Get Rid of Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Misery

One of the most common problems involving motorcycle parts is that which involve exhaust systems. These problems may include cosmetic problems like bluing and other related discrepancies.

Most aftermarket motorcycle parts like aftermarket exhaust systems are not compatible with other motorcycle brands. In fact, they may have the tendency to outperform the pipes of the motorcycle thus, using aftermarket motorcycle parts must be used if and only if they are compatible with the bike. Otherwise, you will be inviting danger. Aside from that, they must also be complementary to the bike's design, style, color, sound or its totality.

If you are already in possession of your desired motorcycle exhaust, be sure to coat it with Blue-Shield, Dyno Kote or other compatible products in order to preclude the exhaust from turning blue. However, if you already have good heat shields in your system, these may not be necessary. However, it is still better to exert every effort to keep your system well-maintained, shiny and fresh-looking.

If your exhaust system has transformed from chrome to bluish black, use blue-away, blue-buster and other suitable product depending on your bike's brand. Apply it with a little elbow grease to achieve best results.

In case your pipes become blue too quickly or over and over again, it can be a manifestation that the air-fuel mixture or timing is not right or accurate. To overdo the mixture and make it overly rich can turn the pipe or muffler blue. This is because the unburned gas ignites on a baffle or hot spot. Too lean mixture or timing can cause pinging. It can also turn an extremely hot exhaust into blue.

Motorcycle exhausts are designed with style and function in mind. Nonetheless, the drawback is that they are hard to tune up. Large diameter drag pipe also suffers the same consequence. In fact, they usually have low-end power, gas dripping and flat spot midrange. To remedy this, there are a lot of motorcycle part devices that you can acquire. Just by searching on the net, you can get solutions to your most difficult problems.

Bear in mind to consult the expert. If you are dealing with OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts, be sure that you will be assisted with skilled persons that are authority on the matter. Enjoy your exhaust pipes. Make it last longer!


by Maricon Williams