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candy flames - matte clear finish

Candy flames – Matte Finish

Black base candy gold, candy tangerine, candy red over silver for the flames. Brighter solid blue outline Airbrushed drop shadows for a 3D look Awesome look to this matte finished paint job!

Candy brandywine flame job repair

Candy Brandywine Flame Job Repair

Ouch! bike took a spill which put quite a large dent in the side of the tank and chipped the front fender. We repaired both, blended them, and recleared. Not an easy task when...

Double Flame Job – Cornhole Board

We’ve been told that we pretty much paint anything, well, here is something, I’ve never painted…a cornhole board. Yep, I got me a cornhole board!  I didn’t want your average printed/clearcoat version so of...

The Tribal Challenge

Now this match job was quite the challenge! Matching a custom paint job done by another painter is not always the easiest task. I’ve matched quite a few but as you can see, this...

1979 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit in progress!

The start of a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit tribute. Customer will be bringing in several pieces at a time. We’ll bodywork, prep, prime and paint them. No bandit Trans Am would be complete...