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January 22, 2006
Scott, I've been lazy in getting you a picture of my bike all put together with your paint (reference number 485)- enclosed is a couple of pictures for your web site if you like.

I just wanted you to know how many compliments I get on the paint – people come up to me all the time asking where I had it done and if its Harley paint – I tell them its better than Harley paint!! I continue to give out your business cards when people rave about how much they love it – thanks for doing such a great job and I really enjoy it a lot…..
<> <>
Kelly J. Brooks
ACP–we painted Kelly's bike Feb of last year

485 kelly
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December 13, 2006
Hi Scott and Jody,

I have to say that my experience with the two of you has been one of the best experiences I've ever had dealing with a business. I think one of the things that make you really stand out, is that you are both completely hands on, in your business. Every time I called, or sent an email, it was one of you that answered the phone or replied to my email. That was one of the reasons I felt comfortable choosing you to paint my bike, even though you're waaaay down in Florida and I'm waaaay up here, 1400 miles away, in New Hampshire. Not only are you both very personable and friendly, but you are both very professional. You were extremely patient with me as I tried to convey exactly what I was looking for, through many emails and phone conversations.

The paint job….. is GORGEOUS!! I was like a kid at Christmas when the parts arrived today. When you said the pictures didn't do it justice, you weren't kidding! The paint job is flawless. I don't see one spec of dust or imperfection in the paint. Not even one tiny mark from packing or shipping it back to me (you did a GREAT job packing it up Jody!) I was very specific about what I wanted for flames as far as style, contrast and color, and they came out EXACTLY like I wanted!! Absolutely perfect. The flames defintely look nicer in person than in the pictures (they look faint in some of the pictures, but it's only the lighting in the pictures, the flames look perfect in person!).

I was told by more than one person that I was crazy for sending my parts across the country to some unknown person on the internet. I had looked locally, and I had looked at many other websites on the internet, but you were the only ones that gave me confidence that I'd get a high quality paint job as well as top notch customer service. If I had to make the decision all over again, or get another paint job down the road, I wouldn't choose anyone but you.
You are both awesome! Please thank the guys in your shop that worked on my bike. I know it's a team effor. I'm one happy customer! 🙂
Happy Holidays!
Pam (Nashua, New Hampshire)

750 pam
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December 13, 2006
I received my paint set on Monday–it's on the bike and it looks GREAT!!!!!! Thank-you very much for an outstanding job.—I'll send pictures just as soon as I can. The paint came out just perfect—I couldn't be happier!!! Al Nielsen Burlington, Iowa
755 al
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November 10, 2006
Jody and Scott:
I installed the paint set yesterday and it looks fantastic! I’ve attached a few pictures of the finished product. Thanks for you skilled work and professionalism. I’ll definitely give you my recommendation to anyone looking for a custom paint job.
Tad Shimaz
732 tad
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October 26, 2006
My new paint arrived this morning. I’m at a loss for words to describe the job that Scott did. He’s not a painter – he’s an artist.
I run my own business in Houston, TX, so I know the value of a good product and customer service. You guys walked me through the process making sure I was getting what I wanted, you did a professional paint job, you finished it when you said you would, and you packaged and shipped it as if it were your own metal. Anyone that is leery or skeptical about ordering a paint job over the internet needs to call me as a reference. It was a joy and pleasure to work with you and Scott. I know your business will thrive because the dedication to detail and customer satisfaction is apparent.
Give my best and thanks to Scott and thank you for working with me on the shipping. I really appreciate it and I will email pic’s of the bike once it’s assembled.
God bless you,
Roger Moyers
Southern Garrett
Office – 713-880-0066
Cell – 713-398-9742
737 roger
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October 20, 2006
Scott and Jody,
Got everything safe and sound this afternoon. I immediately took the tank out into the sunlight and was blown away. My original 1972 bike was factory metal flaked, but it couldn't compare to the sparkle on the tank you painted. Fantastic job!
733 jack
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October 2, 2006
Hi Scott & Jody
What can I say the bike looks really well. I am very pleased with the fine detail of the work and the depth of the finish. The attached photos will show you how well it looks put together.
The bike is admired very much and I have received great feedback about the work. It draws a lot of attention and admiration.
Again thank you very much for all your input and attention to detail in making the job look so well.
Pat Hesse
Republic of Ireland
690 patrick
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September 19, 2006
Hi Jody,
We are shipping the stock tank and fenders back to you today. Please e-mail me when you receive them and let me know everything is OK. I picked up the finished bike on Saturday. It looks amazing. I think you guys will be as surprised as I was. I have been looking at Harley paint jobs for years and I think this is among the best I have ever seen!!!! Even the guys at the shop were pretty impressed. Quite a feat considering what some people in Aspen put into their bikes. I am going to go on a 5 day trip around southern Colorado starting Friday and hope to get some good pictures of the bike in the fall colors. They are at their peak this weekend. I will send you a few pictures at the end of next week. Thanks for an incredible paint job.
Best Wishes,
717 ben munroe
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September 8, 2006

