May Updates – 1966 GMC Suburban

1966 GMC Suburban Frame off resto – MONTHLY UPDATES
Purchased 1-21-2021

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Some of the parts bought

Not too much going on lately with the ’66. Been working hard on the ’63 GMC Suburban. Getting it ready to sell. Just painted it in a fauxtina (Patina) paint job today (May 1st)
Ordered a lot of parts for the ’66. Some on backorder. 1, 2, 3 month wait

Hopefully get back on the ’66 GMC Suburban project soon

Ordered the motor.496 Big Block. Should be approx 550HP and 575 lbs of torque.
Engine will be dyno’d
Unfortunately it will not be ready until sometime in September 🙁

Removed the right door. Stripped it. Very minor bodywork needed. Super clean door.

20210519 144604 resized

May 20th
Parts are coming in. Got a pretty rare Edelbrock 7562 RPM Air-Gap 2-R Intake Manifold.
Edelbrock is currently closed. I could not find one of these ate all.
Still waiting for my rear big brake kit. Ordered March 10th from CPP

5-20 Left door in primer
Very nice door!!

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