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September 19, 2008
Scott and Jody,

I just wanted to let you know that my tins were delivered today.. They look AWESOME! Thank you so much. I unpacked them all and have started putting the bike back together. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have it all done.

Thanks again for a super job. I am so glad that I chose you to do the work for me ! ! ! I will be sure to pass along your cards and company info to everyone that I can.



August 26,2008

Scott & Jody – I received my tins today and I was totally blown away when I opened the boxes and gently removed the wrapping. This paint job is unreal!!! They are more than what what I thought they would look like. The detail of the flames, skulls, shadows and the shine in the paint…metallic is superb!

All tins were packaged very well.

The good news is my dad and I worked our buts off tonight and got them on my bike. Tomorrow, it is time to polish and take some pictures for you website and my bragging rights…LOL! I will be sure to pass some of your business cards out.

Lastly, I have decided to ship my original tins back for the core credit. Should I just put these in the same boxes, and sent the UPS ground to you?

Thanks again for the wonderful job, excellent communications. You made this experience a pleasurable and rewarding one. Every time I look at my new paint, I will think of your company.

Jason Love

990 jason
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August 21, 2008
Scott & Jody –
I received the tank & finders today. Unbelievable! Scott, you did a great job. Your are very talented. It's just what I had hope for. Thank you so!
I will send some pictures after they have been installed.
david molica

August 11, 2008
Here are some pictures my wife & I took this weekend with the new paint job, which really looks GREAT! Thanks for a fantastic job well done. Your work really changed the entire appeal of my bike. The helmets look aw-some as well. I through a couple before pictures as well. I know you change the look of peoples bikes every day, but check this out.

Thanks, Rocky.

989 rocky

August 1, 2008
Scott Recieved my tank and fenders today and they are incredible. Took my Fatboy to another level. Thanks for a smooth transaction and I will Ship my parts to you soon.
I have looked at so many colors and styles of paint but your web site is what sold me. The signature sets are the best thing out there that I have come across. In over a years search I seem to have always come back to your site. The pictures are great but the actual is absolutely beautiful. Great job.
Thanks again
Joe H
Signature Set #152

June 30, 2008
Hey Scott, I just wanted to give you a quick update I received my tins and installed them over the weekend. My bike looks totally amazing with the job you guys did. I went on a ride this weekend and every stop we made, I had people come up to me to say what a sick ass paint job I had. I handed out alot of your business cards over the weekend. Thanks for a wonderful experience it was truely a pleasure. I will send some pictures in the near future of my completed ride. I also have a full dash that I will need painted over the winter and possibly a rear wide tire fender.

Thanks again!!!


June 30, 2008

It's been about 7 months since I received my tins from Scott and Jody and they are still as beautiful as the day I received them. The paint is as durable as it is beautiful!
I receive emails requesting information on who painted it almost weekly from people who have seen my bike in Harley forums, or have seen it in person locally. It certainly is a head turner!
Thanks again for your attention to detail, great customer service and the high quality of work! I've attached a pic or two showing the bike now with several thousand more miles, and the paint is as slick as ever!

Thanks again!
Mike Jones

mike jones

June 10, 2008

Well I received the new painted parts for my 2008 Fatboy. I went with the exchange program and it cost a little more but well worth it since I was able to keep riding. The workmanship is top notch. I'm still in a WOW state and keep staring at it!! I haven't been out to much with the bike yet since I just installed them, but the few folks I've seen with the bike tell me what a great looking paint job. Scott and Jody where terrific to deal with. They kept you up to date with the project and when I asked questions there was always a prompt response. Looking for some great paint work pick Attitude Custom Paint!!

Dennis Hanvey
Leonardo, New Jersey


June 2, 2008
WOW! I just received the Tank and fenders. I NEVER expected the quality to be so high! These are incredible. The depth of the paint, the smooth finish, and the packing of the parts was perfect. Not a scratch or nick on them. They were delivered here to my work, where a lot of people ride, and they are BLOWN AWAY by the quality! Many do not believe what I paid.

These parts are show winning quality. I cant wait to get them on! I will send detailed pictures once they are on the bike. YOU FOLKS ARE AMAZING. Your pictures were good, but did not do these justice! This all comes from a skeptical, very picky guy! I will NEVER go anywhere else for paint. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rusty Ogren


May 22, 2008
Scott and Jody:
I just received the tins yesterday -wow! They look even better in person. Can't wait to get them on. The shadow effect is awesome. I will get pics of the bike once installed and submit them. Awesome job!

June 9, 2008
Scott and Jody:
Picked up my bike from the mechanic's Tuesday afternoon. It now looks like a whole new bike -I absolutely love it. I've had many compliments already on the paint and been asked who did the work. The pics and tins looked great, but look even better on the bike -if that's possible. It looks totally awesome and I'm looking forward to taking the new bike to Sturgis. Awesome job and I'll be logging on to input a great recommendation. FYI -my mechanic is a bike builder and even he loved it. Took pictures for himself and showed one of our local custom painters. Thanks again -here's a few pics of the completed bike.


