Jody’s fight against cancer – Her Journey – July 2023

Now into her 5th (actually 6th) month since her diagnosis of glioblastoma (GBM) in January.
July of 2022 was really the first month I started seeing symptoms of ‘something’, but I had no idea. I tried to get things moving along quickly to figure out what the problem was, but Jody didn’t have a primary. She found one, but couldn’t take her in for 2 months. We went on vacation and I saw more signs. So I called my doctor and got her in that very day (10/2/22). This was about a month before she would have went to the one she found.
Then things moved along VERY slow. Due to the insurance delays and denials, doctors, delayed appoints….plus they went back and forth.
Meanwhile this aggressive tumor was growing larger.
High grade, low grade…they couldn’t figure anything out, even after the biopsy was done.
It took a month just to get things moving after that.
Now 4 1/2 months after radiation (as of today 6/30) and the chemo was completed, Jody still can’t get up, walk without a walker. She’s still scared and nervous to stand up.

I remember about 1/2 way into the treatments we had a meeting, it was about the side effects. The whole 1/2 hour, all they talked about was her losing her hair. Heck, we don’t care about her hair, we can deal with that….what about the fact that she may lose her ability to get up and walk!
The radiation did a number on her. Feb 10 on both our birthday’s we went out and she was fine. Feb 22 was the last day she could walk.
1 1/2 weeks away from the last treatment (3/2).

She had her 2nd MRI done which showed the tumor is stable. There is another spot of concern.
But the doctor said that is stable as well.
Living MRI to MRI. Next one is 9/11. Then results will be gone over on 9/13. Please continue to keep Jody in your prayers and thoughts.

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Jody’s journey – fighting cancer
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Jody has passed away – 9-4-23 at 2:47PM

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CORA therapy today – 4PM (also CORA WED, Oncologist tomorrow 2PM)
We’ll see how CORA goes this week. I’m hoping to see some progress. It’s been a slow road (today will be our fifth. We’re allotted 12 through our insurance). I know they are doing what they can with her.
Jody as actually done pretty good at getting up which makes everything a little easier and smoother for me (and both of us).
Still takes about 45-hour to get her ready and situated….get out of bed, bathroom, breakfast, brush teeth, changed, lap if we can, situated in one of the recliners.
My goal is still to keep her out of bed until at least 4:30PM everyday. Most of the time it’s 5-8PM until she goes to bed.
At least try to make her feel normal as possible and not like she’s in a care center where she’d be bed ridden most if not all day.
Also, of course, we have the opportunity to go out and about. I wheeled her up to Applebee’s the other night (a LITTLE easier versus having to load her and wheelchair in her Jeep 2 times, though it was hotter than hell. Full sun all the way).
Also, we can watch our Rays games together and go every now an then. We used to go to about 15-22 games a year. We’ve only been to 4 games together.
Jody did the 2 minute challenge (#4)
Walking sessions – 1/2 lap and back (approx 20 steps 7:15AM). You probably ask, why not just finish the lap since we went 1/2 way instead of turning back? Answer, There were more places I could sit her down if she started getting weak and had to sit.

7-30 SUN
Jody slept in until about 11. Got up and had lunch.
Minor leg exercises. We tried walking a lap but she is still complaining that her lower back is sore.
Jody did walk from the living room into the kitchen assisted with walker and me holding her. She is not stable at all like she was a month ago or so
Ash and Nate came over and brought chicken to grill (Delicious!).
Got to eat a dinner together. I think it was a good move to swap the lower table in the kitchen area and the pub table in the dining area (see in the background). Jody even helped a bit putting dishes away.
Ash and Vanessa took Jody and Lucy for a walk to the canal. Glad they got to come over before their big trip. Ashlee knows our new neighbors Taylor and Daniel, they are getting married in Costa Rica next week!
Walking sessions – Living room into the Kitchen (approx 10 steps 12PM)

7-29 SAT
I wheeled Jody up to Applebee’s at 5 last night. 1/2 mile trip, 1/2 hour walk. We had a good nice relaxing time since we went fairly early.
Walked Lucy and wheeled Jody up to our favorite spot. At the end of 102nd and Starkey at the canal
Walking sessions – 1/2 lap to the other room (approx 20 steps 7PM)

7-28 FRI
Figured out a way we can at least sleep in the same bed. Jody has been sleeping downstairs and I’m upstairs.
I rearranged the other room and used the sofa bed. I put the smaller in the room.
We watched the Rays beat the Astros.

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7-27 TH
Went to OCC tonight. Had a good time. Unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to walk over to the new shop to show the progress. I’ll have to take Jody back sometime soon to see it.

