Why Choose Attitude Custom Painting?

Below are a some reasons on why you should choose
us to do your Custom Painting and Flames.

Prompt Service
Here at Attitude Custom Painting, we strive to give you excellent, courteous and fast service. Most of out jobs are shipped back to you within 1-2 weeks (2-3 weeks during October-April when we are very busy).

Over 25 years experience using various different paint lines and techniques.
Added Edge
Attitude Custom Painting has an added edge over the competitor. Working 8 months full time with a programming firm (also doing up to 120 emails a day) located in Virginia gave me the knowledge of the importance of corresponding with our Attitude Custom Painting customers. From our beginning, we have *always* given our customers “Progress Reports” in which we keep you posted on how your job is coming by email by supplying you sets of photos and descriptions (we will send you at least two sets of updates with photos). We realize that doing business over the Internet is not always the easiest thing to do. This is *my* way of keeping you at ease, and keeping the suspense minimal. I’m sure your enjoy reading them as much as we do sending them to you.

Website Updates -. Do *not* always trust a site that does not update it’s content weekly or biweekly. The Attitude Custom Painting site is updated at least once a week.
You never know if you are coming across a “middle man” or even someone pretending to be a custom painter. A perfect example is a guy in Longwood, Fl that actually stole a couple of images from this site and is pretending to be a custom painter. This is not the first time this has happened to me!!! Also be sure to be leery of a “free” website (geocities, yahoo, aol…).

Photos-Photos, Photos, Photos…Just because you see a “cool” photo of a paint job on another site doesn’t mean it looks great up close. You will notice throughout our site that you will see *very* close-up shots of our paint jobs. In fact, alot of these you will see quite a bit of the background in the reflection. Why do I do this…since you cannot be here in person, we figured we would show you the best possible photos. Why do we do this…

1) I want you to see the “perfect” reflection of the background. If you see any distortion of the background in any other photos shown on the Internet, specifically on the edges of the graphics, this means you will not only see, but you will feel the edge in the clear. You will *not* see *any* job go out of my shop feeling any of the edges.
2) Our close-up shots show you how “flat” the paint is, meaning, very little or no orange peel is on our paint jobs.

If you are shopping around on the Internet for a custom paint job, be sure and ask for a “close-up” shot of a job. When I mean close-up, the photo *must* be digital quality (not scanned) and be within about 12″ away. See other shopping tips here.

Our Website

Our website contains the largest database of pics of custom paint jobs. We also have had up to 80000+ pages listed on Google. We still maintain one of the largest custom painting websites in the world. Our website is what other custom painters use to copy.
Other custom paint shops that have followed, have tried to emulate our complete business down to naming the sections of their sites…Samples of Work, Signature Sets (one copycat calls his Signature Effects). Another calls his sand and reclear the ‘Double Dip’, while ours is named ‘Double Dose’.

We’ve even had custom painters and ebayers use our pictures off our site, along with stealing our source code.

Most of these companies have only been in business less than 2 years!

Why go with a follower, when you can go with one of the original online motorcycle custom painting service?

These pictures show a perfect example of why you need to see close-ups if you are comparing custom paint shops.
First picture shows a cool paint job with all three parts
Now look at this second picture… Note all the orange peel and the harsh edges. “Double Dose” – Here at Attitude Custom Painting, we offer you a “Double Dose” of clear. Most custom painters will do a graphic job, then put a “first” set of clearcoats on the parts so they can wetsand the edges of the graphics. Though this is not bad, if you would like the Ultimate protection and the most “consistent” for your custom paint job, be sure and opt for our “Double Dose” option. When you request an estimate, this is not included in the price we give you. Please mention that you would like this option before we start on your job.

NOTE: The “Double Dose” is already included with all of our pre-painted Signature Sets.

You know the base color, but you don’t know what other colors to choose for the flames. We can make several suggestions to you so you can narrow it down to some great selections.

No matter what type of job it is, we insure that it absolutely looks its best when it leaves our door. All jobs are wetsanded and buffed, no matter how good they look after they are clearcoated.
Each package we send out includes a small bottle of glaze that you can use for the first month.

Top of the line materials
We use PPG, House of Kolors and 3M products to insure your paint job will come out it’s absolute best. We do not use off brand products.Great Prices
Our prices are very reasonable. Be sure and let us give you an estimate so we can personalize your bike.

No Sales Tax!
All customers that purchase custom painted sets or custom paint jobs outside the state of Florida do not have to pay sales tax! This could be quite a bit of savings when purchasing a set and or paint job!

Need More Reasons?
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