Flash Back – 10 years ago – 2010

I started in on my 1966 Chevy C-10 frame-off resto. Took me 13 months to do.
Purchased over in Plant City and drove it home here in Largo (about 40 miles away).

Lot’s of detail went into the build including a
383 Stroker
20″ rims
‘clean’ bed slats (no holes)
stained and clearcoated wood
widened stock tubs
4″ air intake
4 wheel disc brakes
hidden wiring in engine compartment
hidden tailgate latches
All trim had the anodized clearcoat removed and polished
All parts painted off the truck.
…and much more.

See the build here (the link will take you to the before pics)
Be sure and click on the ‘monthly updates’ in which i added pics and details of all I did on that particular month

This is actually my third frame-off I’ve done on the 60-63 C-10. I did this one back in the early 90’s when I was 29. Pics are shown in thumbnails but if you click on them, they will bring up slightly larger image.

2010 -The beginning of the resto.
2011 – approx 1300 hours into the build