Attitude Custom Painting Gallery

***PLEASE NOTE: This is our archived gallery (Gallery3). To see our current gallery and paint jobs, go here

Samples of work section includes custom paint jobs we’ve done for motorcycles. Most of the complete paint jobs we’ve done since 2002 are listed in this section

Spot jobs includes motorcycle jobs we’ve done in which we’ve done a part or two to match to the rest of the bike.
This could be a inner or outer fairing, a tank that was damaged, an aftermarket fender, an added tour pak. Pretty much any job on a motorcycle that was not a complete paint job.

Signature Sets section are pre-painted sets we have for sale or sold for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Misc paint includes any paint jobs that we’ve painted on anything buy car, trucks or motorcycles. This would include guitars, scooters, trikes…

Car and truck paint and bodywork includes jobs we’ve done on cars and truck in the Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete area.

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