Jody’s Health Updates – February 2023

Jody’s journey – fighting cancer
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The March 16th Fundraiser at OCC Road House
(Bert’s Harley-Davidson – Clearwater)
GoFundMe page setup by our daughter Ashlee
Jody has passed away – 9-4-23 at 2:47PM

Added 9/18/23 – Jody’s Tribute Page

2-28 TUES Started jody back on steroids to elevate the swelling of the brain from all the radiation.
#29 today. 3 more to go. I talked to the doctor today and they possibly might extend to to 4 more which would run her final treatment into next week. Jody is really exhausted mentally and physical. Had a very hard time getting her back into the Jeep after radiation. Ended up taking 2 1/4 hours. Felt so bad for her. Had to have Ashlee come down and help. Still took a good 45 minutes once she got down. Just a mental block. Can’t wait for these to get the radiation treatments over with. Sad.
Overall she’s doing decent!

I can’t believe the incredible amount of support we have received since Ash and Nate started the Fundraiser for Jody. They are really going to bring a great fundraiser together being held March 16th at OCC Road House. I’ve received so many texts, emails and messages from previous customers, Jody’s current and school friends, and our other friends from around the country.
She is a very loved person!
Though she does read them, she does not respond as much as she used to. So please keep this in mind if you text, or message her
I can’t believe, already over $4000 on the GoFundMe in only just over 2 days, All the nice comments and contributions on both the GoFundMe.
A very deserving “thank you” to everyone of you. This has been an extremely trying time. The bills are racking up. We have a very high deductible (max out of pocket) that has to be met. Unfortunately due to the timing, We also had to pay this same deductible at the end of last year (It did not roll over to this year)

So all your comments, texts, emails, contributions…..really do help me/us get through this!
A BIG “Thank You”

2-27 MO – #28 today. A bit of good news. We thought since Jody missed one treatment, it would run us into next week.
Apparently the last treatment is set for this Friday. They will do a couple of what they call ‘boost’ which is the same intensity but they target a more precise area. They’ve done a couple of these along the way.
So now, instead of 5 more, there are 4 more treatments to do. This is about as much as I can imagine any person could handle – 33 treatments in 6 weeks and 42 chemo pills.
Her poor forehead is really pelted and discolored
They will give it a break and do an MRI about a month after it
Dry Tralins put in an order for the Optune device. See below

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2-24 – #27 today (6 more to go). Then we went wig shopping. Jody found a couple of wigs that she liked at “a place for her” in Clearwater.
She actually walked in from the car to inside the house which was pretty good considering a long afternoon for her.

2-23 – Ashlee will be taking Jody to Ronda to have her head shaved. She just has too many patches missing.
I moved her rad appoint up to 1:30 tomorrow (FR) so we could go check out wigs afterwards.
If she’s up for it.
The doctor had mentioned the Optune device which is specifically for patients with Glioblastoma.
Ashlee did take her to get her head shaved! Ronda at Hairs to You in Pinellas Park did a great job. Very caring! So nice.

Jody did great on her #26th. Pretty much have to be moved around by a wheel chair. Thank GOD for our daughter Ashlee, Nate and family, along with neighbors and family that have helped along the way. This has been quite an intense, totally mentally draining, and emotional time for us. I also appreciate ALL our customers that have reached out through this trying time. You are ALL awesome.

Just some misc pictures I found on my phone while scrolling through.
See an image gallery I added back in October down below

2-22 – WED #25 done. Jody was really too weak to walk out of the Bardmoor Cancer Center (It is a long walk to the back!). So I wheelchaired her out. Most likely she’ll need a wheelchair to move around on the longer walks.
No appetite. Hasn’t eaten in well over 3 weeks. Maybe a month. The doctor did say it’s fine to just drink Boost and Ensure, BUT she needs to be drinking 5 a day. She’s only drinking a couple.

2-21 TUES – #24 treatment done. Talked to the doctor today. He thinks Jody it doing good. She needs to drink more Boost. He said 4-6 is good…she’s drinking a couple a day. It’s normal to be very weak at this time with all the radiation treatments and chemo pills. He mentioned they will do a MRI, but this will be 2-3 weeks once she is done with the treatments. We’ll also see the oncologist on scheduling of the chemo pills as this will change from 30 a month to approx 4-6 a month.

