Featured Article – Custom Classic Trucks Magazine – February 2012

1966 Chevy C10 – Feature Article


Jody came up with the name and they went with it 🙂

2012 Custom Classic Trucks Magazine
February 2012

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I had special plaques made that included all the pages.
So some of the 'single' pics are acually both of the magazine pages
seemed together.
So there are a total of 7 pages.
"contents" pages are pretty cool! Pages 4 and 5
(the other pages are cool are to 🙂



A few of the pics used for the magazine ( next 3 pics by Joe Greeves)

Click to see super large image (taken with my cell phone)

The pictures below were taken at my second show. Same day I had the photo shoot
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Pics taken by Joe Greeves
Article on Truck Magazine website.