947 sean
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May 5, 2008
Scott and Jody, I arrived home late last night to find two boxes on my doorstep left by the "Man in Brown"-just as scheduled. The tins are absolutely gorgeous! I brought them over to my dealer this morning so he can mount them on the bike, and as I unwrapped the tank in front of the Service Manager, he starts calling out to the other guys in the shop "You guys have to see this!". Like me, they were all absolutely blown away. Several commented that this was, "The nicest paint job they had ever seen", and many of these guys have been around bikes for a long time. The detail and shading in the checkers, the wide stripe flowing through each part, the depth and clarity of the candy through the clearcoat-all truly a work of art. I can't wait to see them on the bike. Thank you to you and your "Krew" for creating my dream paint job!!! I will send you photos of the installed tins ASAP. Can't wait to show it off at Myrtle Beach Bike week where I know I'll be asked for many of your business cards!

P.S.: I was almost as impressed with the outstanding packaging of the tins for shipping as I was with the paint job!

Thanks for everything!
Dan Napoletano

945 dan
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April 25, 2008
We would like to tell you about our wonderful experience with Attitude
Custom Painting!
We want to start by saying the crew at Attitude's is by far the best and
nicest people that we have ever dealt with in regards to our Harley
experiences. The quality of the paint job is more than worth the wait time
and the paint job is outstanding in every way from the color and depth, and
the clarity of the checkers and ribbon are deep and true and the flow of the
ribbon through-out the paint job is flowing and perfect!
In our opinion the crew is the best at their jobs and Scott and Jody are
probably the nicest people around and great business people too. Our paint
job was finished on time and the whole experience from beginning to end was
extremely easy and has been a great experience.
We love our new-old Harley and all of friends, neighbors and strangers alike
are all in awe of the bike. It is very cool the way it changes colors in the
light and dark, also the way it sparkles in the sun is truly a beautiful
site to see. Take a look at the pictures and we are sure you will agree. We
would recommend to everyone if you want your old bike look better than new
again check out Attitude's! You will not be disappointed.


Ed and Shirley Klos

927 ed kloss2
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April 23, 2008
Scott & Jody,

I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU to you and the entire crew! The paint job far exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful. I hate to admit it, but I find myself standing in my garage staring at my bike – when I can't be out riding. 🙂

I've included a few photos for your files. Keep up the great work (I can't wait until I pick up my trailer so that you can paint it to match)…



927 alan
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April 16, 2008
Scott & Jody,
Attached are photos of my Sportster. The photographs do not come close to showing how great the paint really looks. There is no way of capturing the way the colors change when the viewing angle is changed. The paint projects done with the utmost care to detail and were beyond my exceptions. There are two problems I've encountered. The first is I have to try and not stare at the tank while riding. The second is I have to allow more time when I leave anywhere. People are always asking about the paint. Again thanks for not only a superior paint job but also exceptional customer support.

Thanks Mike

915 michael2
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April 11 , 2008
Hi Scott & Jody!
Jody I would like to start by saying thanks for talking me through my panic when the we took the parts out fo the box and I saw the imprints from the packing material. I had the detail person at the dealership go over it with the glaze you sent and it came out like glass. Now on to the good stuff. Due to weather conditions and my work my wife and I had our first chance to take a ride Thursday 04/10/08. We stoped at several places and showed it off to some of our friends. The response was overwelming,everybody was impressed with the design and the quality of the paint work and the attention to detail. We stoped at "The Wagon Wheel" a local road house that draws alot of bikes and your paint work drew alot of attention from riders that I have never met before. I did give out some of your cards. I hope that you get some customers out of this. With the quality of your work I know you hear this all the time but I want you to know that I am very pleased with the end product and will continue to promote you when ever possible.
937 terry b
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April 8th, 2008
Got the skins today and they look fantastic. They are better than the pics. I am looking forward to seeing Jacks as well. We will have three great looking bikes on the Nebraska roads thanks to your work.

Do you have his about ready for pics?


935 chris karn
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April 8th, 2008
Here she is, in all her glory!!! Thanks guys for a great job. Boat loads of compliments already!! I wanted a bike that stood out from the rest and you did it for me. I will be getting a testimonial on you site in the next couple of days. I want to do you guys right.

933 kent
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933 kent2
See the completed bike

April 2, 2008



February 22, 2008
Scott/Jody, 2/21/2008
Thank you so much. The Tins arrived today. Jody, you were right the photographs do not due the finished product justice. The finders are amazing and the tank is beyond description. You have to see them to truly appreciate the workmanship and attention to detail. Again thanks for your advice prior to starting the project, all the support throughout the process and even to the seamless shipping. There were no problems, nothing but good service and an extremely happy customer. I'll send photos of my bike in about a month.

