Any quick tips you have for me?

Any quick tips you have for me?

Some ‘basic’ tips for the do-it-yourselfers

  • Be sure to have the car, truck or motorcycle parts completely ready to paint
  • If you got a lot of dust on the inside of the car and in the jams, be sure and clean and blow it out first.
  • Be sure and clean any primer overspray off your weatherstripping or glass before painting your car. This is easier to do before your vehicle gets painted
  • If you are doing some parts off the car, you might want to paint those first. Example, you can paint the 2 bumpers and spoiler first. Let them sit for an hour or so while you are masking the car outside the booth. Then you can bring out the parts and put the car in.
  • Just getting started on your project? Be sure and check out my favorite tools to use in auto body. You can purchase them on Amazon and get them quickly.

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