1966 Chevy C-10 Short Bed Fleetside – March 2011

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March 2011
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Well, bought a good used drivers door. VERY little rust on it, and very straight. Found it from a local source.
Stripped it and had it primed in one day. Got it hung. Looks good. Hopefully if all goes good, I will have the cab painted this month.

Got the 3000 cfm Flex-a-Lite fan installed. Works great. Did that at the end of Feb.

The rear is getting rebuilt right now. 4:10 gears. New ring an pinion, new Auburn posi. New 5×5 axles, new bearings, 1350 series yoke…
Hope to have that installed by the end of next week

Rear is in! 3/9/11





bumper grill04


Cab is almost set to paint. Should be painted within the next 1-2 weeks.


PAINT DAY – March 19 – 2011

My own custom mix – LIME GREEN
The black will end up being a “satin black”. I have found that if you do a normal basecoat/clearcoat first, then resand, and reclear with the clear with the flattening agent, the paint job comes out much nicer.
We’ve painted about 75 of the Harley “Denim” jobs (basically the satin / matte look), and found this is the best way.
Some of our most recent Denim jobs to date

The paint took 4 hours to do including doing the 2 tone.

07 paint

08 paint

09 paint

10 paint

11 paint

12 paint

13 paint

14 paint

15 paint







1960-1966 Chevy C-10 Truck Grills, Surrounds and Misc for sale









16 paint

17 paint

18 paint

19 paint

20 paint

21 painted outside

22 painted outside

23 painted outside

24 painted outside

25 painted outside

26 bottom
Removed the remaining old undercoating. Looks like rust in the pic, but it is not.

27 bottom
Sprayed it in a satin black

28 bottom

29 bottom

30 bottom
While I got the cab tilted, I might as well sand the roof to get it ready for the ‘flattening clear’

31 bottom
This is the black fully dried and ‘dulled’ down the satin look

32 frame
Last day to see the raw frame – 3/24/11
Note the custom made driveshaft
77 1/2 inches – 1350 u-joints

33 before cab mount1



The cab is on the frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 months since I started this build!!!!!!

34 cab on frame1

35 cab on frame2

36 cab on frame Scott fender

37 scott fender guitar

The “infamous Fender Guitar” pic which started with my father in law (RIP-2005). Have to see if I can find that pic and post it.

38 black denim

39 black denim
Black Denim 3-26

40 frontfender
Just to see what it looks like with the fender, inner fender and bumper. 3/27

41 fender

42 fender

4 Responses

  1. Ed King says:

    Awsome build

    Hey Scott Great build, that color is really nice, why didn't you use an undercoat?, Just curious, I was planning to use POL tint-able undercoat for sound deadening and rust protection. Regards…Ed

    • ACP says:

      Thanks Ed, I plan on putting

      Thanks Ed, I plan on putting sound deadening matting on the 'inside' under the carpeting on the truck floor.
      Probably will end up with about the same result. At least I'm hoping 🙂
      Have to do some research on all that yet.

  2. steve smith says:

    66 Truck

    Hi Scott, The truck looks great. Cowboy would be truly proud of that truck. It was special to him, and me. I am very happy to know that you have it, and are restoring it the way you are. I just wish that he was alive to see it. Best Regards, Steve Hello to your wife….from the gang at the "Blind Hog Saloon"

    • ACP says:

      Thank Steve, Glad to see

      Thanks Steve, Glad to see you're still checking out the truck. Still got a ways to go, but it's gettin' there!

      Have to try to drive to to Plant City once I get it done!!!