How to do a Harley repair – Painting the pinstripe first

For all you painters out there that visit our website, this is a more involved video showing how to do 2 pinstripe colors along with 2 tri-stage colors. Harley light candy root beer and dark candy root beer Double pinstripes.

This video shows how to do the 2 pinstripes FIRST before painting the 2 main colors. This way there is no guesswork on getting the width of the stripes correct since you are using 1/16 and 1/8″ tape to do the layout.

My previous video shows doing a single pinstripe and one showing pinstripes done first with a basecoat clearcoat paint.
Single pinstripe how-to video
Double pinstripe video with a single basecoat/clearcoat color.

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My favorite 1/8” tape to use (used on bigger panel jobs)

My favorite 1/16” tape to use (used on smaller panel jobs like motorcycle tanks and fenders) I’ve been through 1000’s of rolls through the years

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