Classic Car Painting

Classic Car and Truck Painting and Bodywork by Attitude Custom Painting

Have a newer car or truck (1996-up) that needs painted? Click here!

Whether you have a classic car, truck, street rod, muscle car or any other car or truck, we can handle the bodywork and paint project for you!

We’ll get your car or truck back into shape. We can strip your old paint off, rework any bodywork, prime your car with high quality primer, prep it, then paint it in a quality basecoat/clearcoat type paint.

Click here to see pics and info on some of the classic cars and trucks we’ve done.

We strive to give as accurate quotes as possible up front, so we don’t have to ‘up’ the price.
Of course, if you want to have us quote it via internet, we’ll need some good quality pics along with all details and info of the job you’d like.
Best case scenario is to just bring the car or truck in, but if you are unable do this, sending us some good quality pics is the next best option.

Of course any previous bodywork that has to be reworked that neither you or us would see until the panel is stripped would be an additional cost.

Most jobs average between $5000-$15000 + materials depending on how much work is involved.

Contact us if you have questions or would like an estimate.