1966 GMC Suburban build – January 2022 Updates

1966 GMC Suburban Frame off resto – MONTHLY UPDATES
Purchased 1-21-2021

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1/1/22 – Installed the front bumper. GOT THE HEADLIGHTS WORKING!!!!!
Installed the rubber strip between the rear bumper and the body.
Sealed the edge between the inside and the rear wood.

1/2/22 – Did a few odd and ends to the Suburban. I did do the complete interior in FatMat (great stuff) – 80
Mil thick. Hopefully this helps quiet it down a bit.
Also resealed the edges with black urethane

1/6/22 – Sandblasted brand new chrome door handles along with the shifter rod and the rear view mirror bracket, sealed them and painted them in a black matte finish. Basecoat/clearcoat
Digging in on the vent windows and division bars

Had the suburban on jackstands for a couple weeks doing odds and ends
Tidying up the wiring
installed the Lokar 16″ cable shifter
installed the rubber between the rear bumper and body

Started installing the carpet. Purchased the ACC carpet in charcoal (558) from Stock Interiors. Super fast service. They (and all) carpet distributors only allow 1 extra yard max. I purchased the extra yard, but of course this will not do the back of the Suburban. Thinking of buying the 67-72 Blazer rear carpet and work with that.
Installed the door glass – still have the vents to put together and install

Got some custom made tubing for the rusted out lower channel on the slider frames.
Vintage Air finally came in. Took 16 weeks to get.

Got the hatch handle and the gate key surround chromed….I’ll either sell these (and swap) or sandblast and paint them matte black to match the other door handles

Still waiting for the seats – was told 12 weeks when ordered. It’s been 14 weeks now. Snowden seats done in Cayenne leather

1-19-22 – Prepped the inside of the Suburban tailgate and hatch. Painted them in the matte titanium color. Outside is almost ready for paint.

1-21-22 – Got the Suburban clamshell hatch and tailgate painted. Also wetsanded and buffed them.
Painted some misc bolts for them. Installed the upper inside headliner trim moldings. Sure brought the inside together
What a nice wife I have. She let me bring the tailgate and the hatch inside the house! I’ll put on the weatherstripping today from Steele and install the hatch only. I’ll probably leave the tailgate off until I get the carpet in.
I’m rolling the dice. I ordered a rear deck carpet for the 67-72 Blazer in hopes that I can work this around the rear since I can’t order more than one ‘extra’ yard of carpet due to covid.

1/22/22 – The hatch is on. Spent a couple hours aligning. Cleaned the original support brackets (rare!!). They work great

1/29/22 – First time out of the garage. I actually drove it out of the garage
50 degrees out. COLD for Florida in the mid afternoon.
Door wasn’t shut all the way lol

1-30-22 – Got my vent windows installed. Also put in new window sweeps. The ones I got from Brothers as a kit with the channels were too thick so the windows would not roll up all the way. So I purchased these from Car and Truck Shop in NC and they work perfect.