2-20 MO – Unfortunately, Jody missed this treatment. They will add this one onto the end.
Between the radiation and the chemo pills, you can see it’s taking a toll on Jody.
Her memory is good, but she is getting weak and has no appetite.
10 more treatments to go

2-17 FR – #23 treatment today. Taking Jody in today to get IV fluids in her as she still hasn’t eaten.

2-16 – TH – #22 treatment done.

2-15 – WED #21 treatment – 13 to go. Jody had a good day. Pretty weak though.
Going to try to get her into the oncologist to get some iv fluids in her. Dr Kamath is right around the corner from the shop and I think I will be taking her there if I get an appoint tomorrow.
It’s been a couple weeks since she’s eaten anything. Jody is doing all right considering.
She came home this afternoon after the radiation treatment and crashed for 2+ hours.

I’m going to take her into our ‘makeshift’ shop tomorrow which is our old shop that we’ve had for 21 years, that we (me, my son in law, and daughter) had moved EVERYTHING to a new shop as of last weekend (except the booth… and the desks and the buffing bench which went into the dumpster along with the chairs and other items) so I had NOTHING coming into Monday at the old shop except the spray booth and compressor.

I need to take her in to have to try to get Jody to do sales taxes done and start business and personal taxes. I know this is asking alot. Sales taxes right now will be fine since they are due the 20th
She’s done a GREAT job for the past 21 years on ALL the books (we had 3 companies at one time – 2 online and of course ACP and not once did she complain about all the extra bookwork).
Unfortunately, Jody has rightfully been struggling for the past 4 months on the bookwork. I’m ‘trying’ to learn QBO and get things done. I’m confident she’ll get back on track though.

I rented a Uhaul box truck Monday, filled it back up with the stuff we took over to the new shop, and then unloaded it myself at old shop on Monday. The desks are gone so she’ll be working on a card table lol

I’m doing good on work though though considering. I did 3 jobs in my shop today and almost finished a 4th. All for a dealer in Port Charlotte. ALL paints are at the NEW shop, so I have to visualize what paints I needed to do some of these spot paint jobs on motorcycles inc a CVO job and bring the paint back to the old shop

Tons going on right now. Seeing Jody progress is well worth all the effort.

2-14 – TUES #20 treatment done. Went looking for a wig for Jody. Only went to one place though since it was late in the day.
Still zero appetite. She does like ice cream and Boost drinks though. That’s about it for the past 1-2 weeks.
Mentally good. Just tired and weak which is expected on this aggressive treatment plan (34 treatments, 5 days a week, 6+ weeks, 42 chemo pills. One every day inc weekends).

Today is our son-in-law Nate’s birthday so we’re going over there tonight.
Jody doesn’t get out much at all (except to the treatments everyday) 🙁 . She’s looking forward to it.

2-13- MO #19 treatment today. Went good for Jody. Ashlee went with us since we see the doc every Monday.
Hair is thinning out. Ronda at Hairs to You in Pinellas Park, did a great job considering how tangled her hair has been for the past couple of weeks. She’s known Ronda for 30+ years now.

The old shop is now empty. BUT I went into the new shop today for my first almost full day, I found out that the fire marshal came in Friday and basically said since the new booth they installed was not complete, it could not be used and It can’t be worked on for a month. Sooooo, I rented a Uhaul for tomorrow and going to haul quite a bit of some of the necessities to paint some jobs at the old shop.
So this afternoon, I called up and cancelled the booth takedown, sprinkler system cut-off, electric cut off and asked if I could extend the lease another month. Enterprise Business Park knows about our situation, so they kindly let me stay to end of March.
What timing that was!!! Me Ash, Nate and friend Lance went in Sat and finished off cleaning the shop out. We even sledge-hammered the desks and threw them in the dumpster. If there is anything good out of this, the compressor and the booth are still there and fully operable.
Speaking of timing, the sprinkler system was going to be cut-off and capped today and the booth take-down on Wednesday.
Don’t know how much more I can endure…. Geeze. This is incredible.

2-10 – Happy Birthday Jody! It also happens to be my birthday as well.
Jody get’s her hair done today. She mentioned she may just have her head shaved.
She had a good day yesterday
#18 treatment today
I’m working out of the new shop today for a few hours, Then coming home. Then our daughter and hopefully Jody can run up to DreamGiveaway open house about 12PM. Our neighbor runs this – she was too tired to go 🙁 .
Then off to a dinner….I hope. Our daughter will be decorating our house while we’re gone. We have about 15-20 people coming over to surprise Jody. I’m sure this will wipe her out but at the same time, I’m sure she’ll have a great time.

