Reflection Pics

Think twice before you decide to go with a local shop just to try to save a buck! Why? I see time and time again emails from people who thought they were saving a buck to get their job done locally, only to find out that…

#1) either the job doesn’t get finished;
#2) the job was not completed to expectations (especially if you took some pics of our work in for them to try to copy); or
#3) the company went out of business. As a result, these people are stuck in a situation they didn’t anticipate would happen and now they contact me requesting help in correcting the problems.

Please take a look at our website. I personally designed every page of this website. I didn’t hire a web design company to do this site. Most competitors either do it themselves (and fail at either promoting or updating their site) or hire someone to ‘spruce’ up their company. Here is the approach when you hire a web design firm to do a website…I paint bikes, make me look good! Our work and website speaks for itself. Our website is updated frequently with new paint jobs and feedback from our customers who either send us photos of their bikes or testimonials. My staff and I take a lot of pride in our art and work very hard at providing a satisfactory experience for our customers. With the internet, contact with us is just a click away. During the paint process, you will receive a couple sets of photos (progress photos and final photos). Plus, we are available by email and phone.

As for the money savings, the average shipping costs for a 3-4 piece set runs an average of about $70-$100 each way (UPS ground) depending on the size of the tins. If you are willing to pay good, hard earned money on a paint job, why skimp now? If you are concerned with your tins being damaged in shipment, our shipping record is impeccable as far as shipping back your newly painted tins and we plan to keep it that way! Please don’t let that be a factor that keeps you from doing business with us.
Please keep in mind that if you go with a local, unproven painter, you risk having to pay twice (or a lot more than what we quoted!) for a paint job if it doesn’t turn out to be what you wanted. Why chance it? Go with the best! Still have doubts… be sure and visit our Testimonial Section

Thank you…
Scott Farrell
Attitude Custom Painting

One of the main differences different between a quality paint job and a regular inexpensive cheap paint job.
Other Shopping Tips and FAQs.

The pics below show the reflection off of a few of our paint jobs. You will notice no lines, no edges, and no orange peel! This is very important to a quality custom paint job.
If you are choosing a painter that you can’t see their work in person, be sure and request some ‘close-up’ pics.

Click on any of the below to see the larger image

The next 2 pics show our nice consistent outlines.
The last three pics show a factory ‘color shop’ set from Harley-Davidson.
As you can see clearly in the pics, you see thick orange peel. And not only do you feel the edge on
the graphics, you can see the edge on the graphics. We have to spot in the bag for a local H-D dealership due to a ‘sag’ that was left in the paint on an edge.