Buccaneer Red 1973 Pontiac Trans Am – video!

This nice 1973 Pontiac Trans Am came in as a clean, fairly straight Trans Am with minimal rust.
We thought we could get away with just doing some minor bodywork and blocking but after looking at the car closer, we saw it was quite a bit wavy. We suggest to the customer that we should strip this not knowing the number of paint jobs or what bodywork lied under the paint jobs.
The customer agreed. Once we had it stripped, we had to do some extensive bodywork on it. Nothing major, just a lot of minor bodywork.

Once that was all done, we sprayed some 2K primer on the complete body. We blocked it, did some spot priming, then prepped the car.

We also did the doors which were pretty rough along with the hood and deck lid. Actually the hood and deck weren’t too bad. All parts are now in primer. We ended up having to block out the doors and completely reprime them.

So far was have a couple weeks into the job. The body is painted.
Once we have this all done, we’ll add some ‘final pics’ to our Gallery.
I also plan on doing a video on it once it’s done.

See the video I did when I painted the Trans Am body (3-6-21)
See progress pics of this job.

Paint job ‘done’ video

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Once all the parts are done, we’ll install the glass, the deck, hood, doors and the customer will install the rest of them.

1973 Pontiac Trans Am Buccaneer Paint Job – Pre-paint, sealer, base and clearcoat

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