Attitude Custom Painting Testimonials – 5/2004 back to 2002

May 13, 2004 back to 2002
Hi Jody & Scott,

May 13, 2004 back to 2002
Hi Jody & Scott,
The paint set arrived yesterday afternoon in flawless condition. Work stopped while I opened the boxes and your work drew lots of Oohs and Aahs. I finished installation at 10:00 pm and it is just perfect..I wouldn't change a thing. I'll be getting some digital photos in the next couple of days and I'll send you some.

Thank you for such a fantastic work of art!!!
Curt. (One Happy Customer J)

Here's how this went for me…..After 2 months of searching for a place to get my paint job done , I ran across Scotts web site. No other work impressed me as much so I sent in for an estimate…Great prices….exactly the kind of flames that I'm looking for…I go for it..Got the sheet metal , and tank from Scott…So excited , I tell all my friends. All they could say was " Why have your work done in Florida when you are in California ?" My friends thought I was a fool until they saw the finished product. It sure is nice to be able to say "I Told you So "when it comes to your pride and joy…I have had 2 local painters actually turn around just to look at my bike sitting in my driveway…All they can say "Man thats good work."…Feel free to contact me , I'll answer any questions you might have about my experience…

Louie Bettino
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See completed bike
After having a "BAD" experience with different painter I wish I could name to save other people, I was pretty reluctant to do an over the Internet paintjob. Then I found Scott and company at custom flame painting. After a bunch of e-mailing back and forth, (which is where I gained the trust for Scott) I decided to go for it, and we came up with what I was looking for. Scott was very helpful and answered all my questions. Right before starting my flames after the base coat was finished, Scott got a hold of me with what he thought would be a better way to go which he said would give me more the look I was after. His taking the time to make sure I got what I was looking for and taking artistic license with finishing touches turned out one beautiful paint job. Photos were sent of the job in progress as promised and everything could not have gone better. I know testimonials sometimes seem like they are fake, but I can assure you Scott and His wife Jody are the real deal. I would not hesitate to use Scott again for my next scooter.
Craig Nichols
Valdez Alaska
364 craig
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I would like to thank both Jodi and Scott for the work they did on my wife's bike. >The on going 2 months of communication prior to starting the paint job enabled Scott to pull out exactly what my wife was looking for. Had the fenders and tank installed at the H-D dealership and received all kinds of praise on the quality and design. Now this bike is says "Lady's Rider". So happy I with this job I just ordered a set for mine. Thanks again.
321 gus
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There's not much I can add to my testimonial that all the other testimonials haven't already covered so I'll keep it short and to the point………excellent work, price, and customer service! Attitude was very prompt and kept me informed through out the whole deal……no surprises,etc. I called and asked for a simple "old school" type flame job…..y-o-r over black…….no fancy pearl, outlines, tips,etc. My job is #290 and I couldn't be happier. Lot of "work" for the money and quality and service is EXCELLENT! Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Walker
One Guy Light Co.
Punched tin lights,antler lighting,rustic log light fixtures

290 scott walker
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I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been traveling. In fact, I just returned from an international motorcycle conference where I showed off my absolutely gorgeous new paint job. I can't say enough about Scott's work and honesty. They (Scott and Jodi) put up with a finicky and difficult customer never once complaining. I am a fanatic when it comes to my cars and motorcycles. Scott met or exceeded every expectation. The hologram type hidden bar and shield is way toooo cool. I took a couple of digital flix for you to look at. The pictures do not do it justice. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Hell stop by take a look and I will buy you a cold one.
Bob McGuigan
268 bob m
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Scott & Jody,
What is there to say but WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! As you know Harley owners can be very picky when it comes to personalizing their bikes and you have made me a very happy customer, and I haven't even seen the paint in person yet. I Love the colors and flame layout. You were able to take that picture I had envisioned in my head and put it on the sheet metal, even after we continued to make changes as we went through this process. You have a real talent Scott and have capture that on your incredible web site, which helps everyone else to see and envisioned just what they are looking for when it comes to Custom Flame Painting…
Thank You,
Jeff & Bridget
276 jeff m
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It is a big deal when one entrusts something of particular sentimental value to a stranger. For many motorcycle riders there aren't many things more sacred to them than their machine. I admit I am in that group of emotionally attached persons. And I could not be happier with the way Scott and Jodie took care of me and my bike. The paint job was top notch and I have been getting many positive comments from people who have seen it. Scott and Jodie communicated with me often as to the progress of the work. And I made it through the experience with a real appreciation for the work of Attitude Custom Painting.

