Custom painted double flame job video shown on a Harley motorcycle set

This how-to, tips and tricks video showing a custom painted double flame job shown on a Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
Airbrushed Candy blue flame job with overlaying ghost flame job.
Also shows the silver before the candy along with the changes to the silver flames after applying each coat of candy.

BONUS: Front fender flame layout tips and tricks

Lengthy but the video also includes other how-to along with tips and tricks along the way.

Custom painted double flame job – candy blue / silver pearl

Front fender – raw aftermarket
Shaved the rivets
Rear fender – raw aftermarket
Genuine Harley Stock tanks (stripped and primed)

I’ve done well over 3000 flame jobs in the last 20 years so hopefully I can relay some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. You can see other custom paint jobs I’ve done here.

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Some of the products I used in the vid (Products avail for purchase on Amazon click to find out info and reviews on the products)

House of Kolor Kandy Koncentrates

My favorite 1/8” fineline tape to use (used on bigger panel jobs)

My favorite 1/16” fineline tape to use (used on smaller panel jobs like motorcycle tanks and fenders.

3M ¼” green masking tape

Iwata HP-CS airbrush