1966 Chevy C-10 Short Bed Fleetside – June 2011


June 2011
See monthly update links above.

Cab is together!


June 2011
See monthly update links above.

Cab is together!

Mock up of my air intake



Pic taken 6/12/2011

Start of the bed project (a project within itself) –  6/17/11


"Heerrrreeees Scotty"


Put the bed on to see how the tires fit and how much clearance I have – Looks good.
The bed should lower about another inch or so 
once the wood, tailgate, and rear bumper are installed

The "real" maiden voyage. From work to home. No problems. Drives straight, stops straight. Runs great!

Wife Jody

Home again, home again….


Fathers Day 2011 –  My daughter Ashlee, and my G-Kids Vanessa and Sabrina

Pics of my cold air induction. Not positive if I am going to run this.
I do have the duct that would go through the rad support. We'll see about this

Another look at the cold air intake

Started the vent assy. Actually got them back together except the glass
Was going to install all the glass this weekend, but once I installed the door glass, I found out that the glass was cut about
14" too short, so the window would not roll up all the way (the channel bottomed out on the door before the window actually rolled up). I compared the original with the new glass and sure enough, too short!

6/24/11 -Got all my modings back. Been at the polisher for about 3 weeks.
Did a great job. He thought the "indent" on the front of the door molding was an actual dent, so he removed them (bummer). Probably see if he can put them back in so they are more original.

Installed the polished alum moldings.
These are the factory moldings that came on this truck!

The Custom cab trim molding. I will be painting everyother line in the satin black. Will also paint the lettering black.

6 Responses

  1. Jose Pando says:

    Will you please tell me what

    Will you please tell me what colors you used for the green? Does it have a specific name? And love the truck!

    • ACP says:

      That is a special mix

      That is a special mix I made up. It's pretty close to the Kia Soul Tea Green, but I made it a little more vivid and rich looking

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Scotty,
    I can’t believe

    Hi Scotty,
    I can’t believe all you have done on the TRUCK. It really looks so nice. I just showed Chip (my boss), and he loved it.
    I love you.

  3. Michael Ross says:

    The truck looks great
    Scott, I am currently re-building a 1963 C-10 my selft, and really love what you have done with the ’66. I do have a couple of questions about parts. First off, what rims did you go with, the Foose or the Boss 338’s because i really like the Boss rims also, just wanted to know what fit the truck the best, what headers did you use for your 383 Stroker, because I have built a 550hp Stroker motor for mine, and lastly where did you get the radiator for you truck, the aluminum one you installed looks really good.

    • ACP says:

      Boss 338 wheels

      Michael, Thanks…If you plan on going with the Foose Legends, they don't make them in black anymore. I went with the Boss wheels.
      I used hedman headers. I used a Champion radiator and polished it.

      • michaelross1 says:

        Boss 338 wheels

        What did you do about the back spacing issues you talked about for that set of wheels, and i really loved what you did with the front bumper, what kind of bracket did you use to mount it to the frame.