Businesses I’ve used in this build

Below are some of the online and local businesses I’ve used to build the 1966 Suburban

Brothers (online) –
No issues with brothers. I’ve placed 3+ orders with them. They seem to have everything in stock.
I did noticed that their prices change often

Blast Services (local)
Owner Todd, always does a great job. Decent prices. Quick service

Ecklers (online) –
Ordered a second set of clear turn signals. Didn’t receive them after a week, so I contacted them and say they are on back order for another 5 weeks or so

Gearworks Clearwater (local)
I’ve used Gearworks of Clearwater 4 times before. So this is my 5th
They’ve built two 9″ Ford and this will be my second Chevy 12 bolt for a truck.
They also did an Avalanche for me
All transactions have went smooth but this time is a very frustrating one.
I dropped off the 12 bolt on 3-5. The guy was in a hurry so I just signed the paper and gave them my info.
I had asked them to give me a quote. I mentioned I wanted to have the housing sandblasted and painted before they assemble.
2 weeks later, they call up and say the rear is ready for pickup so I can do the above.
Jody went to pick it up. So I had the rear sandblasted and I painted it.
Still no estimate.
So I called and said Jody will bring the rear back down, do they have an estimate yet. Still no estimate.
So when she got there, they finally write the estimate
$1900+ to build a 12 bolt!!!!!
I was in shock. I was surprised it was so high since the previous builds were less than $1000
I called Brian to see if could double-check to make sure he quoted for the correct posi since he has it at $499. I can buy the exact brand of posi and part number online for $320.
He said if he bought it for $320, he’d only be making $20 profit. So this means they marked up a $300 part $200 (TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR MARKUP).
I mentioned this is the 4th time I’ve used them and that goes back to the day when Alan used to work out of his shop in his backyard. Brian’s comment….so what’s the point
I didn’t mention this but the labor was only $245 last time and now it’s $450.
Also, I can buy the Moser A3065GMT5 axles for $275 directly from Moser (+ $20shipping). They are charging $325.
I mentioned I could have saved myself all the grief and ordered a brand new 12 bolt custom made for $2500.
By the time it’s said and done, I’ll have that in this rear.

I had asked if I could by the posi and he said “sure, as long as you buy all the parts
WHY. He said you know about markup since I own a bodyshop. I said I do VERY LITTLE if any markup on paint since it’s already expensive. Customers don’t like hearing they have to pay $330 for a pint of paint (or $1200 for a gallon). I don’t have the nerve to mark it up 40%
I have absolutely no problem letting the customer supply their own paint.

Shop materials – $25—-for what, shop rags (before it was only $7)

$1900+ build for a 12 bolt.

Funny thing is that I dropped off the rear on 3-5, and Brian obviously hadn’t even ordered any of the parts as of 3-29
Brian was supposed to let me know a timeframe. He said he would call back when he knew more.
What, it’s like he’s never built a 12 bolt!!!

Lesson learned. Always get an estimate first. This one was costly
I had figured it would be in the $1200 range even though the previous jobs were less than $900
I guess some companies will price the hell out of parts when they know they have the job in.
I thought those days were gone.

Pretty bad when I can buy from the mfg. and get a better deal than what they charge me.

Brian was supposed to call me with an approx completion timeframe….never did. I gave him a few weeks.
I finally called on 5/1. He said the parts just came in last thursday (which would be 4/29) and it wouldn’t be too much longer…
it’s 5/16 now.
Called Gearworks on Monday 5-24. Found out not all parts were actually in. Missing a couple key parts….the axles. He said that the Moser axles have been backordered. Would have been nice to mentioned that above. Or at least order all the parts when I dropped off the job March 5 instead of waiting 2+ weeks later

emailed 5-28 No reply
Asking if he found some axles

emailed 5-29 No reply
Mentioned that I talked to a guy that built his truck 12 bolt and he used Moser axles and got them within 5 days.

I thought that was strange that an individual could get truck axles but not a rearend business, especially within a week, so I contacted Moser and they said they don’t stock them. They are made to order and take 2 days.
I also contacted CPP which shows them selling them. Yes, they also have axles in stock.
Actually, I did a Google search for truck 12 bolt axles, and you can find them everywhere.

emailed 6-1 – Mentioned I’ve been emailing them but not getting any response. Bryan finally responded.


From: Gearworks <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 1:33 PM
Subject: RE: my 12 bolt rear

Ok will call you with an estimate with Moser axles. No problem.
Wait, that’s what my quote had on it, the Moser axles.

emailed back 6-2 ….. no reply

Actually, you have already quoted for Moser axles. I just contacted Moser yesterday and was told (like the guy I mentioned below) they do not stock them. They make them per order and takes 2 days to make.
Please go ahead and order the Moser axles directly from them.
Any more issues, please let me know.

————————— no reply
Sent: Friday, June 4, 2021 10:03 AM
Subject: FW: my 12 bolt rear

Just checking in and seeing if you had any issues getting the Moser axles from Moser?

Please let me know.


This is really becoming a fiasco. 3 months + to build a 12 bolt truck rear.

6/16/21 – Still no contact from Gearworks in Clearwater (3 1/2 months now since I dropped off the 12 bolt rear)

——————- email sent 6-24
Bryon – Just checking in to see if you’re any closer to getting my 12 bolt done?

I know you mentioned last time we spoke, all parts came in the previous Thursday and it was all setup to be built and wouldn’t take long and you’d keep me posted.   I emailed on June 4th to get an update on the axles and didn’t hear back so I’m assuming since you haven’t let me know of any further issues getting the Moser axles that they must be there by now.
If you can give me a completion timeframe I would appreciate it.