Tank bodywork and custom paint job repair

Quite the challenge on this tank repair!!!

I was supposed to paint another tank but being the dent was not ‘that bad’ I thought it’d be a good idea to just repair and paint this Harley tank.
There were a few reasons for this. The main being this is a limited edition Harley paint set from 2002. They only made 200 of these sets (26/200). The silverleaf logo could not be transferred over to the new tank. The second reason would be to help save the customer money. No sense in using a new primed $1000 tank from Harley in which they had already supplied. The third reason was because it would make the job ‘slightly’ easier for me to blend in the areas and repaint.

There were a ton of steps involved in doing this job. Double flames, drop shadows, double pinstriped outlines on the copper flame job, matching all color…
A hand pinstriped gold flame job AND hand striped Harley-Davidson lettering (which I do not do hand striping)

Definitely a challenging job, but after a couple weeks, I think it came out great.
Plus we saved the customer some $$$. The overall price was less than the new primed Harley tank 🙂

Video showing some of the steps (along with some tips – if you are a painter)
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