1972 Mercury Montego – November Updates – Front pieces getting painted

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All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green – Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website.
Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

1972 Montego GT 429 – November 2014 Updates

Starting to paint all the rest of the pieces. I still need to strip and prime the hood though (my third Montego GT hood.

Brackets are painted and installed. Gauge cluster was rebuilt and back in place.

Coming together. Hope to have it done by December

10 gauges
11-2 Had to replace the printed circuit. So this is the start of disassembly.

11 gauges
This is the old printed circuit. It was tattered on the right lower of the cluster

12 gauges
All the parts taken out. I reset the speedometer to 00000. I also changed the number dials on the tripometer since the orginal were faded

13 gauges
This is the new dials and the rest of the odemeter

14 gauges
Reassembled – I redid the clock already on the 5. I did a quartz conversion

15 gauges

16 brackets
11-6 Brackets all painted

17 painted parts
First glimpse at the header installed – been a long time (14 months)

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19 painted parts
11-7 Header is painted!

20 painted parts
I decided to do the insides of the fenders first. They are just too big and bulky to do the inside and outside at the same time.
I’ll go in today and finish all the parts except the hood.

21 painted parts
Pic of the inside of the fender. I’ll mask all this area when I do the outsides

22 painted parts
The underside of the bumper filler


20141108 115708 resizedFirst glimpse of the header on the car. Also installed the headlight brackets

20141109 103813 resized

20141109 103820 resized

11-10-14 Buffed both fenders. All other smaller parts are done Fender extensions. bumper filler, grill surrounds, front valance
All I have left to paint in red now is the hood!!!!!

23 wiperwasher bottle
Brand new wiper washer bottle

20141111 075432 resized

11-11 First glimpse at the fender on the car.
Just put it on to check the gap on the door along with the height of the core support.


30 fender emblems gt
Reflection after wetsand and buffing.
Brand new NOS emblems installed – I’ve had these for about 7 months now. Finally get to install them.

31 montegogtfenders

11-13 Right fender installed. Still have to align

32 montegogtfenders
A good look at the engine compartment after both fenders are installed.

33 montego fenders installed

11-13 – left fender is aligned

35 front pieces
Fender extensions, buckets and grill surround pieces

36 front end
Starting to install the grills. All three are NOS.
I had the original front bumper rechromed about 6 months ago

37 front end

38 montego gt valance
Front valance

50 montego gt grills
11-17 – Monday and Tuesday – Did some work on my front springs

11-20 First time the Montego GT has been out of the shop in about a month.
Today I received my custom made rear springs that dropped the car another 1 1/2″

50 montego gt dropped

51 montego gt dropped

52 montego gt dropped

53 montego gt dropped

55 sidemarker
Side markers installed

56 sidemarker

57 first bath

11-26 – Its first bath!

Hope to make it’s Maiden Voyage tomorrow (11-28). First time to drive it on a road.

11-28 – 2014

After 15 months of building, I’m ready to take the “Maiden Voyage”. Going to drive it home which is about 7 miles away. Kind of nerve racking knowing that you put pretty much every nut and bolt in the car and realizing, that was once a couple frame rails, you’ll be taking this car up to about 65 miles an hour.

My wife Jody and I spent 6 hours Friday cleaning and detailing it for the ride home. What a great help she is.
AND also a great support cast to help on this build. Though it was fun building, it was still the challenge. Especially since this is such a rare car. At least all the trim was there, but still ran into parts that were tough to find, BUT I DID find them like the NOS headlight and center grills, taillights, emblems including The “Mercury” on the header panel, “Montego” on the fenders and deck lid, along with the “GT” emblems on the fenders.

58 montego gt maiden voyage

59 montego gt maiden voyage

60 montego gt maiden voyage

61 montego gt maiden voyage

62 montego gt maiden voyage

63 montego gt maiden voyage

64 montego gt maiden voyage

65 montego gt maiden voyage

66 montego gt maiden voyage

67 montego gt maiden voyage
Home sweet home!!!!

The trip went PERFECT! Stopped to get gas – quite a few people gathered to check it out.
The car drives and stops perfectly straight – pretty good considering I didn’t have the front end aligned.

Got a couple nice little projects to do at home. Going to be a great weekend