A collection of images showing our motorcycle, car, truck, bodywork and painting. Most have 'progress pics'
We also included pics of jobs we only did minor bodywork

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RARE Suburban GMC "Custom".
1963 GMC Suburban I bought this to do a patina | fauxtina paint job.
5/28/21 Took the Suburban out of the road for the first time
5/29/21 Brought the Suburban home :) Drove like a champ

GMC Suburban (same as Chevy Suburban except different grill, dash, and hood )*****
VERY nice Patina style paint job.


5/1/21 - FInished the Patina paint job!!!
All kinds of layers. Clearcoated with House of Kolor UC35 and One Choice SU-4985 Flattening agent

Youtube video
of this paint job (24 minute video)


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New right floor pan
New left floor pan
New right rocker
New latch relay left
New latch relay right
New front cab mounts
New refurbished taillights
New right and left fenders
New door seals
New lowered shackles (not installed yet) ($8))
Door bumpers
Stripped and bodyworked exterior of all panels
Sanded and painted inside of hood (SEM Hot Rod Black)
New fuel tank (67-72 Blazer) ($200)
New drivers door check
New fuel pump
4-12 - New tailgate 'strut' style brackets and lift supports ($150)
5/4 - New 235/75/15 tires ($480) - changed the wheels to the white old school wagon wheels (from my '66)
New wiper blades ($35)
5-8 New turn signal switch for steering column ($60)

Roof stripped and faux Patina (fauxtina) - 4-16
5/1/21 - FInished the Patina paint job!!!
painted door jams Terrace Blue and the doors in the fawn metallic color
5-4-21 - Refurbished the Guide tailight lens. Installed used rear bumper (actually front bumper)
5-4-21 Brand new tires 235/75/R15 Changed my white wagon style wheels from my '66 to my '63 Suburban
5-5-21 painted inside door panels
5-8 - Raptor lined the front section of the cab
5-13 - Inside partial painted
5-15-Raptor lined inside of bottom tailgate
5-18-Rear lowered 1 1/2" with drop shackles

approx $1000 (sealer, gray base, $340 worth of red oxide base made in Deltron)
House of Kolor UC-35 
One Choice SU-4985
Reducer, prep, and body materials

Stripped all panels including roof
Bodyworked rust and dents
Replaced floor pans, right inner (sectioned due to differences in C10 and Suburban)
Replaced right rocker
Removed doors and hood
Painted underside of hood in SEM Hot Rod Black

350 V8
Mallory Unilite Distributor
New Flamethrower coil
4 speed
Runs, starts right up.
10 bolt leaf spring
clamshell tailgate | hatch

Only one seat 3/4 drivers. No flip passenger seat, middle or rear seats

--If you like the patina, you are good to go. If you plan on doing your own paint job, the tailgate lower needs to be replaced -as it's rusted out on the inside.
--Most likely the sliders will leak as I did not replace the seals or channels.

--The front winshield needs to be pulled and the area around it inside and topside outside needs to be replaced IF YOU PLAN ON REDOING the truck. If you are leaving it patina, you are fine as the outside was repaired, but not correctly since the glass should have been pulled. There are NO holes on the outside.
--Right rear support is weak. Okay as is, but weak.
--3/4 front seat is broken. Seems to be a common problem with these seats. 
The padding and upholstery needs to be replaced. 


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