Thanks again for your great work and support. Bill Deskins Job #218

218 bill deskins
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I cant say enough good things about Scott and his wife Jody. Very friendly people and what I consider very trustworthy, a hard quality to find sometimes. Scott is very helpful and offers very useful suggestions about design and color, but in the end its all your choice. For most of you that live out of the state of Florida, Like me in New Jersey the biggest worry is about shipping and loosing parts. Its really not that big a deal. Insure it and ship it with a tracking number your done, no worries. I personally bought new metal from Harley and shipped it to Scott so I had no down time on the bike. Scott had my new parts and deposit in like 3-4 days. His return time wound up being like a week a head of schedule. I am very pleased with the paint job, the detail and quality are awesome. My friends all love it. Because of all the dam rain this year it has not been to many bike events since the new paint , But I know it will be big hit. If any one has any questions that I can help with feel free to e-mail me at m y job number is 215.
Thanks again Scott & Jody
Sincerely Ken Duym
215 ken
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See completed bike
Scott, Jody:
WOW!! Pretty much describes the paint job and the reactions from people everywhere I go. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "who did the paint?".
The separations created by the drop shadows are really great and the ghost logo really does appear to float in the flames and disappears when you get off to the side a little. The time spent in deciding (with your help) the colors, acquiring the sheetmetal, and the paint job itself, were well worth the wait. Your website was also a big help in making the decisions a lot easier. I guarantee you I will now be able to tell my bike in a parking lot with 1000 others.
GREAT job, GREAT service, GREAT people. I wouldn't hesitate one second in recommending Attitude Custom Painting to everyone. (I've also attached some pics of the finished project)
Neil MacKinnon
Littleton, Colorado
204 neil
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hi, I would like to thank you for the super paint job i recieved from you, it looks superb, and i have gotten many complements with it.. 3 weeks after i got the paint job, i entered my bike into a contest and won 2 1st place trophies, 1 for harley davidson open and the other was a peoples choice award.. i am enclosing a pic of the bike with the 2 awards.. thanks again i really love the work …. otis brookins
Jody and Scott,
What can I say or express that others already have not? Wow! I guess when you give an artist a clean canvas and then stay the hell out of the way you end up with a work of art. I want to thank you for your patience and professionalism, at every turn you were there to answer my questions to assure and reassure me of the choices we made. The paint looks stunning. It has turned out better and beyond my wildest expectations. My wife Kathy, said she thought my other bike had a great paint job, but she admits your is "prettier" her words not mine, (real men do not use words like that to express their bikes, do they. Only their ladies, am I wrong? Thanks again, you are the greatest. I have snapped some pictures of her put back together and will send them along.

Semper Fi, Major


I now have the best looking paint job in Florida. I have had many compliments on the bike and have passed out most of your cards. Thanks for the awesome paint and all of your emails. I would definately recommend you to anyone, but the quality paint job and word of mouth sells itself. I will send pics when I get them. Thanks again for the great job!
Andrew Riley
Hi Scott
this is Jose from P.R. ,
I hope that you like the photos of my bike as much i like it. thanks again for job, it is excelent.
Thanks Jose Caro