Hi Jody,
Please tell Scott that every one around here is loving the paint job! It’s turned a few heads and a lot of people have asked about it. I’m passing cards out as fast as I can. Last weekend’s show was a rain out and it looks like this weekend could also be a rain out. Trying to make a good show to see what can happen with it. There is no such thing as “Real Flames” in the Midwest yet so it’s fun to have something no one else has.
Thanks to both of you!

Real fire
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September 8, 2006
Scott and Jody
,I am unable to put into words how pleased and thankful I am for the paint job that you provided to me. I had my tins painted first at another business that I found on the internet for the same money and when I received them I was broken hearted with the quality of the work. I returned those tins and lost quite a bit of money. To say the least I was apprehensive to work with another painter that I found on the internet, but thank God I found you and decided to try this again. They look great. You run a first class operation and are great people. As you both know I changed my mind a couple of times with the colors and Scott was always eager to assist me and point me in the right direction. I will send everyone I know your way as I know they will be pleased with you, your company, and most important your quality of work. I want to say that I am truly anal about my bike and I could not be more pleased with your work. After seeing your work, my local Harley shop wanted your contact information and believe me they got it. To me, that says a lot about your work. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!
J.V. Kennedy
713 jv
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August 4 , 2006
Scott and Jody…great people to work with. Scott did a great job of tuning in to what I was after and spent time showing examples until I found what I wanted. The results are PERFECT! Got exactly what I wanted. Both Scott and Jody were great with keeping me informed and answering questions. Shipping was fast and very well done. This is a first class operation. The progress pics are a great idea. I will definitely use Attitude Custom Painting for my next paint job! Thank you both.
-Tony Pappas

700 tonyp
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July 25, 2006

Here it is 2 years later, and the paint still looks like it did the day it arrived, Synthia loves the look of her bike, and we are surely glad to have found you! Keep up the great work. I can tell you, the day we arrived in Laconia a person walked up and new you were the man that did this paint job! Guess that makes you notorious, or is it famous? Either way, thanks again for the awesome job you did in such a tight time frame.
Mike and Synthia Beebe
Job 394
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July 21, 2006
Scott and Jody
This was a very difficult decision. Your great website had so many options. I wanted one type of paint and my sons wanted somethng different. They won and I am estatic! We decided to go with the Candy Blue Ghost Flames and Scott was right. He said the paint would look better when the job is completed.
Well I had them in stalled the other day by my H-D Dealership and I road my Deuce all the way home with a smile on my face! When my sons saw the finished product they simply said, "WE DID GOOD DAD!"
Thanks again for all your help.

692 bill metz
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June 28, 2006

Scott and Jody, words can't describe how happy I am with the work that you did for me. I could not wait to get home last evening to open the packages. When I did I was blown away! I stayed up until midnight putting the bike back together. I only have some minor things to finish up. It is raining in NJ today so I can't wash the bike and take some pictures yet, but when I do you will be the first to get them for the website.

Thanks again Jim S.