915 michael
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March, 18, 2008
the pictures look awesome,im sure i wont be dissapointed.i research for almost a year before choosing you guys to do the paint work.i seen your work in magazines on other bikes.but my final decision is when i talked to a truck driver who delivered here,and told me uhad painted his bike a few years back.he said i couldnt go wrong.ihave talked to other painters and didnt like any of there flame work.i just want to praise your professionalism.and in the future i will be giving you guys a call.thank u gus
925 gustavo
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February 15, 2008
Scott & Jody

I just received my Tins today. You know the pictures were really good, but like you said they don't do justice to the final product. These are "fantastic" they made the trip just fine, no damage, etc. every piece looks like a mirror. Thank You for putting out a great product.

Mike Sutton

904 sutton

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February 12, 2008
Thanks for all the great help with getting the paint job I wanted and making the purchase as easy as it could be. I recommend you guys all the time to my friends and people that see the paint job. I’ve attached some pics of the finished product.

My job number in the customer rides area is 1350

Darryl LeBouef

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February 12, 2008
Just want to let you guys know, I received my parts today and am extremely satisfied! I unpacked them immediately as suggested, and will take them to be installed next week. I'll send pictures some time next month when it's all together.

It's been a real pleasure dealing with you guys!


January 28, 2008
Wanted to let you know the parts arrived Friday evening in great condition and a friend and I re-assembled everything Saturday.

OH MY GOD!!! I was expecting something nice but this is absolutley incredible. I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job on my Roadstar. This bike is gonna be a real head turner. A couple of pics taken right after assembly are attached. Glad you sent some business cards my way because I intend on handing every one of them out.

fred wyatt
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January 5, 2008
What a great experience working with this family run business. Great personalized service and frequent communication. My paint set is absolutely great! Promised delivery dates were met which is rare for any business anymore.
Anybody that has been researching a painter and is still on the fence should call Mike and Jody. They do wonderful work at a reasonable price and they are great to do business with. I strongly recommend them. Thanks again for your outstanding work!

891 bob laflin
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See Bob's bike in the Customer Rides section

January 5, 2008

A testimonial is defined as "something given or done as an expression of gratitude or appreciation". Well, since I cannot give anything I can certainly do something. I can take this time to express to anyone interested in a custom paint job to visit Attitude Custom Painting (ACP). To say I was pleased would be a gross understatement. I cannot think of a word that would give justice to my feelings when I seen my parts. I had been sent an e-mail of my parts when they were completed and whoever coined the phrase "a picture doesn't lie" was wrong. They looked so much better in person. I wanted a class act and certainly got it. The parts were packaged as if I had purchased a one-of-a-kind Tiffany lamp. With all the correspondence with Scott & Jody via e-mail or phone, at some point in time they must have thought they were dealing with a mentally un-stable person. Although I was always treated with patience and respect. Anyone thinking of getting a custom paint job do not surf t he web anymore, you have found what you're looking for. Thanks ACP for a job well done. If the good Lord allows me to, I will sing your praises for years to come.
James Cox.

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December 17, 2007

Let me start off by thanking you guys for again doing a terrific job. Anybody interested and looking to recieve a professional job for their bike would definitely need to stop in and consult with you guys. This is my third job by scott , jody and the crew and I will guarantee it will not be the last. I have been fortunate to personally talk with scott and jody several times by phone and recieved every question answered and total concern for anything I needed. There is one thing that stands out with you guys and that is total commitment for satisfying the customer. Thanks again guys.


894 michael
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December 11, 2007
Dear Scott & Jody,
I have got to say without a shadow of a doubt the tin set you created for my bike is a master piece.
If i had a dime for every compliment i had received in the last two weeks i could have paid for my bike with it.
Sir you and your wife are true professionals and you are some artist.
For anyone reading this please E mail me at should you want to know anymore.
Thanks a million Scott.
December 1, 2007
Hey Scott,
Sorry but these pictures do not do justice to the art work you created.
I was at Harley this morning and you would have thought Willie fxxxxxg G himself showed up the way people were gawking at my bike. Again what a great job and i will try to get some better pictures
Thanks again,

November 26 , 2007

Hi Scott & Jody.
Hey guys i just want to say you guys exceeded everything i expected. The tins are a work of art. Im having them put on as we speak and i will send some pictures this week.
Thanks again.

884 mick 02
884 mick
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December 5 , 2007
Jody & Scott,

I just received my tins (the front fender and the stretched tank – UPS will deliver the back fender tomorrow).

I was impressed and excited when you sent me the pictures of the finished work last week. I must say that the pics did not do your fantastic work justice (no offense to your photography skills).

The detail of the ghosted tribals is truely amazing and the pinstripping really accents the tribals perfectly. I could not be happier.

That said, I can't wait to get them on my bike. When I replace my old tins with the new ones, I will send you guys pictures of my bike.

Thank you again, you're a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you to anyone, especially my riding buddies.


888 bill g
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December 1 , 2007


I received the tins & they look great. They are at the dealer being installed & I should have the bike back on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll get the pictures uploaded next week. BTW, I gave the dealer your card & he said he has mounted some of your work before from other customers. They are Reggie Pink HD in White Plains, NY. Thank you so much for the great job.


883 ron m
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