SaddleBag went for a ride – OUCH!

Ouch is right on this one
Crack, gouges, and everything else that makes this almost a non-repairable lid.
Once I took a look at it, I did told the customer he may opt for just getting a new bag…
then he found out the price of a new one
Back he came with the cracked up bag.
I said I’d do the best I can with it.

Nothing a grinder some plastic epoxy and a little bondo can’t take care of.
This baby was cracked all the way through on the end.
Quite the challenge. After a 1/2 days worth of work, and some 2K primer, got it back to basically new condition (A little rough on the inside due to the epoxy)
Prep and painted it the next day and she came out almost good as new!

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