683 jim
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June 28, 2006

The sheet metal looks awesome. Thank you so much for the time and effort everyone put in on the job. I will get you pics soon of the bike for i sent several hours putting it back together last night.
I guess all the extra time that you had the sheet metal due to our problems paid off. LOL…The bike truly looks great!!!! Thanks again to Scott and the crew.
Thank you,
Scott Conard
534 scott conrad
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June 23, 2006
Scott and Jody
Thanks so much for a great paint job.
Here are some pics of the bike back together.
You were right you really need to see the finished job in the sun.
It looks fantastic!!
Thanks again
Ken Trautman
ken t

June 20, 2006
i would like to say i was more than pleased not only of my beautiful paint job but also the great customer service. scott and judy were easy to work with and were always prompt in answering my emails in designing the paint. i did change my feeble mind several times and Always they were patient and helpful with me. i Highly recomend them to anyone whowants an over the top
quality paint job. 5 stars !!
wesley pierce oceano ca

676 wes
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June 10, 2006
Scott and Jody –
All I can say is WOW ! The tank and fenders look fantastic. They are exactly as we discussed, very subtle flames that really "pop" when in the sun. My friends couldn't believe that I was actually going to have a custom paint job done at a location I found on the internet. I explained that I had done my homework and was convinced that your operation was the way to go. "I was certainly right"! Everything went exactly as planned with great communications throughout the process. The tank and fenders arrived in perfect condition due to your experience in proper packaging. I was out of town when they arrived so my wife had the pleasure of removing the parts from the boxes. She was terrified that she might harm them while unpacking them, but she did a great job. The ironic thing is that I was not too far from you enjoying Ft Myers Beach when the packages were heading north to Iowa.
The parts are scheduled to be installed next Wednesday, so when it is complete I'll send pictures of the completed job.
Thanks again for the great paint job and pleasurable experience!
677 doug hughes
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May 23 , 2006
Got the paint set put on last week. Looks awesome & everyone loved the paint job and the bike. My grandmother even came down from NC to see it. I will have some photos soon.
Unfortunately, the paint received a minor scratch on the front fender during the installation. I would like to drop the bike off to you to get touched up, and also turn in my original tank & fenders one Saturday next month. I may consider doing the ghost bar & shield at that time also.
Thanks again for the amazing job!
671 sean
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May 11 , 2006

I got the parts today. They look great! I'm getting them put on tomorrow so I'll try and get some pics to you soon. THanks for everything you all did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!!

May 11 , 2006
I just wanted say thank you everyone who see’s the paint loves it what a great job here are a couple of pics I took tried to upload on your site but they are too large will take some more and post soon Again man you do good work
661 john
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May 9, 2006

Hi Jody
My paint job arrived as scheduled ,right on time ,just as I expected it would,I can't tell you in words how great this transaction has been from start to finish, the attention you and Scott allowed to every detail is just overwhelming, the communication has been fantastic, and last but not least the paint job is just stunning, I have installed all the parts on my road king , and I must say I believe I have about the most beautiful road king in the state of California, I have enclosed a few pictures that I took yesterday upon completion of installation just to show you the results of Scotts and great work.

I want to thank both you and Scott for all the considerations and courtesies along with the great professional attitude you have extended me during this transaction you are truly professionals and a credit to your profession.

Dave Thomas

660 dave thomas
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660 dave thomas cr

May 8, 2006
Good Morning. Received the tank and other stuff last Friday. Everything is good, Thanks.
Bike is all together now and the compliments have started. Was at very popular biker hang out yesterday
called "The Union Hotel" in Port Deposit, Maryland. Parked my bike at the lower lot and joined my friends
for a coke. When it was time to leave I started heading for my bike, as I got closer I saw a crowd of bikers
around my bike. It was my first pay back, they all wanted to know where I got my paint job from. I will be sending
you some pictures soon.
Take Care and THANKS.

Bob Lacy


May 4, 2006
Got them this morning in perfect condition. They look great but I can't wait till they're on the bike. As soon as I get everything done I'll post some pics of it. Thanks again, Joe Pollard

April 16, 2006

Dear Scott & Jody,


641 mike
Mikes bike in the Customer Rides section

April 23, 2006
I got my parts back on the 20th at 6:30 PM and had it back together by 9:30. I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service and workmanship. I got burned to the tune of $300 a few years ago on the internet (by a Florida company), so I was extremely leary of sending my parts away. I can tell you now the only regrets I have is that I didn't get to meet you guys in person. You have definately restored my faith in the internet. Maybe some day I'll get down that way or run into your staff at a rally. Until then keep the shiny side up and keep up the outstanding work.
Thanks again.
PS The guys that have seen my bike so far have been real impressed also, and I'll be sure to get your cards out.
656 frank
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