1966 C-10 Build – August updates

August 2011
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Custom Classic Trucks  (February 2012 edition) 

This month’s project (a big project it is!) is the bed.

Bedside is stripped. Very clean bedside. Hope to have it primed this weekend.



Bed is coming along.
Both left and right are in primer.
Still have to drill the hole for the reverse light on the left bedside
Front panel primed ready to paint
Outside of tailgate is primed. Inside needs to be worked.

primed bedside1

primed bedside2

primed bedside3

Inside of the right bed panel.
Welded in a inner patch panelinner bedside 05

inner bedside 06

inner bedside 04

New patch panel all molded in
inner bedside 02



primed innerpanel 02

primed innerpanel 01

primed innerpanel 03

inner bedside 01

Front bed panel

frontpanel 01

frontpanel 02

bedpanels primed01

bedpanels primed02

bedpanels painted01

bedpanels painted02

bedpanels painted03

8/25/11 Inner Bedsides painted!!!

bedpanels painted04

bedpanels painted05

August 27

cross sills

cross sills1

Sunday August 28.
Went in and sprayed the rear bumper, front panel, bedsides and rear sil (took 1 1/2 hours)
Sealed, basecoat, clearcoat

ready for paint01

ready for paint02

ready for paint03

paint basecoat

paint clear01

paint clear02

paint clear03

paint clear04

paint clear05

paint clear06

paint clear07

<img “=”” data-cke-saved-src=”http://www.attitudecustompainting.com/personal/1966-chevy-c10-fleetside/08-2011/bed/bedside_truck01.jpg” src=”http://www.attitudecustompainting.com/personal/1966-chevy-c10-fleetside/08-2011/bed/bedside_truck01.jpg” width=”600″>

bedside truck02

bedside truck01

inner fender

2 Responses

  1. Steffen says:

    Love the pics

    I stumbled across your blog while surfing, and I just ran through your pics. Gotta say I’m extremely impressed at how thorough and detailed you are, and the truck is fantasticly unique. There definitely won’t be another one like it out there.

    I’m also in the middle of a restoration (a ’71 El Camino), and I had a question for you on your wheels. In your April posting (I think), you mentioned painting them satin black to match your paint scheme. Well I’m considering the Boss 338s as well and I too wanted to paint them flat black to match the hood stripes I’ll have on the Camino. Are you still planning on doing this? Or have you already? Or did you decide against it? I really think this look will work for what I have in mind, so I’d love to hear your thoughts or see any pics you may have.

    If you don’t mind, please let me know when you get a chance.



    • ACP says:

      Good question on the wheels!
      Very good question. Yes, i did plan on doing that, BUT after receiving the wheels, tho I am EXTREMELY pleased with them, I found that the black really isn’t a nice gloss orange peel-less finish. It’s about a 85-90% gloss, so for me to resand and to repaint them to get them at about a 50-60% gloss really wasn’t worth the effort. PLUS, I believe the wheels are powdercoated which will stand up quite a bit better than any paint.
      So that is my thought. Now if you have a ‘flat’ black for stripes, you might want to consider having them powdercoated or painted to match since flat is quite a bit of difference versus a 85-90% gloss.
      Thanks for the compliment on the truck.
      I came up with the satin or Denim (as Harley-Davidson calls it) and gloss 2 tone idea after doing so many Harley Denim paint jobs. Plus I like gloss to, so I decided to include both of them in the my paint scheme.
      Good luck with your El Camino.