1966 Chevy C-10 Short Bed Fleetside – January 2011

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Custom Classic Trucks  (February 2012 edition) 

January 2011
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Got the Chevy 383 installed before the end of the year!
See pics here!

Jan 5 update…Currently doing little things like the electric fuel pump, fuel lines, headers, fan, alum radiator….

01 fuel pump
Fuel pump installed 1-5-2011

02 fuel line
New fuel line installed

03 grill assy01
Saturday’s Project. Assembly of the grill. Painted a satin black basecoat/clearcoat
New tri-bar style headlights. Heavy duty wiring harness

This is an aluminum “Custom” grill. Only weighs 3 lbs without the headlights, plates, buckets….
I weighed it. VERY light grill. You can see pics of when I chromated it before priming it here (Novembers Updates)

04 gril assy02

05 bottom of cab
Primed bottom of the cab 1-12-11

06 motor01


Decided to go with a short water pump. The long pump was hitting the electric fan. With the short pum, I should have about 3/4″ clearance.
Pump is polished, but not the greatest job. So I’ll polish it a little more. Pulleys and pump are just loosely fitted on.
Put on the one wire alternator.
200 4R TV cable is installed (Lokar cable)
Bent and painted the tranny lines to the cooler
One valve cover breather installed. Waiting for a grommet for the other side.

The way I worked the tranny cooler is the high pressure goes to the right side of the radiator.
Then the fluid goes through the radiator cooler, out the left side of the radiator, then  goes through a crossmember to the alum mounted cooler. The fluid goes through this, then back back through the crossmember back to the tranny. Running it through 2 coolers also gives the trans an extra 2 quart capacity.

06 motor02

Jan 24-2011 Got a video on the Dyno pull!

07 headers
Got my headers installed! They fit great. The were “just” touching the frame (see pic below), so I ground it back.
Got about 1/8″ clearance now.

08 headers

09 headers





cab 01
Jan 27-2011 Cab mock up

cab 02