New Parts for the 1972 Montego Gt 429

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My Car/Truck Videos | New parts bought | Knitted vinyl seat material Cam specs – custom grind (spec by Randy 460 forum – grind by Lunati  272/282@.006″ – 225/233@.050″ – 136/143@.200″ – .320″/.312″ lobe lift, (.576″/.562″ with 1.8/1 ratio rocker arms), 109 separation; 107 intake centerline. 

All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green – Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website.
Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

Below are some of the parts I’ve bought for the Montego GT progect. Some are new and some are NOS. Most of the parts bought
are the same exact parts as the Ford Torino.

I give up…..most of the parts on this car will be new!


All new upper and lower body cushions/bushings

top – 6W1Z-5400396-A
bottom – 

New front windshield (DunRite Glass)
Polished front windshield moldings
Trunk mat – dark spatter – stockinteriors
Good used front buckle seat belts
NOS driver door latch
door panel clips
new JVC 6” front door speakers
hood to cowl seal
door lock knobs
new stainless capped bumper bolts. Ended up using original bolts for the rear bumper. I polished these. they look like chrome now.
door weatherstrip seals – weatherstrip-specialists
Antenna – will use the stock stainless base instead of chrome

Headliner installed
Rear glass installed
2-21 – rear glass tint (30%)
Door jam tire pressure decal
New trunk weatherstrip (first one was too firm) – Ordered from JackJilli
New 80-20 loop black carpet with mass backing –  Ordered from Aardvark $243
1 gallon of 2B ‘Bright Red’ PPG DBC paint ($550)
Door jam switches
window reveal molding clips
Door strikers
rear glass weatherstrip
NOS emergency brake knob
6×9 JVC DRVN speakers
dimmer switch grommet
door loom (for speaker wires)
NOS speaker grills
Amp wire kit
trunk label

passenger side fender
NOS center grill (greensales)
NOS headlight grills
Used passenger side fender. Great condition!
Window crank knobs
Hose pinch clamps
locking fuel cap
Sending unit -Dearborn
Spectra F48a fuel tank 
Door lock knobs
interior door handles
Console lid
door handle screw covers


Very good used and pliable dash pad
New brake switch (12-13)
New heater switch (12-13)
Newer AC/Heater switch (12-13)
New headlight switch (12-13)
new key cylinder  (12-13)
new brake pedal (12-13)

Front suspension
new tie rods
new upper ball joints
new lower ball joints
new sway bar
new idler arm
new steering box
new calipers
new brake pads
new torsion cushions (rubber)
new upper and lower a-arm bushings (poly)
new brake hose
new steering box Lares 841 quick ratio (3.5-1)

Rear suspension
new rear center section (3.25 gears – original traction lok rebuilt)
new axle bearings
All new drum brake components
new upper and lower control arm bushings (poly)
new brake hose
new brake lines (stainless steel)

Main Body
Rear speaker deck board
Excellent AC heater box
Excellent used heater box
new heater fan
new heater motor
new heater valve (12-1)

new door handles
new arm rests
new headliner

new brake booster (12-13)
new master cylinder
heater valve (12-13) AC Delco 15-5221

Front end (body)
NOS left turn signal assy (12-13)
NOS right turn signal assy (10-13)
NOS headlamp door D2GY-13064-B Left  (12-13) nospartsltd1
NOS headlamp door D2GY-13064-A Right  (12-13) green sales company

Rear end  (body)
NOS right taillight lens (11-13)
NOS left taillight lens (11-13)

NOS fender emblems (12-13)
NOS trunk emblem (12-13)
NOS fender GT emblems (12-13)

NOS neutral safety switch (12-13)
new chrome lever (12-13)
new shifter bezel
new deluxe shifter handle


Some Ford Torino items for sale. Most of the Torino parts will fit the Montego. The frame and suspension IS torino.