March updates – 1966 GMC Suburban

1966 GMC Suburban Frame off resto – MONTHLY UPDATES
Purchased 1-21-2021

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Some of the parts bought

Going slow right now. Got some of the inside trim stripped. Working on that right quarter.
Still looking at color choices, motor choices, and ideas.
Possibly going with 2020 Dodge Sinamon Stick. Or possibly B5 Blue (since my Charger SRT392 had this. Always liked this color).
EDIT: 3-23-21…added to the mix Nissan Monarch Orange. This is now a front runner.
Most likely with either I will probably go with a white or white pearl as the 2 tone color
Wheels. Possibly US Mags Bullet

EDIT: 3-23-21 I may go with the same wheels I had on my green C-10. These were 20×10 Boss Motorsports 338s but seems American Racing now has them as VN338s, BUT they do not have them at this time in a 5×5 bolt pattern with a 5.5″ backspacing. I contacted them and they said they will be released in about 4-6 weeks.
When they were Boss Motorsports, the black was a polished and the graphite was a matte. Now it’s the opposite with American Motorsports. Black is matte, and the graphite is a gloss.

VN338 Boss wheel – American Racing

Possibly Tire sizes
Lots of upgrades, and changes….

Dropped the rearend off to Gearworks in Clearwater. They’ve done my rears in the past
Going with a 3.73 this time since I’m going with the Turbo 350.
I’ll need new axles since these are 6 lug. I’ll be going 5×5
CPP 5×5 disc brakes.
This rear is setup for the trailing arms as the stock GMC suspension is leaf springs.
I’ll be using all CPP components like I did on my 1966 C10

Had the hood sandblasted. Not bad at all. Had to weld some holes up. Minor bodywork. Got it in primer Sat 3-14-21

20210322 162825 resized

Got the 12 bolt rear back from Blast Services in Clearwater. I’ll 2K prime the rear, and paint it in a matte black basecoat/clearcoat.
Waiting for my Big Bake Kit from CPP. I’ll be taking this back to Gearworks in Clearwater in a week or so
Gearworks have done my rears for my ’66 C10, my ’72 Montego GT and my 2007 Southern Comfort Avalanched when it was new along with my ’63 C10 back in the day when it was known as “Alan’s Axles”
We’ve been spending most of our time doing the bodywork on the ’63 GMC Suburban while I’ve been buying parts for the ’66 Suburban (and the ’63)

Started a ‘parts bought‘ page which will list some of the parts bought for this project.
You’ll see the polished aluminum 12 bolt cover I bought for the rear along with the 12″ brakes from CPP.

3-27-21 Got the rear primed, sanded and painted. Basecoat clearcoat to a matte finish
The cover shown will be replaced with a polished finned cover which I already have.
I’ll be taking this back to Gearworks soon so they can add the 3.73 gears, posi and new 5×5 axles.

3-29-21 Received my new front glass from Bay Area Auto Glass.
Anyone local to the Tampa Bay area, be sure to contact Jeremiah and mention Scott @ Attitude sent you

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