Scott & Jody,
I just want to write you this letter and say thanks! The bike is not only a hit with me but it gets stares no matter where I'm riding. A guy offered to buy the bike when I had it at the dealership. All I can say is that like many of the others that are on your page have said before I was a little bit hesitant about sending my parts over 1,000 miles away to be painted, but in hind site its the best thing I could have done.
As you know Scott it took us almost three months of going back and forth back until I committed to a design and color scheme etc. Your professionalism and your suggestions have put me at ease and your work is impeccable. Better than anything I've seen around the Pittsburgh area and thanks for talking me into the Double Dose, it make the bike brilliant and just shine. Your professionalism in walking through the process with me step by step, keeping me updated with photos, and suggestions, and also your quick processing of my order will keep me sending people to you if they ask for any type of suggestions for being painted.

198 joe c
198 joe c 2
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I'd highly recommend Attitude Custom Painting for anyone out there looking for a high quality, one of a kind, and ultra professional job. Don't hesitate to work with Scott and Jody no matter where your at in the world. I'd recommend them even to the staunchest critic. Also feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding my transaction with these folks. I'll tell you that from the time I submitted my quote, worked with them on the design, shipped them the parts, and got them back, packed beyond belief,, I could not have been happier and treated better. I've attached some photos of the completed V-ROD please feel free to use them wherever you like on your site or advertising. Scott & Jody,

Thanks so much for a one of a kind job and a sharp looking ride….
Joe Castagnino
Pittsburgh, PA


Hi Scott,
I just wanted to express my thanks and satisfaction with the AWESOME custom flame job you did on my Sportster tank. It is absolutely fabulous and has caused quite a stir around here. Everyone especially likes the "ghost Harley logo" – it really looks like it floats! I appreciate all your advice and honest feedback about my color choices, etc. – you really know your business. The finished project is just like glass and arrived very well packed and in perfect condition. The whole process was perfectly spelled out on your web site and all the pics made it really fun to "shop around" to find just what I wanted. The pics you sent as my job progressed made me feel like I was involved in the whole thing too – I know it makes extra work for you, but those pics were so much fun to receive!
Thanks again for a job well done and a great value. If I have any custom paint work in the future, I'll be sure and come to you, and I'll recommend you enthusiastically to all and sundry.
Rock on, bro!
Randy Burke
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
197 randy burke
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Scott and Jody,
Please give me an opportunity to say something to everyone considering Attitude Custom Painting. We all have the same concerns when we do something like this long distance, and I'm not going to restate everything every other testamonial has said here. I'm just gonna say that I experienced first hand all the great things everybody else has had to say here about doing business with Attitude Custom Painting.
Don't worry…just let Scott and Jody do it for ya.
You won't be sorry.
Alan Merrell

I just wanted to tell you how extremely satisfied I am with the paint work you did on my Suzuki Volusia. I have to admit that I was apprehensive about shipping my parts so far and it took me awhile to decide on the color scheme. I have visited your website for about 4 months before finally choosing my color scheme. I want to Thank You and Jody for your patience and for the great quality. My bike really stands apart from the rest and I get many compliments. I am quick to recommend Attitude Custom Painting. I have shopped around locally and have found your prices to be very attractive and the best value, not to mention the great customer assistance. I wish you and Jody much success!
Once again, Many Thanks!
Gene Thickening

Scott and Jody,
Received my parts early this evening and finished installing them. One word – Gorgeous! Was debating all along about a couple of the color schemes and I'm so glad I stayed with the blue ghost, it is exactly what I was looking for and looks so much better than the photos. The ghost logo is the icing on the cake. Haven't seen em yet in the sunlight but the shine off the overhead garage lights is awesome, not to mention the reflection off the front fender from the headlight. Thanks for the Plum Crazy and the cleaning/waxing advice.
Will borrow a digital camera and send pictures in a couple of weeks along with some feedback for the testimonials section.
Thanks Man – they look great! Mark