Glenn our neighbor came over and helped me get Jody into the car.
Jody was very tired when we got home. Ash and Nate followed us home to help me get Jody out of the car and into the house. They stayed awhile. Jody went to sleep pretty quickly.
Jody is just struggling even standing these days. It’s hard to see. Unsure on what the near future holds for us.
I’ll keep doing what I can until I no longer feel safe lifting or moving her.
Walking sessions – walked to her wheelchair from bed. (approx 10 steps 5PM)
Early AM leg exercises – 10 minutes (7:15AM)

7-26 WED
Jody’s back seems to be getting better. So hopefully her walking will pick up some.
Cora therapy at 4 today. No oncologist appoint today. First week without one in 10 weeks (see below)
Walking sessions – 1/2 lap (approx 20 steps 7AM)

7-25 TUES
Our neighbor and son helped me swap tables last night so our pub table would be out in the family room and the lower table would be in the dining area. This works out great as Jody and I can have dinner at the table once again.
Early AM leg exercises.
Walking sessions – 20 steps (to the foyer where she would get n the wheelchair)
2 minute standing challenge! I believe this is her 3rd time she’s done this.
She’s still complaining about lower back pain so I don’t want to push doing anything
Cora therapy tomorrow at 4.
Walking sessions – 0

7-24 MON
Cora Therapy – 3PM
No oncologist appoint this week. We (Me and Ashlee) felt the Nplate shots were not doing anygood. First time of not going to an appoint in 9 weeks. Next week she’ll have a bone marrow biopsy to see if her body is producing platelets.
Got up from bed onto her walker on her own
Walking sessions – 0
early am leg exercises

7-23 SUN
Not much going on today. We did some easy leg exercises while Jody sat in the wheelchair.
She’s having a real difficult time walking these days. I know she tweaker her back earlier in the week.
Walking sessions – I had her walk to the wheel chair in the foyer (approx 10 steps 9:45AM)

7/22- SAT
Drove up to Palm Harbor to see one of Jody’s high school friends. Her husband is not doing good.
Hospice is at their home now. Rebecca and Brian got married last night. Glad we got a chance to see him one last time.
Walking sessions – 1/2 lap (approx 20 steps 9:45AM)
Jody also did quite a few leg exercises

7/21 FR
Jody got up a little smoother than normal. Great to see!
Nate and I went to the Rays/Orioles game. Rays won 3-0. Back to being tied for first with Baltimore.
Nice little break from life.
We both got a bat Franco give-away after the game.
Ashlee came over and visited Jody.
Bert’s is supposed to order the spray booth next week. I hope they do place the order next week!!!
Autek said 6-10 weeks to build inc permitting once the order is placed.
I’ve done about all I can with the shop including building 5 benches, going through paint, arranging everything, building shelves, cleaning out the shop….
For their part, they still have to get the compressor, air lines, spray booth, more lighting, new outlets, breaker box. Still a LOT to be done
Walking sessions – 0
Jody stood up for 2 minutes! Same as yesterday!
Walking sessions – 0

7/20 – TH
Jody seems to be ‘more with it’ these days
Instead of walking today, I challenged her to stand and just stay in one place for 2 minutes (2 minute challenge). She did it!!!
I was holding onto her. It’s the little things these days.
Walking sessions – walked partial way and back (approx 20 steps)
Back to 2-0-2

7/19 – WED
We tried to do a lap, but it just wasn’t happening. She did get out of bed. She’s in a recliner watching TV
Her back seems to be a little better.
Oncologist 2:30
Cora – therapy at 4
Jody had labs done at the oncologist. Platelets actually went down (31). So the nplate shots really have not doing anything.
The doctor ‘think’s it be that her body is no producing bone marrow. Ashlee and I decided to cancel any further nplate shots. In 2 weeks, they will do a bone marrow biopsy to see if her body is producing platelets.
At Cora (therapy) Jody refused to get up out of the wheelchair, and of course they cannot force her to do so.
Seems she is more nervous and lacks confidence more than before. We’ll go again Monday and Wednesday and see how it goes. I will continue to do exercises with her and get her up and walking best as possible.
Right now, even I’m cautious about getting her to walk as she is very nervous trying to walk.
Once we got home. Ashlee wheeled Jody down to the canal and back.
Walking sessions – 0

7/18 – TUES
Jody’s back was just too sore for me to get her out of bed. I left her there all day. She was fine.
I had her lunch all set for her (like I always do). She watched TV for most of the day.
Once I got home, we got her out of bed, and did some very short exersises
Walking sessions – 0

7/17 MO
Cora Therapy today at 4. Me, Ash, and Jody went to Cora. They spent an hour with Jody doing some very basic arm exercises.
I just so happen to get some mail from our insurance saying they are paying for 12 of Cora services.
2 weekly, so 6 weeks. At the end, I talked to one of the therapists, and she doubts that the 12 will get her walking. They are working on her core to see if they can get her to stand up. They also want me to do more home exercises with her arms to help her get up.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 5PM) – Though me and Ash got her to do this, she just barely was able to do this lap. It was really only because I had to really hold her up and help her even though she had her walker.
I hope to see her improve with Cora’s help along with me doing more exercises and walking. I’m trying to stay positive through this, but it’s though she’s lost her momentum 🙁

