Be sure and look at reflections in the paintwork!

Be sure and look at reflections in the paintwork!

In the close up photos you want to be able to see perfect reflections. This goes for all the graphic work and also the base paintwork. If you see distortion where outlines or edges are in the graphics, this tells you that the paint job is not “flat” and that you will probably be able to feel the paint lines. Also if the reflection is distorted on the base, this could be from orange peel in the paint. If the photos aren’t taken close enough to even see this, be wary!
Anyone can make a bad paint job look good in pics!!!! If it looks bad in pictures, it’s usually even worse in person.

Good close-up photos will also tell you how straight the parts are. Look at the reflections!!!! Be sure and see the pics below for ‘reflection shots’. I downsized these just to give you an idea, but even in these pics, you can see a perfect reflection.

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