Challenging Custom Paint Job Match

This job started out with a small dent and some gouges. We repaired these and 2K primed them.

This is a factory Harley-Davidson paint job so all colors had to be matched
For the orange I started with Sedona Orange and tinted it to match. The factory job had a little more sparkle than the Sedona so I sprayed a coat of straight metallic over the orange.
The pinstripe had a slight pink tone to it. I matched this.
The flames were a tri-stage so I started with a red metallic and sprayed a couple coats of candy brandywine over it.
I luckily got to save the decals as no way would you be able to get these.

To make the ‘gloss’ match, we sanded the other side of the tank and reclearcoated this at the same time

A couple of errors I found on the factory paint job.
–All the overlapping licks that go ‘over’ the other flames looked good but they had the drop shadows going ‘under’ the flames. Both the licks and the drop shadows should have been over the flames
–Several places had the pinstripes exposing the edges of the flames. They are supposed to be covered
–They forgot to add a drop shadow to one of the flames on the left side

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