Auto Body Spray / Paint Booth Rental – Tampa area

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Spray / Paint Booth Rental –
Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Largo area

Why risk the chance getting caught spraying in the side of your yard, or getting overspray on the neighbors vehicles? Using our spray booth will  also help eliminate your ‘dirt’ problems!!

Spray your boat, motorcycle, helmets, car, truck, trailers, appliances, trike body…
or anything else that would require a professional spray booth.
Of, if you have it all prepped and decide you want us to mask it, we provide our “you prep, we paint” services.

Spray Booth Rental Costs

1/2 day (8-Noon or 1-5) – $150
Full Day (8-4:30) – $225

1/2 day (8:30-Noon) – $175*
Full Day (8:30-3:30) – $275*

Price shown is CASH price. If you want to pay by credit card, there is a 15% additional charge. Plus we will need to charge you tax. Sorry no checks

Please see our FAQ’s before contacting us. Ready to set an appointment? Contact us
Items you will need are listed toward the bottom of the page.

Spray Booth Rental FAQ's (13)

Typical single stage, basecoat/clearcoat and tri-stage paints.
NO bedliner type material or metalflake jobs!!!

In between 3-6 days is suggested.
Though you can set a date earlier, it’s not advised as we do not know our work load. Also, please don’t wait until the last minute to request a date to rent our spray booth.

If you do set a date and you are one hour later than the start time without calling, we assume you do not need the booth. You will lose your deposit.

As long as I have it in stock.
If you need tape, paper, plastic, sealer, reducer…I can sell you some

Or you can run up to Ben’s paint supply and purchase if needed.

Yes, I can rent one of my Iwata LPH-400 spray guns. These run about $500 and will surely spray better than your Harbor Freight $40 gun.
Cost is $30 to rent. Please let us know ahead of time if you need to rent the gun.

Some ‘basic’ tips for the do-it-yourselfers

  • Be sure to have the car, truck or motorcycle parts completely ready to paint
  • If you got a lot of dust on the inside of the car and in the jams, be sure and clean and blow it out first.
  • Be sure and clean any primer overspray off your weatherstripping or glass before painting your car. This is easier to do before your vehicle gets painted
  • If you are doing some parts off the car, you might want to paint those first. Example, you can paint the 2 bumpers and spoiler first. Let them sit for an hour or so while you are masking the car outside the booth. Then you can bring out the parts and put the car in.
  • Just getting started on your project? Be sure and check out my favorite tools to use in auto body. You can purchase them on Amazon and get them quickly.

If you go over the allotted time it’s a $30 fee per half hour.
EXAMPLE: If your time ends at 5PM and you paint until 5:15, you will be charged $30

Yes, you can. If you rent it for the day, you can paint whatever you have to paint.
If you have 2 cars to paint, you can do this, but of course you must be able to get them done within the alloted time.  Doing 2 cars will be pushing it for most though. If you had the cars outlined in tape and had them completely ready and you are efficient, you can get 2 done.
If you have motorcycle sets, I’ve painted a few all at one time. You can pretty much fit about 15 parts in the both.

This is up to you. Most hobby painters take about 2-3 hours to mask and then about 4 hours to paint.
Sometimes less, sometimes more.
If in doubt, I would recommend a full day. This way you won’t feel rushed

Yes, you can leave whatever you are painting overnight. You must be able to pick it up early in the morning. We an discuss time once you are here painting.
If you leave a car or truck, you must leave the keys with us.

Of course, if you decide to take it home that same day you can do that as well. This is as long as you are out of the shop by end of your rented timeframe

Price includes wheel covers, paint stands if needed, air and air hose, small folding stairs (2 if needed)
Small paint bench for you to mix your paint on.
Adjustable blower, and spray gun fitting if needed.
I have sliding chains with small hoods if needed installed on the both ceiling
Masking machine (you will need to supply your 3/4″ tape and paper

What is does not include.
Paint and materials, respirator, cleaner, tack rag.
You must supply your own respirator.

If you have your car, truck, or motorcycle all prepped and you just can’t pull the trigger, or you chicken out, yes, I can paint it for you.
You supply the materials, and we’ll mask and paint it for you
You will not need to pay the spray booth rental fee on this.
You can see info here

Our spray booth is a cross-flow (no-heat)
It has approx 50 bulbs so it is well lit.
Both is 23′ long.
The entrance to the booth is 8′ 10″ high be 10′ wide. I’ve had a dually crew cab in the booth before

You will be required to abide to the following rules:

  • Only one person allowed in the booth when spraying
  • Only one other person is allowed in the shop, The second person  is only allowed to help mask (or unmask) or final prep. Once this is done, they must leave or, they can stand around the front door and watch you paint it through the viewing glass.
  • You must bring all your cleaning thinner
  • You must supply ALL our own materials (if you find you do not have something, we can either order it for you or if we have it in stock already, you can purchase it.). See the link for the printable material checklist below.
  • You must bring your own garbage bag for cleanup
  • If two people will be here, at least one person must speak and understand english.
  • If you cannot be within one hour of your starting time for the booth rental. Please call us!
  • You must supply your own safety equipment
  • If you need to wetsand some areas, please bring your own spray bottle.
  • You will be required to sign a waiver
  • All work must be completed at the above ending time of rental (full day or 2nd slot 1/2 day) or 12PM (1/2 day weekday)
  • If you run over the alloted time, it will run $30 per 1/2 hour
  • No smoking or alcohol allowed on the premises
  • No metalflake or rhino liner type painting
  • You must supply all your own drinks (including water)
  • If you rent my spray guns, you are responsible for cleaning the guns after using them.
  • If you paint a boat, trike body, or or a ‘roller’, you will be responsible for pulling it out of the booth and loading

1 – Gun Rental – $30 (this is a Iwata LPH-400)
2 – Masking machine – $30 Masking machine will have a 18″ roll of paper along with tape. If you run out of tape on the machine, we will add a new roll. Just let us know when either the masking paper or the tape roll is low.
3 – We’ll meet up with you on Sunday AM early between 8:30-9AM to provide you with time to pick up what you painted. – $30 Or you can just wait until Monday early AM

4- Need a little more time? $30 PER 1/2 hour. Time starts as soon as your allotted timeframe ends.

Need some auto body prep and body tools? See our store

Spray booth rental

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Located off 62nd Ave N and 44th St, Pinellas Park, Fl 33781

Some items that you will need. All are listed on Amazon. Click on the image in order to view and or order through Amazon.
We’ll supply other items like wheel covers, racks (if needed), blower, fittings

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Respirator – You must have a respirator to paint in our spray booth. Don’t confuse a partial mask with a respirator. A respirator consists of a charcoal filter and a pre-filter. These are hard to find due to Covid-19. These normally come in different sizes, small, medium and large so be sure and get on you feel will fit.
Purchase on Amazon

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Spray Gun – You can supply your own gun or you can rent our Iwata LPH-400 gun ($25). Pictured is a hobbyist grade spray gun. Devilbiss Finishline is the brandy and model. This gets good reviews on my Custom Paint Forum website.
Purchase on Amazon

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Paint Suit – Though not totally necessary, it’s a good idea to wear a paint suit. I normally only wear one doing an overall. If it’s just a motorcycle set I just wear a thin jacket.
The paint suit will help ensure you don’t get overspray on your clothes and skin.
Purchase on Amazon