3/15 /03
Scott, The Paint Job looks incredible ! I want to thank you for making my Paint Job everything I was looking for when I decided to get my bike done. Like others have said in their Testimonial's, I too sat back and watched your Website for a couple of months and was hesitant on sending my parts out of state. From my very first contact with you Scott, I felt comfortable. You were Calm, Cool, Collected and took the time in answering all of my questions without rushing me off the phone. If all companies could mirror your way of dealing with customers, the buisiness world would be a better place.
I took my bike for a ride the other day and everywhere I stopped, 7-11, Gas Station, people were commenting on the bike. I felt so damn proud! What I wasn't proud of was the fact that I hadn't at the time put the Custom Flame Painting buisiness cards in my wallet that were put in my return package, and was unable to give out your buisiness cards to 2 individuals that wanted one. Dont worry though………I wrote the website down on a piece of paper for them. : ) I now have your cards in my wallet. Also, had two buddies stop over last night to see the bike and they were both in awe. They could not believe how flawless the paint job looked.
Again Scott, Thank you very much………..I am Totally Satisfied !!
Joe Vangel
Owings, MD
After being a little reluctant to send my parts to be painted all the way to Florida from Arkansas, I am so glad I did. My parts arrived today and far exceed my expectations(and I am very picky). My friends were over helping me install my tank and fenders and they oood! and awwwwd! for thirty minutes. The whole experience was so great dealing with Attitude Custom Painting. It is so hard to find folks like Scott and Jody who really care about the customer and do awsome work at a reasonable price!. I just want to say THANKS! and I will be looking forword to getting my wifes FXDL painted next winter by Attitude Custom Painting.

Gene Monteleone,
Mena AR

Wow……what a fabulous job.
Attitude Custom Painting is definitely a class act, and doing business with you was such a pleasure. Every step of the process from beginning to end was carried out in such a professional manner that I'm still sitting here writing you this email and thinking this is unheard of……..I wish everyone could be as pleasureable as you and your company to do business with, you truly are the Benchmark for any good business to follow. The paint job is beautiful, and everything you promised was done and delivered back to me in such an expediant way, I just can't thank you enough. I'm sure that my bike is going to turn alot of heads and when asked who painted that for you, I can assure you I'll be handing out your cards like confetti. Take care and enjoy all that sunshine, we're getting snowed on again…….LOL…….Oh well what can you do! Romano

Where do you start?
My wife and I own a beautiful black 2000 Softail Deuce, lots of chrome, etc. You know the route. It was a really nice looking bike BUT something was missing. The stock HD logo and pinstriping was just like all the other Deuce's out there. Nothing wrong with this but it was like two women showing up at a dance wearing the same dress. I spent a lot of time looking for a paint scheme that I liked. Lots of neat, wild looking paint running around but that isn't us. I wanted the Deuce to reflect our way of life, no wild graphics, etc. Just something to make you turn around and look twice and ask who painted it. I appreciate good old fashioned craftsmanship and a professional approach to business that is tempered by people who will take the time to talk to you about what you want, not what they think you should have.
After the many months of looking at paint and painters we found it right under our nose. Six miles from home. I saw a bike at a local bike night and turned around twice and asked who did it. It was what I was looking for. I rode in and talked to Jody and Scott who were gracious enough to stop what they were doing and listened to what I was looking for. I knew what I wanted but couldn't really express it to my satisfaction. Scott listened and said he understood and we brainstormed for a few minutes and came up with a plan. Jody wrote up an estimate that I could live with, Scott agreed to turn key the job as I am mechanically challenged to say the least. I dropped off my pride and joy on a Friday morning and left it up to Custom Flame Painting. At that time I even asked if they could arrange to have my wife's nickname put on the rear fender. I know everyone always wants changes and hated to ask but they just laughed and even photograhed my arm so they could use the same style font as the tattoo. They surprised me with updates and digital scans of my paint job, something I didn't expect but immediately forwarded to everyone I know. I got the call on a Saturday morning that "Magic" was ready to go. Jody stayed late on a Friday night so I could have my bike back for the weekend. Now what kind of a woman is that I ask you?
If you have any questions about my experience with Scott and Jody please email me. My job number was #160 under the Harley's. Once again, thanks to them for a great experience and remember, you don't always have to go around the world to find just what you want.
Jon Barrow
Seminole, FL

