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How much notice do you need?

In between 3-6 days is suggested. Though you can set a date earlier, it’s not advised as we do not know our work load. Also, please don’t wait until the last minute to request...


I ran out of material. Can you sell me some?

As long as I have it in stock. If you need tape, paper, plastic, sealer, reducer…I can sell you some Or you can run up to Ben’s paint supply and purchase if needed.


Can you rent me a spray gun?

Yes, I can rent one of my Iwata LPH-400 spray guns. These run about $500 and will surely spray better than your Harbor Freight $40 gun. Cost is $25 to rent. Please let us...


Any quick tips you have for me?

Some ‘basic’ tips for the do-it-yourselfers Be sure to have the car, truck or motorcycle parts completely ready to paint If you got a lot of dust on the inside of the car and...