2-9-TH – #17 treatment time has been moved to 2PM instead of the normal 3:45PM.

2-8 WED – #16 treatment finished. Losing patches of hair which was expected. She started wearing beanies and ball caps since she really doesn’t want to comb it and see handfuls of hair come out.
Our daughter is going to Jody’s hair salon Friday.
We’ve been skimming the internet for wigs.
The old shop is almost empty. Started my first motorcycle jobs at the new shop.

jody beanie

2-7 TUES #15 treatment done. Half way done!!!
Also had an appoint with Dr Kamath (oncologist). Right around the corner from the shop. Jody’s in good spirits. Very minor headache today. Really her first one. This may not even be related to the radiation. Today was a booster radiation day where they do the same amount of radiation but they focus more on one location.

Jody came to the shop today. We left about noon and she wanted go see the new shop which I’ll be working out of. It’s not my shop but they are kind enough to let me work out of it. Shop is 9600′. They have a booth already built but will be installing my old one I’ve had for 20 years in their shop.
Most everything is out of the old shop. LOTs going on right now.

2-6 – #14 treatment done. Saw the doctor today. Our daughter Ashlee went in with us. The chemo, steroid pills and radiation are definitely slowing Jody down. She’s also lost pretty much all her appetite. She’s lost 7 pounds in a week.
It’s her birthday this Friday (and mine), so our daughter is having some friends and family for a little surprise birthday party for her at our house.

2-5 SUN – Our daughter and son-in-law (and his mom). Helped move some stuff from the old shop to the new shop. Pretty much spent all day moving. Jody stayed home.

2-3 – #13 treatment done. Time for a break. Still has to take the chemo pills Sat and Sun though. Back at it Monday

2-2 – #12 treatment done

2-1 – #11 treatment. Went great, about 13 minutes long treatment. Alert, and memory is great. Hoping and praying she is on an upswing. Bardmoor Cancer Center is great. Jody likes the candy they have there lol
Sure would like to see her appetite pick up though. Doesn’t eat much at all. I’m sure it’s the chemo pills.

Jody has had recent episodes where she would feel nauseous and then lose her memory temporarily.
we got her set up to see a doctor early October
3, 2022
This is a been an extremely trying and drawn out process the past months (since 8/22).

Please keep Jody in your thoughts and prayers

Jody’s (and mine) worst fear is that it’s GBM (Glioblastoma). Let’s hope it’s not this, or at least it is caught early enough they can take care of it through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Her father passed away in 2005 with this at the age of 63. Jody is 56. This does not mean Jody has it, Her father’s cancer progressed very quickly as it only took about 2 1/2 months. We’re past that timeframe with Jody when the tumor was first diagnosed.
EDIT – We we’re told that Jody does have GBM. They are going with an aggressive treatment

2/27/ –I knew our daughter and son-in-law was getting together a 50/50 for Jody, but didn’t realize, she was also doing a silent auction fundraiser (well over 20 contributors) along with a GoFundMe page.
The Charity Event will be held at OCC (Bert’s Harley-Davidson) March, 16th, 2023

Our neighbor Kirsten has started a neighborhood fundraiser and started gathering items for a ‘beach themed’ silent auction item for OCC. She has done So much for us. She’s an incredible person. She started a ‘meal train’ which I had never hear of and so much other help since the beginning. A LOT and I mean a LOT of neighbors are pitching in, in
either donations, meal drive, or some super nice comments on FB.
Next store neighbors Derek and Heidi and absolutely awesome on helping me along all this. We went camping together at Fort DeSoto back when this all started and I mentioned seeing some signs.
It’s just been a super LONG grueling process/journey. It’s so nice to have family, friends (both new and old), neighbors, and our “Woods at Lake Seminole” community pitch in.
I won’t lie, it’s been extremely overwhelming to be the “receiver” of all this generosity, but I want everyone know, that it is greatly appreciated

We were told that brain cells are stronger than cancer. The radiation / chemo pills will kill off the cancer cells before the brain cells.
As of 1-21-23, Jody is doing good.
As of 2-23-23 Jody is getting weak. No appetite. The doctors said this is pretty normal for this type of aggressive treatment of radiation and chemo pills
3-10 Jody was taken by ambulance 3-8 and still in the hospital
She can get through this though. She’s a fighter. Young and in good health.
You can do this babe – 37 years strong

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