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Purchased 1-21-2021

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November 2, 2021
Still working on the interior. I about have all the interior trim primed and all set to go.

interior trim pieces

11/1 – 11/6 (and before)- Been at it working on the interior trim and the body interior.
Finally got everything painted on 11/6 (Sat). Not the greatest lighting conditions to do the inside of the Suburban body but from what I see, it came out great. All the trim pieces were painted in the booth.
So the bottom is done and the interior is done. Next is to do the roof, and then the outside along with the doors.
All the pictures below do not show the matter clear completely dry. So they will dull out a little more.

Masked up the interior except for the headliner. I’ll take the original color and darken it and spray the panels along with reclearcoating in a matte finish

66 suburban body

Finished the headliner earlier this week. I took the Toyota color I used on the inside and darkened it slightly.

Ready to paint the roof and firewall tomorrow (Saturday).
FINALLY get to see some color on the exterior!!!
Pics to come soon!

66 suburban paint

11/13/21 – Saturday
Went in and painted the firewall and roof. You don’t realize how big that roof is until you actually have to paint it. Now I know why a lot of them came in white. Painting a panel that size in a metallic is challenging
I couldn’t even reach the center.
I thin it all came out great though. Love the color. Will look great against the black motor.

Went in and did a partial wetsand on the roof and buffed both the firewall and the roof.

11-18-21 Got my high tunnel from azproperformance in Arizona.
2K’d it and primed it, Still working on the body. Almost ready to paint. Got it all masked up,
Going to try to paint the fenders and bumpers at the same time. Trying to get the backsides painted first.
A TON of masking went into masking the inside. Don’t want to get overspray on the matte finish

Got the backside of the fenders and bumpers painted.

Masked up the backside of the bumpers and painted the outsides. Came out great!

Pretty much got the Suburban ready to paint.

11/20/21 Saturday
Went in at 8:15. Started painting at 8:45. Got done at 11:15
Painted the 1/4s, doors, fenders, fuel lid.
All came out great

11/21/21 Sunday
Went in and buffed the quarters. 800/1000/1000 wet/ 1500, then buff and polish
Still have the doors and fenders to do.

11/22/21 – Wetsanded and buffed the doors. They came out excellent.
Masked off the sides to be painted in the matte black. I sprayed the black matte basecoat clearcoat but won’t know the outcome until tomorrow AM. 2 pics shown below is right after painting so the black appears to be a gloss black.

A TON of masking. I’ve never had so many layers of masking paper and tape.
The inside, the bottom, doubled the windows…all kinds of masking.
Got a sneak peak of the matte titanium color against the copper paint.

11/24/21 – Put the body in place yesterday to do ‘hopefully’ install it on the frame. Frame is getting picked up from the house today.
Finally got to pull all the paper. What a pile of paper and tape it was.
Started installing the wood in the rear (yes, these came with wood in the rear. Approx 71 x71″

11/24/21 – First time putting the body on.

11/26-29th – I was hoping to get the body all the way on, but when I went to put it on, I quickly realized that I will need to rework the firewall 🙁 . So I spent Fr, Sat, Sunday working on it and painting it. After 4 times of putting it on and removing it to fit, the forth was the final time. The engine fits perfect. A LOT went into this getting it done in 4 days. Very pleased though. Good to see the body on.
The stance is perfect. It may go lower with the hatch, tailgate and the bumper on, but I still have 3″ of clearance. If it goes too far, I thought enough ahead to do a 5″ coil spring drop along with a 1″ spacer. So all I should need to do is remove that spacer.

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