1963 GMC (Chevy)Suburban

Truck was completely stripped, rust was bodyworked and smoothed.
COMPLETE truck was primed with 2K primer (epoxy high build primer)
AWESOME 1 of a kind fauxtina / patina bc/cc paint job.
Truck is completely clearcoated with House of Kolor UC35 clearcoat.
ONLY ONE paint job on this truck.
Enjoy as is or paint in the color(s) of your choice
Clamshell tailgate
350 / manual – Runs fine. Mileage unknown
New car cover is included

This truck is driver quality (patina paint job is a 10). You can drive and enjoy this Suburban as you work on it.
I get all kinds of compliments. Everyone does not believe it has all the new parts, was stripped and bodyworked and painted to give it a unique 60 year old look.

$3500 R&R doors, hood, fenders, grill, Strip, bodywork, prep and bodywork
$3800 prep and paint inc jams
$1300 prep and paint materials
$1100. NEW Floor pans replaced along with right rocker, (inner and outer). Price includes parts (approx. $300). Raptor lined
$325 New fenders
$1500 other misc parts (see below)

Stripped all panels including roof
Bodyworked rust and dents
Replaced floor pans, right inner (sectioned due to differences in C10 and Suburban)
Replaced right rocker
Removed doors and hood
Painted underside of hood in SEM Hot Rod Black
New left floor pan
New right floor pan
New Right inner rocker (fabricated from C10 inner)
New outer rocker

All panels stripped
2K primed
Patina bc/cc paint job
Jams painted. Inside doors painted.
SEM Hot Rod black on radiator shrouds and underside of hood
refurbished taillights

ONLY one paint job on the complete truck!!!
Great base if you decide you’d like to redo this in the color scheme of your choice

New right floor pan
New left floor pan
New right rocker
New latch relay left
New latch relay right
New front cab mounts
New right and left fenders
New door seals
New lowered shackles (not installed yet) ($80)
Door bumpers
New fuel tank (67-72 Blazer) ($250)
New drivers door check
New fuel pump
4-12 – New tailgate ‘strut’ style brackets and lift supports ($150)
5/4 – New 235/75/15 tires ($480) – changed the wheels to the white old school wagon wheels (from my ’66)
New wiper blades ($35)
5-8 New turn signal switch for steering column ($60)
5-11 New GMC Sill Plates ($80)

350 that came with the truck (not original). Not for sure what year. It appears to be original ‘orange’ on it so I would assume a 70’s motor
4 speed transmission – granny gear

-Front ¾ seat is broken. It had been rigged previously. Seat needs to be redone.
– No middle or rear seat
-All “Custom” moldings are included except right side lower
-Directly above drivers door jam inside is rusted through. I am not for sure if this is a bolt in part though.
-Normal rust on bottom of doors and elsewhere BEFORE it was reworked. I would suggest replacing bottoms of doors with patch panels if you plan on repainting. Though it was minor, it is just a suggestion.
-Also, if you plan on repainting, you will need to replace the tailgate lower. Inside lower is gone, but is fine for this patina. Top does not latch properly but has no problem staying closed with the new struts.
– The front windshield should be pulled and the underside of the roof in front of the glass will need to be replaced. Patch panels are available from what I saw.
– New floor pans not professionally done, but are solid.
– Missing one “Custom” emblem on sail panel
– I would suggest replacing slider and stationary seals along with door channels. Seals have been replaced through
– new door seals so doors do not close easily

If you are local and can bring me a new lower tailgate I will repaint the outside of one for $150.
Must be dropped off within 2 months of purchase.

SOLD! 2/14/22

located In Pinellas Park (west of Tampa, FL)
Contact me if interested – See more pics of the work done
Buyer pays transportation – I would guess $800-$1700

More pics taken 10-2021

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