Harley paint for sale

Below is paint available for your Harley. We no longer sell paint outright so you’ll need to contact the seller to ask questions or purchase. Just click on the image and it will take you to the seller’s listing.

If you do no know your paint color, please call your local Harley-Davidson dealer with your vin number and they will let you know the color(s).
You also might be able to figure out your color here on our colors and color code page.

TIP: Some of the paints below are pre-mixed, meaning if you purchase a quart of paint that is pre-mixed, it will come with one pint of paint and one pint of reducer. It will not be a full quart of paint, 1/2 of it is reducer. So even though you may a ‘cheaper’ price for paint, you are not actually getting paint. Reducer will always be cheaper than paint.

Click here if you are just looking for touch-up paint?

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