7/16 SUN
Lot’s of sleeping today for Jody. Unsure why she it so tired.
Possibly because we did about a 1/2 hour leg and arm exercises? Also seems to be getting harder and harder to get her up and walking. I know Jody tweaked her back a bit. She’s complaining anytime she moves around even while sitting.
I hope Jody’s back will be better today and “Cora” can help get her up and walking as I think she’s gone backwards on progressing in walking.
Walking sessions – 0

7/15 SAT
Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter!!
We all went out to me and Jody’s favorite ‘go to’ place. Carmalita’s on Park Ave last night (Friday).
Me, Jody and Lucy took a walk to our favorite spot this morning. By the canal off 102nd ave. It was HOT.
Smoked/grilled a steak for the 2 of us. First time since late November.
increased Panacur C to 4/week from 3
Walking sessions – 0

7/14 FR
Jody got out of bed on her own. I raised the bed and she got out using a walker.
I didn’t help her. Though I was very close just in case things didn’t go well.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 6:45 AM)

7/13 TH
My sister’s birthday today. We’re having a very early supper (lupper) at 3.
Walking sessions – 0
Started 2-2-2 again

7/12 WED
Oncologist appoint mid afternoon today.
Jody received a nplate shot. Platelet levels slightly up before the shot. I really don’t see these having much effect. you would think for $5000+ dollars for each shop and this being the ninth shot in 9 weeks, it would be in at least where they want to to be (70s+).
I took Jody back to work with me at Bert’s. We stayed 1 1/2 hours. Then went to OCC Road House for dinner.
We had a nice time.

Did 15 minutes of leg exercises
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 6:45 AM)

7/11 TUES
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 6:45 AM)

7/10 MON
Appointment at Cora.
Evaluation went decent. Ashlee met up with us. Jody needs a lot of work to have her ‘get up’ and ‘walk’.
Sounds like they will have 2 people working on her to start with. They gave me some different type exercises I can do with her.
Hopefully they can get Jody the confidence and strength to walk again.
I have to take her 2 times a week,
plus the oncologist. So I will even be busier.
Sure appreciate all the help that our daughter Ashlee does for us.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 7:15 AM)
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 2:15 PM)
Started 2-0-2

7/9 SUN
Walked w/ Jody in WC with Lucy up to 102nd ave
First time using blue pull bar to sit her up in bed. We’ve tried this before and she didn’t have the strength. Worked good today.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 4:15 PM)

7/8 SAT
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 10:00 AM)

7/7 FR
Worked on the shop. We pretty much have it emptied out except for my stuff that I had originally sold to Stuart.
It’s coming along. Me and another guy (Dakota) took down 8 racks of 12′ tall industrial shelving. That was a JOB.
Jody is doing okay. No better no worse.
We went over to Ash and Nates and had Pizza. John also went.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 4:15 PM)

7/6 – TH
OCC Road House tonight. Her brother is down for the week./
Not much has changed with Jody. She’s doing okay these days. As good as can be expected. I’m still working with her to get her walking. It’s a struggle. She just doesn’t want to walk. She still can’t get up on her own. I sometimes have to give it all I have to lift her and get her holding onto a walker. Before the fall, she still couldn’t get up, but she was walking decent with a walker. She/we also seemed to have lost momentum since the fall. The day before that she did a record 720 steps, then she fell, was laid up a week in the hospital (not due to the fall, but due to a low oxygen level).
We have to get her walking or at least moving to circulate the blood in her legs so she doesn’t have the blood clot problem she had a few months ago (Feb 8th I think it was). I have an appoint set up for Monday afternoon at Cora in Seminole, to see if they can do better. First appointment is just an evaluation.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 7:15 AM)

7/5 – WED
Oncologist appointment. Platelets count is still too low to start the chemo pills.
Walking sessions –
2 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 4:15 PM)

7/4 – TUES
Walking sessions –
2 lap around stairs (approx 80 steps, 7:15 AM)

7/3 – MO
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 7:15 AM)

7/2 – SUN
Jody’s brother made it over about noon. He got in late on Sat and stayed at his sister Kelli’s
Jody had a good day. Stayed up most of the day. She was anxious to see him.
We all watched the Rays game together.
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 7:00 AM)

7/1/23 – SAT
We took Lucy to our favorite place. The end of 102nd by the canal.
It was HOT.
Jody’s brother John comes into town late. He’ll stay with us all week
Walking sessions –
1 lap around stairs (approx 40 steps, 7:00 AM)

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