Restoration of a 1966 GMC Carryall Suburban

Frame off resto – Monthly Progress Reports
Purchased 1-21-2021

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Purchased this fine 1966 GMC Suburban locally (New Port Richey). Very clean.
4 sliders
“Custom” GMC Suburban
VERY clean. I don’t think I have to replace any of the panels

Missing the rear bumper which is very hard to find. Front bumper is the same except the hole location is not correct.
Missing a ‘custom’ trim around the window on the right side
Missing the rear sliding seat
Missing a few pieces from the interior
Not too much of a negative, but I prefer trailing arm rear versus leaf spring. All the GMC trucks and carryalls came with leaf springs. Chevy Suburbans came with the coil / trailing arm rear
Does not have a 12 bolt rear

This came with a 305 V6 (rare). Hoping to sell this down the road.
New carb. It does run. Not something I would drive around town though.

Plan on doing a frame-off resto on it.
Colors unknown yet.
Olive pearl and white
copper/orange and cream
original teal and white
charcoal and matte black
The secondary color will be where the original 2 tone was (around the side windows)

Possibly changes
change the rear to trailing arms
change to a 12 bolt
Gears? possibly 3.75 or so depending on the trans
Turbo 350 possibly 700R4 trans
Lower the rear 7″
Lower the front 5″
This is what my C10 looked like lowered 5/7″
383 (looking to get 500 horsepower
20″ wheels all 4 corners
4 wheel disc brakes (possibly 13″ rotors front and 12″ rear) CPP big brake kit like on my green ’66 C10
I’d like to keep all 4 sliding windows as I think only GMC had this. Chevy Suburban had the front as sliders and the rear a full glass.

1-24-2021. I am estimating this to be a 15 month restoration. We’ll see 🙂