Is the domain also yours?

Is the domain also yours?

Well… I started an automotive site (e-Parts Source) back in about 1997. I also included a special “Flames” section within that site that had a “Flames How-To” section along with what I called the “Flames Board” which was a forum for visitors who wanted to do their own paint or Flame jobs.  They could come to the “Flames Board” and ask specific questions about flames and custom painting..

I also had some pictures of jobs I did throughout the years. Not many, but enough to show visitors what I have done and what I could do.

Then I started getting requests to do side jobs…At first I said no, because I was too busy with my real auto paint job, and had no way of doing any side jobs. Then I got the opportunity to do some side jobs at a dealership I worked at in Clearwater. Only then did I decide to add an “estimate form” in the Custom Flames section. More and more hits started coming to the site, so I thought it would be a wise decision to get the domain name of “”.

Since then, I have revamped the site a few times to make sure that users have a better understanding of who we are and what we can do. My main domain now is

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