Scott and Jody Farrell
Custom Flame Painting
Pinellas Park, Florida
Scott and Jody,
I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with not only my paint work, but our entire transaction. I think it is important for both you and your potential customers to understand how well this works from a customer perspective.
First, anyone reading this needs to understand that I am probably one of the worst types of customer – just enough knowledge to be a pain in the butt. I have been building custom motorcycles for over 35 years, and used to do some custom paint work way back in the lacquer days. I am also very picky (OK Scott, I confess, I'm about as anal as they come). When I contacted Scott to inquire about paint work, I knew exactly what I wanted, colors, fades, layout, not to mention I wanted Scott to even alter his style somewhat.
Everyone's taste in custom paint work is different and very personal and mine may not be appealing to many. That said, I got exactly what I asked for and my paint work is stunning. I imagine that many of Scott's customers just say "I'd like black with flames, maybe blue or green??", and those customers also get exactly what the want. I asked Scott for a very specific combination of several pearl colors, fades, highlights and outline and also a particular layout style that would give the effect I was looking for. Scott was very willing and patient to take all of my input and combine that with his extraordinary talent and produce a flawless and very personalized custom paint job. On top of all Scott's excellent paint service, he also picked up brand new sheet metal at his local HD dealer so I could save my original sheet metal which has a very limited edition paint scheme.
When I first discovered Scott's shop, I also had concerns about the "long distance" aspect of this scenario – being over 1000 mile away I couldn't just drop in to see how things looked. I have to say the distance wasn't an issue at all. Scott and Jody are very open and professional with communication of all aspects of the layout and painting process. It actually was much better this way because I didn't have to go anywhere – like rushing through traffic to try to get to the shop after work. A few quick email messages with digital pictures gave me everything I needed to see and at my convenience. The packaging and shipping of my completed parts was also perfect. In fact, I don't know if I have ever seen a more sophisticated packaging process. My paint work arrived in better condition than if I had picked it up myself wrapped in baby diapers (unused of course). It was packed so well it could have probably been thrown off the UPS truck as it drove by my shop at 55 MPH (but don't try this at home just in case).
To top off this very rewarding experience, Jody and Scott couldn't have been more friendly and courteous in all of our contacts. I think they both really care about giving the customer personal service and the best possible custom paint job. Thank you both for a very affordable and truly stunning flame job – I can't wait to get my Deuce back together and see it in the sunlight.
Barry Duncan

barry3 barry barry2

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Scott ,
I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you have done on my bike. From the time I first met you and your wife in Ybor to the time I picked my parts up the Experience was Awesome. You have proven to me that there are still people who care about what they do as well as provide excellent service while doing so. The color you used go so well with the 100th Anniversary pin stripe it appears to be from the factory. If Harley saw how good it looked they would probably want to offer it as a option. The difference is as you mention in the directions on how to care for the new paint is that every one of yours is different "No Pattern"
I cant say enough about how happy I am. My wife came out at the end of the reassemble and said , "Wow that really looks good" I will be glad to talk to anybody who has a question about the quality of work you do. I hope to someday build a bike in addition to the one I have and there is no question who will be doing the paint.
I wish you the best of luck in the new year and thanks for fixing my Dumb mistake
Bob Briesacher
I just had to send a testimonial about this paint job! I am the proud owner of job number 138….Harlequin ghost flames on pearl purple base. The pictures on this site don't even come close to showing what an outstanding job Scott does. I just finished installing the parts and all I can say is WOW! Scott is definitely a craftsman. If you are looking for the best work and the best people to deal with, STOP LOOKING…you have found it all right here. More pictures of my 2002 Honda Shadow will be sent to Scott soon so check back to see the finished product. Thanks again Scott (and your helper too…)