Jody’s Health Updates – December 2022

Jody’s journey – fighting cancer
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The March 16th Fundraiser at OCC Road House
(Bert’s Harley-Davidson – Clearwater)
GoFundMe page setup by our daughter Ashlee
Jody has passed away – 9-4-23 at 2:47PM

Added 9/18/23 – Jody’s Tribute Page

12-29 TH – Went ahead and called the oncologist, Mike at the desk mentioned that she is out until next Tuesday and read that the final report could be another 1-2 weeks.
First it was 7 days, then 7-10 days, then 2 more weeks, now 1-2 more weeks – Incredible!!!

12-28 – Still awaiting the phone call from the oncologist that we can go in and hear the final results of the biopsy surgery. Jody hasn’t worked at all this week. She’s struggling to do, well really anything. They’ve drawn this process out already too long between the ins cancellations, the ins requests, the neurosurgeon taken a vacation, postponed bio-surgery, holidays, getting results of the biopsy, then telling us it will be 2 more weeks since they had to send them to Michigan for more evaluation…so another 2 weeks…and that’s just the delays I can think of right off hand.

Jody’s memory is good though! She’s hanging in there.
It’s just the ‘wait’ that has her down. It’s definitely mentally exhausting for both of us.

I’ve cut back hours. So again, if you plan on coming over, CALL FIRST, or you can contact us through the website. I’ll get to your email as soon as possible

12-24-12-25 – Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We had a nice Christmas overall. Our daughter Ashlee really helped out. She came over and prepped and started the turkey and cooked the ham and really got the dinner ready on Christmas. Jody made it through the day without sleeping but paid for it on Monday. She spent most of the day in bed.
Overall she’s doing good. Good memory. Just still waiting on the “final-final” biopsy reports to come in. This Friday will be 2 weeks. They mentioned ‘up to 2 weeks’

12-21 – Met up with the neurosurgeon, Dr Shafiq and some of the ‘final’ results were in.
He mentioned that surgery was not an option. Only radiation or chemo due to the location of the tumor.

12-16 – We all went in for the biopsy appoint yesterday inc our daughter Ashlee, and the results were inconclusive, so they sent the biopsy up the day before up north for further evaluation.
The original pathologist findings show that it could be a minor type brain tumor, but they wanted to make absolutely sure of this so and rule out any other types.
So we no nothing more except we have to wait up to 2 more weeks.

12-16 – 11:30 -results in. Appointment set for 2 today (prayers)

12-16AM Friday – We called yesterday and now it’s 7-10 days (today is the 9th day). Looks like we’ll run into next week on the biopsy results. Every step of the way has been a challenge. Her first doctor’s appointment was October 3

12/14 – Still awaiting the oncologist to receive the biopsy report. Neurosurgeon said up to 7 days to get the results from the pathologist. Today is the 7th day

12/12 – Still awaiting the oncologist to receive the biopsy report.

12/9 – We closed at noon.
Jody got discharged from the hospital at noon. All is good.
Got in touch with the oncologist. Once they get the results from the pathologist, they’ll set up an appointment to go over the results and decide on what to do.

12/8 – Jody will spend another night at Northside hospital. She’s in good spirits. Memory is good. Results within 7 days. 1/2 Friday, hours again will vary so please call or contact if you have questions or plan on coming over.

12/7 brain biopsy done at 7:30 (prep was at 6:30). Everything went good.
Took about 1 ½ hours. Then they did another CTScan. Was told they wouldn’t know results for about 7 days.
Got to see her about 12:30
She’s in recovery. May come home tomorrow.

12-7 4:15AM getting ready to head to the hospital. They want us there by 5:30AM.
Seems they also wanted me in the surgery room to keep an eye on her while they do the surgery for the brain biopsy.

New scheduled biopsy surgery Wednesday December 7th, 7:30AM

12-2 Surgery done for biopsy – CANCELLED
CT Scan procedure done at Northside Hospital – 7AM

12-1 Preop followup at 11 at PP Sandbay
Jody gets call that procedure is cancelled for tomorrow
Set for next WED

12-2-2022 Jody’s surgery for the biopsy at Northside hospital in St Pete.
We will be closed that day – Friday December 2nd, 2022. We should know the results early next week.

Jody has had recent episodes where she would feel nauseous and then lose her memory temporarily.
we got her set up to see a doctor early October
3, 2022
This is a been an extremely trying and drawn out process the past months (since 8/22).

Please keep Jody in your thoughts and prayers

Jody’s (and mine) worst fear is that it’s GBM (Glioblastoma). Let’s hope it’s not this, or at least it is caught early enough they can take care of it through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Her father passed away in 2005 with this at the age of 63. Jody is 56. This does not mean Jody has it, Her father’s cancer progressed very quickly as it only took about 2 1/2 months. We’re past that timeframe with Jody when the tumor was first diagnosed.
EDIT – We we’re told that Jody does have GBM. They are going with an aggressive treatment

2/27/ –I knew our daughter and son-in-law was getting together a 50/50 for Jody, but didn’t realize, she was also doing a silent auction fundraiser (well over 20 contributors) along with a GoFundMe page.
The Charity Event will be held at OCC (Bert’s Harley-Davidson) March, 16th, 2023

Our neighbor Kirsten has started a neighborhood fundraiser and started gathering items for a ‘beach themed’ silent auction item for OCC. She has done So much for us. She’s an incredible person. She started a ‘meal train’ which I had never hear of and so much other help since the beginning. A LOT and I mean a LOT of neighbors are pitching in, in
either donations, meal drive, or some super nice comments on FB.
Next store neighbors Derek and Heidi and absolutely awesome on helping me along all this. We went camping together at Fort DeSoto back when this all started and I mentioned seeing some signs.
It’s just been a super LONG grueling process/journey. It’s so nice to have family, friends (both new and old), neighbors, and our “Woods at Lake Seminole” community pitch in.
I won’t lie, it’s been extremely overwhelming to be the “receiver” of all this generosity, but I want everyone know, that it is greatly appreciated

We were told that brain cells are stronger than cancer. The radiation / chemo pills will kill off the cancer cells before the brain cells.
As of 1-21-23, Jody is doing good.
As of 2-23-23 Jody is getting weak. No appetite. The doctors said this is pretty normal for this type of aggressive treatment of radiation and chemo pills
3-10 Jody was taken by ambulance 3-8 and still in the hospital
She can get through this though. She’s a fighter. Young and in good health.
You can do this babe – 37 years strong

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