FAQ Category: Shopping Tips


Thinking of using a local motorcycle painter?

Think twice before you decide to go with a local shop just to try to save a buck! Why? I see time and time again emails from people who thought they were saving a...


Be sure and look at reflections in the paintwork!

In the close up photos you want to be able to see perfect reflections. This goes for all the graphic work and also the base paintwork. If you see distortion where outlines or edges...


Are you dealing with a motorcycle paint shop?

Be sure the painter or custom paint shop deals with motorcycles.  If they mainly do autos, you will probably be put in a corner and used as ‘filler’ for when they have nothing to...


Interested in a ‘flame’ job?

Have you seen pics of their flames? Be sure and ask for some recent jobs that were done. Each painter has their own style of flames. Make sure it is their style you like.

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