in PP
The Neurosurgeon does not accept Ambetter
–Jody called at 1:05 and no one has set up an appoint yet

11-19-22 – We went in and saw Amy. The news was not good. A large mass over 4 lobes of the brain. They will be calling a Neurosurgeon Monday AM and get Jody in ASAP We hope and pray that it’s curable
Took a selfie of us (below). Last picture before finding out the bad news!!

11-18-22 – Dr Amy called while we were in the waiting room for my colonoscopy and mentioned that instead of waiting for the appoint on Tuesday, she needed
to see us tomorrow (Friday)

11/21 – Called Dr Koebbe at 1:15. Appoint set for Wed 10:00 – FINALLY

11-18 Was called in on Friday instead of the following Tuesday
They found a ‘large mass’ that covered all 4 lobes of the brain

11-16 MRI performed

11-9 Jody called at about 1:15 and they FINALLY got authorization!!!
Now they need to set the appt
After CT-scans cancellations due to insurance not covering them, a MRI was approved

10/20 – Went the second time for a memory test. This time Vu Duong was the doctor. Someone else did the memory test though. They mentioned that the insurance company denied authorization for the CT Scan since bloodwork came back good.
So they did a memory test. I thought she did great. They mentioned, she did ‘okay’ which is fine with me. May help us get approval for MR

10/3/22 – First doctor’s appoint. Took a blood sample and basic vitals
Blood work came back fine.

Jody Scott 11 18 22
11-18-22 3PM – 2 hours later we found out Jody has a large mass covering 4 lobes of her brain.
The ‘mass’ was found to be inflammation. But there is an actual small brain tumor on the front right lobe
02 1
Jody and our daughter Ashlee

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  1. RJ Gibbons says:

    Hey Scott, I just wanted to let you know that you and Jody are in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for a full recovery.
    RJ Gibbons

  2. Scott F Scott F says:

    Thanks for the encouraging post. I’ll be sure to let Jody know you posted.
    Congrats on you beating cancer!!!! What she is going though seems to be the start of what you went through . This is definitely a long process. We’ll get through it though.
    Thank you

  3. Jay says:

    Hi Scott and Jody,

    Hang in there. I had stage 4 bilateral oropharyngeal cancer that was just starting to go into my spine 5 years ago and now 5 years free. I found that the residual effects of the chemo and radiation didn’t really show up until about a week after the last treatment. I was extremely tired and brain fog was an understatement…. but, eventually you will strong and healthy again -it just takes time and patience. After treatments, there’s this tiredness that just sort of come out of nowhere and you feel like you have had a full work out; that’s normal and it eventually kinda goes away although, I still get a bit of it every month or so. Eat well, get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water and no stress’in!!!

    Best to you and yours

    Jay Horton
    Jay Horton’s Private Shop

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